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  1. DatterBoy


    Damn, Rodavan. Still killin' it I see. Your work disgusts me.
  2. DatterBoy


    I believe I sold this a long time ago.
  3. I want mine to look like that too!!! The detail is astounding. Can't wait to see what it looks like once you texture it. I'm thinking you should and likely will embellish that with more detail?
  4. Holy crap! I'm late to the party again! This stuff is like crack cocaine. Once you start, it will consume you! Amazing stuff, AZ! It's been years! DG gave me the heads up that you and he are back in the saddle. I'm going ot have to come up with an offering before the VF CG alter soon... Both of your works are amazingly inspirational to me as much today as they were back in the day. *bows respectfully*
  5. Hook me up! Must be in perfect condition. Open box is perfectly good.
  6. Nice, Dok. I'm gonna have a response to this shortly...
  7. I'll take Max and Millia! PM'd!
  8. Just needs to be in new condition and complete. Got a set? Make me an offer.
  9. Used or new. Prices must be reasonable. Item must be in perfect/new condition.
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