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    Hi-Metal R

    Looks so much better than the EVO version so far but still looking for a full frontal and undercarriage shot
  2. Am I the only one that thinks the gap and thickness between the wings and the legs are too much? Looks so fat? I think the wings should be moved up into the body and then the legs up more to where the wing currently sits.
  3. Maybe they should make the shield transform and have extension parts on the side?
  4. I believe the hinge has to be that high in order to flip all the way around to transform into gerwalk/batroid mode? I think someone did a kit bash of the old bandai one and it was the same thing. I think the very first pick has an illustration of this. Still think it could be a tad lower though, maybe mid point.
  5. Just got this baby and i'm very pleased with it. Pros - Possibility - Double knee joint! - Impressive tampo printing - Extra set of poseable hands - Comes with a stand - Clicky points for wing - Neck gap cover in fighter mode incorporated into shield - Pin point barrier hand Cons - Gaps in fighter mode - No missiles - Dinky gunpod - Ankle gap - Weak landing gear / Plastic wheels That's all of the top of my head but overall really happy with my bird!
  6. So I double checked my second YF-19 on the right wing it super loose and after careful inspection it looks like the rivet was pressed down so hard that it cracked the joint making it loose.... I will be contacting HLJ to see if they will have any replacement parts
  7. I've been searching for any fixes and sorry if this is the wrong spot for this, but is there a thread on ankle fixes?
  8. I usually don't post but this really makes me mad and sad at the same time. I used to work for ebay and my best suggestion is to fully escalate the claim as you are buying a product that is not as described. You may also want to contact your credit card company and see if you can file a claim with them at the same time. Some credit card companies now have buyer protection polices for online purchases. I really hope you get all of your money back as it is super unfair if you don't. On a side note, I bought mine form HLJ and it has arrived in mint condition. I haven't transformed my second one yet but I will do so when I get home. My left ankle is super loose on my first one but I assume that this can be fixed. One other small issue is that my shield has already showed signs paint rubbing off just popping it on and off for transformation. Other then that i'm pretty happy with it. Best of luck!
  9. intakes intakes intakes and the wings look super fragile. I do like the blue tint on the cockpit though <3
  10. so pretty - Maybe i should get 3 instead of 2.... ughs
  11. I like it but the leg intakes really bug me. I think I'll have to manually paint the feet, joints, and intake covers dark gray. Not feeling the dark turquoise. Just my opinion that is, Even if its more anime accurate. Grey just looks so much better
  12. so expensive but I think I might pick up two just in case the following alternates don't include extra missiles and such
  13. i like how the gunpod can be tucked under the shield, dont have to worry about losing it. so awesome!
  14. has anybody had a shot at an emulator like this one? http://vimeo.com/57378604 then maybe we could try to have over subtitles?
  15. Just wondering on what your guys thoughts are on this and do you think they will ever make one? I think it would be a pretty interesting mini series. Sorry if its in the wrong topic
  16. that is totally awesome, i drew airplanes on my plate... not quite the same but.... close enough!
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