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  1. I see...so i guess it will be June. Also, did the single ghost model get release yet? On HLJ is still on pre-order for April?
  2. Is there any way to know the exact date (day) of release of the VF-0A plus Ghost? I am a cloth myth collector so I know that Bandai usually release them at the end of the month. Don`t know where to look for yamato, though.
  3. Ryoma

    Yamato 1/48 DYRL Toys

    I still would like to see a VF-1S Max Type DYRL...and a VF-1A Cannon fodder DYRL (well I guess only the pilot is going to change)...and for sure the Ostrich, although I know yamato said that is very unlikely they will produce it.
  4. Ok, let me tell you my experience, too. I started collecting M+ 1/72 and Macross 1/60 as soon as they came out on the market. I was a big fan of the regular Macross 1/60 not so much of the 1/72 M+. Above all I still remember the day I got my VF-1S ROY with FP...It was like a dream come true...to me it looked like the most beautiful toy i had ever have...anyway I kept collecting 1/60 and when I saw yamato releasing the 1/48 i said to myself that I just would have done the 1/60. And I did it. Until last year. On July 2006 i bought my first valk 1/48. It was a VF-1S Hickaru with FP from Hlj...when i first saw it i was shocked...so much money for two pieces of plastic put together...bleah!!!I decided to ``build it`` but never to buy a 1/48 again...after I applied all the stickers, customized it a little bit, put the FP on...well, slowly I started to love it...besides when I started to transform it I realized the greatness of that model. The posability and the accuracy...( I am still not a big fan of the missiles and how you need to attach them but that`s fine). Now I am proud collector of 1/48. I just received my first VF-1A LOW VIS. (and i have to say it is just great) and ordered a LOW VIS.2 and Urban camo part...not counting that I keep on collecting the 1/60 with the releases of the YF-19 and M0 line. In the end, i would reccomend to the ones who started to collect the 1/48 to give it a little time...you won`t regret it.
  5. Well, I understand the point but I don`t totally agree. The 1/60 line has now to be compared to the 1/48 line (same size maybe even bigger) and if we look to the upcoming release like the VF-0A + ghost and the SV-51 well, it seems you`ll get tons of accesoriers for these two models. Not to mention that the quality of the last products has increased since the first releases (including max and millia super)...more stickers already applied, more details... besides the price of other popular products have increased in the last few months(myth cloth bandai for example) and if you wait a couple of months chances are that you`ll find the product on sale on HLJ(of course it might even be happening the contrary, that is product sold out).
  6. Oh a looooot of stuff...Grendeizer, Ashita No Joe, Cat`s eye, Jungle Taitei (Yes, the anime ripped off by the disney)...and basically ALL the major productions during 70s and 80s...
  7. Hi guys, this is my first post here...not quite sure there is a section for introducing new members...anyway I like very much Mikimoto but my favourite CD of all time is Shingo Araki...Unfortunately his works in the US are not very famous but please check out Versailles no Bara and Saint Seiya...during the 80s he was simply great.
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