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    CMS Series 4

    I still got to get my hands on the CMS3! I'd take any Macross characters but what would really tide me in is the cockpit of the YF-19 or YF-21 now those would be shaaaa-weeeetttttt
  2. **bump** just gotta bump this every so often and maybe ill get lucky
  3. the reason they do that is cuz ebay has a fee to be paid on entering the amount for item you're selling thus they pay less ebay fees but get it for the price they want by jacking up shipping. its a standard ebay seller tactic
  4. just wanna say awesome work as usual!!! GO WM~! I can't wait til you finish this one, I think your YF-21 that you made looks so dang good!~
  5. just gotta say loving your models they look greattttt wanna lend me your skills?
  6. o snaps, I can't even afford a 1/48 yet and now it's going to be more. I'd better start saving more instead of indulging on food. I can't wait til this comes out and hopefully the VF-0D
  7. those are dannggggg nice kits, but for the yf-21 i think the D-stance kit is superior in all ways, so put skill like WM with a d-stance and I'd be drooling. Yes you heard me over a plastic model with a great paint job
  8. I've been checking up on this thread ever so frequently and I don't know if I missed the week with pricing lines, but about the same as a 1/48? chance of the extra booster packs?
  9. Thanks a lot I appreciate it Rob.
  10. dang and i thought it was a reply for someone offering =P but heres hoping or is there anyway someone can remold it? i just want it was a decoration piece not an actual key chain
  11. bump** sitll want this =)
  12. Heyya guys just finished an awesome transaction with Viceland. props to him for shipping my yf-19 poster
  13. ball joints are where its at for the hips i think =) but looking really good so far man keep up the great work its awesome~! i cant wait to see it finished
  14. oops double post** ummm hehe i like big things always could use bigger =) i guess all modes maybe i could some for other projects same screen name @hotmail.com =) if its no trouble sorry ahvent made anythign new yet ive been busy with a few thigns lately
  15. does anybody have the vf-1 schematic pix scanned at high res? **the pictures where it shows all of the inner parts of the vf** if anybody has these pix could they send them to me =D
  16. That is some crazy collection you have there and daayyyaaaam im so jealous I only have 1 yamato and thats the chunk yf-19
  17. Hows the 19 going? maybe im just a little too anxieous
  18. sure these would be lovely to have and to work with can you post links up so those of us that want it can get it? =D muchos thanks for your effort dude
  19. which picture? the YF-19/21 or VF-9? the 19/21 are from the hasegawa box. i just edited them out. the VF-9, i got from some page I found on google. I can just send it to you if you want. I was looking for VF-9 pictures but all i could find were really tiny ones =P the one you have looks crips and big just what i need but if worst comes to worst I'll just take sometime and vector out the whole VF-9 guardian mode again but yea if you could email it to me =D iiymij@hotmail.com
  20. Hey AlphaHX that's a sweet picture makes me want to try to do something with that as well, could you lend me hand and direct me to where I can find those pictures or better yet email me them =) if it's not too much trouble Great stuff guys let's keep it coming
  21. That looks more than a little familiar... Yea, you might have seen it before. I've posted it once here before and then the thread kind of died out after a few weeks where nobody contributed. I could make more wallpapers but I don't have high quality pictures to work with but if you have an idea and just can't put it together I can try to help where I can =) I'll try to make something up by next week or so, just need a theme and plane to use..... PS Thanks for making it bigger AlphaHX sharing is caring
  22. IIymij

    VF Girls

    Nice fan art! love it can't wait to see more
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