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  1. I had a similar problem with my VF-25F which, among all the VF-25s, is the only one that yellowed. In any case there are some good instructions for a reverse de yellowing process a couple of pages back in this topic. However i m crossing my fingers for Bandai to rerelease the toy with a matt finish, like it did for the yf-29.
  2. Bastard last chapters were so dirty that i felt ashamed of myself while i was reading them. And i was thirty years old. Maybe this new adaptation will give some motivation to Hagiwara to write some new chapters and eventually end the saga.
  3. I remember reading the Silmarillion around 15 years ago, right after The return of the king was released. I can't say i remember the story and the characters very well but i do remember that i liked it a lot and always hoped for a movie or something like that. I don't want to read it again now because of the show coming out soon and, since i don't have many memories of it, i feel it would look fresher if i leave it like this...I do have a question though: What the hell are those???
  4. Although it's a toy that was released more than 20 years ago i actually still like the VF-11 in the 1/72 scale. I still have two in their boxes. I think it was the best M+ model among the first yamato releases. And it's actually panel lined. Pretty absurd if we think how much we pay for panel lining on the new toys these days.
  5. That's a very emotional real lifestory. I really hope you will be able to see your Yamato one more time. And it actually made me wonder if there has been one personal yamato in my life..
  6. Yes, it should be tomorrow, november 24th 4:00 pm jap time.
  7. I do too. Although i never really liked the YF-29 design.
  8. I would like people to wake up and stop giving rewards to shows that don't deserve it. And that goes for a lot of recent anime, especially the classics that have been reboot/revisited in the last few years. It's really hard for me to understand why collectors buy toys/model kits from shows they don't like or they never watched. I always felt the need to have some kind of connection to the shows i buy toys from.Otherwise to me they are just a piece of plastic/metal. You watched the show, you liked it and then you want the toys. That's how it always worked for me. I respect the choices of everyone but it does surprise me how many people don't care about the actual animation production and just buy the toys. And this goes, as i said before, for many classic japanese animation franchise, that in the last couple of decades, in my opinion, have been ruined also by this kind of marketing strategy.
  9. Honestly i just hope that sooner or later people will get tired of buying VF-1 and the market is going to become oversaturated. It's tough for me to understand how collectors will just buy the same piece over and over again, even if it has some minor adjustements it's somewhat absurd.. I also wonder how come people are so eager to buy VF from crappy shows like delta. After the release of the new 1/48 line from Bandai i decided to stop buying VF-1 unless it has some new, unseen color scheme. Otherwise i am done.
  10. I have been buying macross toys since the first yamato macross plus 1/72 and VF-1 1/60. Actually, even before that, when i was a child in the 80s, i remember buying several takatoku/bandai toys. I arrived at a point where it's really hard for me to get excited for any new macross toy release. I really wish Bandai or some other companies would focus more on zentran/meltran models or, why not, customized valkyrie(i'd love a Minmai guard for example). That would give me the chance to me to recreate some diorama from the most iconic scenes from ova, movies, tv shows etc.,which it's what i have been focusing with my other toys addictions lately. I know may other feel the same way but, at this point, i am honestly giving up on seeing other kind of toys besides old or new variable fighters. Anyway i really hope Bandai or some other companies will prove me wrong.
  11. And let's not forget the ghost booster pack!
  12. I won't sir i feel lucky because tomorrow i am off from work so i will have plenty of time to refresh my browser
  13. Thank you! That's a relief. I would have been really sorry to have missed this one since i already own the other three and really want to complete my team. It was on my bucket list since i saw Mospeada for the first time when i was a kid.
  14. I really like the color but i am not a big fan of the sculpt of the face. That's ok though, i am sure in the end it will be a great product and finally i will complete my mospeada team...one question though, i can't remember anymore how do pre-orders with sentinel work? Am i going to have more than 5 seconds to get my order in or is it going to be like a Bandai DX kind of thing?
  15. I don't know, maybe it might give you a different vibe, but to me it looks like a parody, especially the actors and their acting.
