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  1. i know this is a real horrid bit of work but if you make the leg/knee joint like the vf-2ss bandai model it could give you the same effect but look less stick like but like my vf-2ss you have to do a bit of shaving as well but you get more the chunky looking leg part i don't know if you had something else in mind or anything but yea love the progress wanna do mine?
  2. This is awesome~!!! I've been following this thread closely and your work is just amazing. Every modifications make it look 100X better so keep up the good work although im quite curious how you're going to fix the nose Respect
  3. thats really cool i have an old macross II one i dont know if you all saw it but ill post it again tell me what you think http://members.shaw.ca/iiymij/Portfolio/sk...and800x6002.jpg
  4. I thought you could only get the Roy version? I got the box with the red decaling on the box but still Roy prevailed? Did anyone get any other version?
  5. Hey was wondering if anybody has a yf-19 keychain it comes in a set with some other gundam keychains and was wondering if anybody has one that they want to part with as far as I know it's a SD kind of keychain in battloid **did I spell that right?**
  6. waaaaaaaaaaaaa sooooo doooppppppeeeeeeeeeeee =))) escuse me man this guy really has lots of talent **or is it a girl =P I can't read japanese** but wowie so very imma have to save this one under my favorites
  7. just a lil something my buddy has put together in a few hours =D http://webmedia.bcit.ca/~a00572874/gunpod.tga whatcha think? wahts it missing =D
  8. looks like flashback scenes from macross plus, probably from the movie version... I'm pretty sure that's it exactly. I really don't want to stick my crappy VHS tape in the VCR to check, though... acutally yea i checked teh movie edition... either that or i was much too tired and my eyes fell asleep at that point but i dont recall it in there =P grrr ill check again... thanks guys
  9. this is pretty noob so here goes =) http://www.theroseking.net/animehub/macross/highschool.jpg i saw this picture on this site and i was wondering where its from because i dont recall this scene at all anywhere? can someone help me?
  10. http://webmedia.bcit.ca/~a00572874/SCHMSO~1.JPG http://webmedia.bcit.ca/~a00572874/YF-19B~1.JPG http://webmedia.bcit.ca/~a00572874/YF-19S~1.JPG http://webmedia.bcit.ca/~a00572874/YF-19TOP.JPG these are of the hasegawa's instruction sheet fine to the pixel anybody got the scans from the design work books =))
  11. rar thanks mk for the scan, im also looking for the design work book that has pages on the 19 i heard those ones are a lil bit different form the hasegawa model kit instructions Rod i have a scanned hasegawa and lined up the views id you want those i can give you the links to those as wells
  12. hey i was wondering if anybody could scan in the macross design work book yf-19 pages my friend would greatly appreciate it as because the hasegawa 19 is rather phatty looking whereas the design workbook looks more slim and sleek thanks in advance =)
  13. =( i didnt find this episode appealing... it was rather a transitional episode i think and the screen shots keep changing really fast makes my brain go @___@ rar i don't know this one was just =P to me
  14. hmmmms rar that sounds good i guess ill try clear tamiya with some white thanks for the input guys ** any of you guys form vancouver that can help me out with places to shop? crystal mall seems to be the only place i know =P
  15. o thats cool Rod keep me posted on your work itd be greatly appreciated as my friend is also keeping close tabs on this as well =D
  16. thanks rods it greatly helps =) you wouldn't happen to have a straight front shots would you? ^^
  17. heyllo my buddy was looking for some yf-19 pix for reference so he can make it in maya and would really like to try to make it transformable as well rar any images would be much appreciated thanks all
  18. Is it me guys or am I the only one who cant view the old threads? =( i get this login screen and when i try to login with my nickie and password it wont let me in
  19. thanks for the input guys ^^ i was tinking of buying one of those clear blue hasegawa valks and then having semi transparent white for Max's tv valkyrie bsu legato - do you have a picture of your model you tried it on? again much appreicated guys =D
  20. aww thats too bad but o wells im sure it still looks awesome either way just thought it was like sturdy cardboard then you print on both sides then folded but i guess its not @__@ rar
  21. i don't know if its too late now but i was thinking for the macross plus box you could do sharon apples full 3d scope like 1 side have the slit and eye and black on teh side and what ever other small details but have that on the inside of the box so when you look into an empty box it's kind of like a reversed sharon apple box? or am i just making nonsense again? just a small odd idea what do you guys think? if its not too late that is...
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