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  1. DatterBoy


    Damn, Rodavan. Still killin' it I see. Your work disgusts me.
  2. DatterBoy


    I believe I sold this a long time ago.
  3. I want mine to look like that too!!! The detail is astounding. Can't wait to see what it looks like once you texture it. I'm thinking you should and likely will embellish that with more detail?
  4. Holy crap! I'm late to the party again! This stuff is like crack cocaine. Once you start, it will consume you! Amazing stuff, AZ! It's been years! DG gave me the heads up that you and he are back in the saddle. I'm going ot have to come up with an offering before the VF CG alter soon... Both of your works are amazingly inspirational to me as much today as they were back in the day. *bows respectfully*
  5. Nice, Dok. I'm gonna have a response to this shortly...
  6. Damn.... AZ will feel my pain. Drive crashed, all my models gone... Gonna see if I by chance backed it up somewhere else. Or was it Brian... one of you guys lost your stuff once.
  7. Totally! Put some stuff up, man!
  8. Damn... you got a cockpit and pilot too... I need some of that.
  9. Damn. The level of detail on this is amazing!
  10. Hello everyone. Back when I first joined MW, I came upon this thread where artists from all over the world had come and posted their work on CG modeling the VF-1. The work was so inspiring, that it prompted me to do my own version. Having some experience with modeling programs, I took my work there, and I was amazed at the willingness of the other modelers to help me develop my own piece with ad vice, critique, technical assistance, etc. Needless to say, they became like my MW CG family and over a 2-3 year period helped me create what I believe to be the greatest CG work I have ever produced. To this day, when I scour the web, the work produced on that thread has been rarely ever matched. And recently. one of the "veterans" posted some work from his VF-1 and I was inspired to bring them back. So come! Post your work! Movies, images, whatever! However, this is by INVITATION ONLY! So please adhere to these rules on this thread. 1. You can only post if you have been invited by another Veteran. 2. Anyone can comment 3. Only post work that has not been seen on MW before. New stuff! Keep it fresh! So I'm calling some of the guys I remember (so sorry if I missed you, I just worked with these guys more closely, but I am sure they will call you out to come and show your work). Doktor Gonzo Rodavan Brianw76 Aztek Let's do this. Maybe we can inspire a new generation of CG modelers. Cheers! And good to see you bastards again! :Dat
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