  16. Oh, well, you know i have friends in high places... There's no need to watch it. Just looking at these trailers make me wanna gouge my eyes out. Very disrepctful toward the original material. They tried to copy it but at the same time they changed everything.
  17. I knew this was going to be bad, i couldn't immagine it was going to be so awful. R.I.P Cowboy bebop, hopefully this will be the last time they try to resurrect you.
  18. Well, your questions are more than reasonable. My general thoughts on evangelion and its endings are: TV ending: Beautiful message to all the Otaku. Shinji's journey was all internal and in the end he was able to open up to others and to the world. Maybe an happy accident (they ended the budget too soon) but i really enjoyed the fact that the author tried to convey a positive message to all the people watching the show. At that point i did not care very much about unanswered questions because i understood that the show was not about that. TOE ending: Complete destruction. Anno gets mad because fans did not get the previous final and they wanted something with more action. You do get some questions answered but also a complete pessimistic ending with total destruction of the material and spiritual world. At this point the fans get to choose: do you want a positive ending but without the usual action sequences and without all the narratives holes filled or do you want a more usual ending, with a lot of action, some questions answered but very dark and pessimistic? I think which one you choose tells a lot about your personality. Then we get the manga ending. Probably the most balanced. You get most of the questions answered and some sort of uplifting final sequence. And last you get the rebuild movies. I really did not feel the need for them and i think Anno sacrificied too much of the coherence of the plot for...everything else. Anyway to answer your last question, i think they were not ready for start the fourth impact yet since they couldn't extract the two spears without the new Evangelion model. Although i think the 15 years between the second and third movie will be covered by some additional material which should be released in the next few months.
  19. Well, I always thought it was because his mother's soul was absorbed by Unit-01 and therefore he was the only one to be able to pilot it/her. And the whole Berserker thing makes the 01 the strongest Evangelion ever(the rage of a mom and his will to defend her son...i guess nothing in this world can be stronger than that). Or maybe that's not what you meant. Sorry if i misunderstood your words 😅
  20. Thank you both but it seems like HLJ has the kayodo ready to ship... https://www.hlj.com/evangelion-evolution-ev-021-evangelion-unit02a-kyd10328 Anyway, at this point i might even wait for a HG release from Bandai so it will be perfectly scaled with all my others old (very old)eva kits.
  21. I need a suggestion about the new Eva toys. I wanted to buy the new version of the Eva 02 as it appears in the 3.0 + 1.0 movie(the green armored one, as it is shown in the final battle just to be clear). I noticed that there are two versions of it, one from Bandai and the other from Kayodo. The kayodo seems taller but with weird proportions while the bandai looks a bit shorter but with better proportions and more details. Does anyone own any of them? What are your thoughts about these two toys? Thank you in advance!
  22. Blu ray set has been announceed almost ten years ago for a release here in Italy. So far nothing yet but i keep on crossing my fingers because it is definitely a great series!
  23. I had the chance to meet him during some lectures at my university while i was living in the U.S. He had a great sense of humor and seemed like a very humble person. Although he did promise us that (it was 2007-2008) a Goonies sequel was very close to be done Very sorry for his death, when i was a kid i loved all of his movies and having the chance to meet him was like a dream coming true. I think it's really sad that my generation (at least here in Italy) grew up with his works and nobody has the slightest idea of who he was. R.I.P., you were a great director Mister Donner.
  24. Sure! That's not an easy question to answer though. Usually i have all my orders shipped via ems or airmail. Before covid it was 5-7 days for ems and two weeks for airmail. Now it might take up to one month for EMS and even 6 weeks for airmail. Luckily enough the last two parcels i received in june arrived pretty fast, one week, maybe 8 days(both of them were shipped via ems). It seems like things are slowly getting back to normal for shipping to Italy but i m crossing my fingers we don't get hit by another mutation of the virus. And i always tend to avoid Fedex or any other private carrier otherwise i know that, through them, i always have to pay custom(which in Italy is around 30% of the total price, item + shipping).
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