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  1. That VF-1J custom looks really beautiful!!! So many missed opportunities for Yamato in the 1/48 line....
  2. So i checked on my two VF-1As and they look the same of the pics that have been posted. Even the box is the same. I checked pretty much everywhere and i was only able to find the TV version. I switched pilot on one of them but for the rest I couldn't find a VF-1A with DYRL pilot or with any other differences compared to the ones i own. Sorry, i am confused now...
  3. What??? Where do i get one??? No seriously, are they still available on second market? What are the main differences from the TV version except for the pilot? Are there any pictures around??? Can't believe i missed that for so many years!
  4. For a moment i really hoped i missed something througout all those years of collecting...a 1/48 DYRL from Yamato would have been like a dream coming true(although on mine i did replace the tv pilot with a DYRL pilot).
  5. Wait, i do own a yamato 1/60 V.2 VF-1A DYRL and i love it...but i wasn't aware we also had a 1/48 DYRL version. The only one i have clearly has a TV pilot. Am i missing something??? Please let me know!!!
  6. In the pictures of "next item?" i don't see a VF-1A Cannon fodder DYRL version...Yamato never released neither... is it going to be a cursed valk??
  7. Thank you. I guess i will just have to deal with it then. Bye bye old yammie
  8. I feel embaressed to ask but since i am not ready yet to let my yamato 1/48 ARMORED VALK go do you guys think that i can switch head from the Bandai DX (grey google) to the old yamato version(white google)?
  9. Probably, but i am pretty sure that, like what happened with Roy, there is going to be a short second wave of pre-order(with a slight mark up) and it shouldn't be too expensive to get after the release. I feel the market (for SOC, DX, etc.) is somewhat in a down phase.
  10. Happy about the GBP release but i was really hoping for a YF-21 for the end of the year.
  11. Thank you! It took me so many years to be able to display these valks but in the end it was worth it!
  12. @Lolicon Thank you! I actually agree with you. I do own a couple of Bandai DX and i like them but i still think that the silhouette on the Yamatos (both 1/60 v.2 and 1/48) have not been matched yet by Bandai or any other brands.
  13. Those panel lines make a huge difference. They really give life to the models.
  14. Nice, i think it can work well withe the VF-1s but for the 0s it's a bit too small...I would buy one if had enough room to display it though.
  15. After years of of collecting i am finally able to recreate one of my favourite moments from DYRL...Yes, Kakizaki's last flight!(Too bad Yamato never realeased a Hikaru's VF-1A weathered)
  16. I know it's probably going to be a long wait for Hoquet but Sentinel, her friends are starting to feel lonely without her...so please, please pretty please,can she come by the end of this year?? Since i was a kid and i used to watch Robotech i always wanted to recreate some sort of relaxing scene with the Mospeada characters. I always thought the moments when they were taking a break from the battles against Invid were the best ones.
  17. Thank you for your suggestion, i placed an order today for 3 stands. Will let you know once i get them!
  18. What would be my options right now if i wanted to buy a stand for my VFs? I used in the past the flightpose stands and i thought they were great but now they seem to be sold out everywhere. I know there have been a lot of users buying yetistand but i am not familiar with them(and also took a quick look around on the web and couldn't find any). I would need something only for fighter mode. Anyway, do you guys have any suggestions on which kind of stands are available on the market and where to buy them? Thank you!
  19. Ryoma

    Bandai DX VF-31

    They should have killed off all of the singers
  20. Thank you! That's exactly what i needed...nevere realized you can use the SV-51 stands like that and will probably use it on the Mass production one. You definitely gave me some good ideas!
  21. Three beautiful Phoenix... Also, i need some inspiration on how to display my Macross 0 VF...Those machines are really big. Can you guys post some of yours M0 collections?
  22. Thank you! Looking forward to it!
  23. Thank you, by any chance do you know if there are any available already?
  24. Not quite sure if the subject has been discussed yet but i was wondering...is it possible to use the old yamato variable stand on the new Bandai 1/48 line?
  25. It's actually not that different from applying decals to any Gunpla. I never used any top coat first, just some mark softer and setter(maybe a bit more than the usual). I think you can apply some transparent top coat once you are done but i never felt the need for it and seldom had any issuess with decals falling or peeling of.
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