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  1. IIymij

    Macross Revoltech

    can someone translate this page with the vf-j max here: http://www.kaiyodo.co.jp/revoltech/yamaguchi.html
  2. IIymij

    Macross Revoltech

    i want more pix of the 19 n 21, i think imma get both xD
  3. IIymij

    Macross Revoltech

    those are lookingg hawwwwwwwttttttt i think ill be getting 2 of each. I wonder what yamato is thinking since they were about to release something like this but with a vf-11b?
  4. they dont look very agile in my opinion, i think the revoltechs look more posesible.
  5. How much would it be to Canada? for a single or both?
  6. that looks really cool with the wing flaps, just have a couple fo questions. For the pencil lining did you just go over the panel lines with a lead mechanical pencil? As for the flaps how'd you make them stay up and down, I'm not much of a toy modder but that does look like something I want to try. Is anyone on the MW boards making custom decals? I really don't like yamatos stickers and prefer the water slide on decals, I think someone was making custom decals but have now retired.
  7. glad i pre-ordered mine looking so good! have to say my props to Yamato and Graham for his awesome review
  8. Anybody have a guess at how much the fast packs gonna be? there's not a lot to add on?
  9. @_@ why'd i only get one!!!! this is so beautiful
  10. a seater? =( no mini yang? i agree with everyone and i just wanna check out all the other modes but so far looking hellla nice super improvement over the 1/72
  11. things that just may work to help with this transformation and looks for the toy - removable nose cone, kinda like the VF-1 how the nose can be pulled out and with this they could add an extra nose for the beffy robot mode - VF-2SS leg design from the bandai kit may help to pull the calves to thighs together making it beefer - for the inside calves of the legs maybe they could make just a small section where you can press down and the bulges comes up, press it again to lower it for fighter mode? - I'm agreeing with everyone else on the fins and wings, I think they should be just a tad bit bigger and i guess everything else that everyone is saying Let's try to help Yamato find solutions as well and not just think about what could be changed but maybe how we can help with this? I dunno but I'm loving this thread, whatcha guys think?
  12. maybe they could use same kind of leg design like the VF-2SS so that the legs can be moved down to give the more chubby leg look effect in Robot mode?
  13. I may need to sell some of stealths just for this baby... @_@ we've all been waiting yearssss for this!!! im so happy =)
  14. even though its acient, go YF-19 FP! 1/60 scale? VF-2SS
  15. SWT~! HOW CAN I GET MY HANDS ON THESE LV? please tells me, i want to get like 6
  16. perhaps use some sand paper and roll it up like a tube and slightly sand the hole bigger? I dont have one yet... (some day i will im a poor student) but yea i think that will help make the missles fit easier? ideas?
  17. WAHHHHH yf-19 fingers crossed* i think that's all i could really wish for everything else we go due to the exceptional talent on these boards IE captain, wm, kurt etc but yea the vf-1d has been wowed so go yf-19 fp!
  18. Remeber to wear rubber gloves to reduce yellowing from oiling fingers during transformation.
  19. IIymij

    1/48 Vf-1d Completed!

    sigh I don't know Kurt I think I'm going to have to get a closer inspection to see how good it is... PM sent with my address email cell phone number house number and a tracking device and Ill get to review it right away Looking danggggg goood!!!
  20. Calm down there big boy
  21. shawwwwweeetttt as ever, you are godlike when you paint.
  22. i personally like the buttercream and if you spray on a light coat it might not look as bright. The satin almond is just a little bit too less saturation in the color. A mix of both would probably be best
  23. interesting thread, god i think almost any macross item to me is a holy grail since the only things i really have are just posters... ive been drooling over the 1/48's for sometime now. BTW wheres SaveRobotech, it seems his replies aren't coming in anymore? you guys sure gave him a few rounds
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