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  1. I will have to disagree. Partially. First, i never had to pay any custom tax when i was living in the U.S. or in Canada(well, maybe in Canada i had to pay it once or twice but it wasn't definitely as heavy as here in Italy). Second, i never had problems to pre-order items from italian resellers and i never had to pay extra for custom. Sometimes there is a slight mark up, around 10% sometimes even less, but nothing too big. The only problem is when it comes to Macross or Saint Seiya items. Those two lines are a real nightmare to buy from local stores. The mark up is very high and you are never sure you will actually get the item. I personally don't mind waiting one or two months after the initial release but in this particular case i feel more safe to have it shipped from an international store(too many variables, covid situation, christmast vacation etc.). Let me give you another example: I was offered the pre-order for the new Gordian Bandai Soul of chogokin for € 290,00 plus € 10 for shipping from an italian reseller. Expected arrival june 2021. I did prefer to go with an internatioal store pre-order instead, where i paid € 270 for the item plus, i would say around € 40 euros for shipping. Expected arrival end of march, beginning of april 2021. The difference in price is really nothing, though. Again, if i was able to secure a pre-order from, let's say HLJ(for Ry VF-1S i mean) which price was around € 170 plus let's say € 45 of shipping via ems, grand total € 215. Calculate a 25% out of those € 215 and you will still find i got a good deal in securing that pre-order, € 230 plus € 30-35 for the shipping and no custom tax(at least i hope so). Now i would be really curious to know how much you guys have to pay for custom or if you have to pay it all...
  2. Just few words to explain my situation which i think is similar to all the people who live in Italy... A couple of days ago i was offered a pre-order from an italian seller(one that has always the best prices for DX and other SOC kind of items) for € 379,00(euro not dollars). No way you could find a best price from any other italian reseller(otherwise he would have matched it). In any case if i was going to buy it from someone here in Italy i would have received the toy after two probably three months. Anyway If i had to buy it from another international store i would have had to pay almost 25% more because of custom taxes. AE and NY are the ONLY stores from whom i never had to pay custom(well, almost never). Plus, usually the shipping cost from AE are the most reasonable i could find. So let's put it like this, even if i were lucky enough to secure a pre-order from any store that weren't AE or NY I would have paid the item more than what i m paying now because of the shipping cost and custom tax. With this pre-order i was able to purchase one of my favourite Valk to the best price i could ever find(or very similar). So why i shouldn't feel lucky again?
  3. Thanks! Got one! And it shows as still available...I can't believe it i got so lucky this time!
  4. I agree. So far my favourite interpretation of the AV-98. Hoping to see some more models, a type 0 would be a great addition!
  5. Yeah, i forgot about that. The VF-11 is a great design too.
  6. Well, there are still many things that i would like to see from arcadia.... M0 VF-0D CF M0 VF-0S/A bundled with a new ghost drone M0 VF-0A CF SDF-1 TV version Some variations from M+ (double nuts and bird of prey). My secret dream is for them to resurect the 1/48 VF-1 line...but i know that will never happen Now i don't know which licences they own but i think they still have a lot of work to do. And if the next releases are as good as the VF-0D PF then i will gladly spend my money on their toys rather than Bandai's.
  7. Any other websites carrying the PF version? I checked the usual suspects and i can't find it anywhere else. Not that i don't like HLJ but i always have to pay custom with them and 25% out of € 400 it's kinda expensive.
  8. Hey guys, I need to ask for some help. I apologize in advance if this is not the right place. Anyway, i was considering selling my blue Legioss from Aoshima but i can't find a rational price anywhere around the web. The toy is used but in very good conditions, box is perfect, stickers are not applied and all the accessories are there. What do you guys think this piece is worth nowadays? Thank you in advance.
  9. Well, Roy with atmosperic helmet a no cover intakes...this is so screwed up, it's just unacceptable(yeah, i know, i have issues).
  10. Little update from Italy....i received today my first order from Japan since EMS has been reactivated for my country. It took a little longer than usual(around 10-11 days) but nothing too tragic. The order was from NY so i guess i have to consider myself even more lucky...
  11. Great markings! Now that i think about it though...even if we replace the pilot of the upcoming VF-1S(that is Roy) with the pilot that was given inside the VF-1J, that is Hikaru Hichijo, it would be awkward for me. Hikaru has an atmospheric helmet which with the super parts it wouldn't really make sense...and that's why i m pretty sure that, at a certain point, we will see a Hikaru TV VF-1S with a space helmet pilot. I guess for Bandai it's more than a good excuse to release the same valk just with a different pilot and a different marking for the name on the canopy. And a that point we would also be free to switch pilots from one valk to another according to our taste or, in case, to the diorama we are building.
  12. I totally agree with you. The only way to end this trend is to stop buy at inflated prices. I mean, i can accept a slight mark up but not twice the original price. Even if i probably could afford to buy one or two pieces from time to time i decided not to play this game anymore. I have, more or less, all the valks that came out in one scale or the other so i think i can live without the VF-1S Fokker or most of the other VFs that Bandai will release in the future.
  13. So I got these two boys yesterday...and today it's my birthday. Great timing for once on my life. I have to say i am really happy, especially because of the VF-0D. One of the best toys i have ever seen and one of the reasons i got back into collecting.
  14. I was not expecting you guys being so romantic...i like that! Although i am pretty sure we will get a bundle with a Skull 001 Hikaru TV version and Super packs. That's a valk i m definitely going to buy!
  15. Unfortunately that's not completely right. The name and the rank on the canopy make it impossible
  16. So the Roy figure comes with an atmospheric type helmet and not with a space one, right? Same kind Hikaru VF-1J and Max VF-1A if i remember correctly.
  17. So, basically you guys think that arcadia will use the release of max, miria and the GBP-1 in order to generate the necessary amount of cash flow to start the production of the VF-0D?? Damn, it's gonna be a long wait
  18. So wait, now arcadia is re-releasing both Max and Miria VF-1J??? https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=FIGURE-033313 And we have no date for the release of the VF-0D yet? Is it me or Arcadia is just trying to cash in as much as possible? I really hope this is not a bad omen...
  19. Probably one of my favourite shoot em up of all time. Great design and perfectly balanced gameplay.
  20. Same thing happened to me with NY... i am really impressed and really thankful. Hopefully they will give me the same treatment for my VF-0D and my Kotetsu jeeg big size model once they will be released.
  21. Thank you! I was thinking, what other Gundam are we missing from the UC timeline in the KAtoki version? The NT-1 but we just had a 2.0 version, everything from 0083 and the 08th platoon, Z Gundam(plus the MK.II), the F-91 and the narrative...I'd love a gundam from any of these shows....
  22. Did Bandai ever release a MG ver.Ka without releasing a regular MG version before?
  23. I actually think that most of their prices for macross stuff were completely crazy but i did buy few other items from them and they always proved to be fast and reliable. I am really sorry to hear this too. The death toll with this virus is not only for human beings but also for business, which is also tragic in a different way.
  24. Ryoma

    Pics of custom VF-1

    Thanks, definitely gonna need it, first time i paint something that's not gundam related.
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