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  1. =( i dont have the dyrl could someone post up the picture i wanna c =(
  2. niiiiice kit always liked the mecha in m2 but not the storey.... but anways im interested in such a find as but i would have to find out the price if ure actually making a list of buyers niiiceee
  3. okies guys the answer i needed was jsut yay or nay? and personally its a lil disgusting to c why everyone is so harass agaisnt the robotech yes i said it / it was an inspired by macross and thus trying to get american fans / u guys shouldnt be hating this just sounds like a bunch of lil kids to me
  4. just wondering if the super poseables fast packs can be attached and deattached or r they stck on by glue? =P Robotech Battlecry Super Poseable Figure - VF1J Max http://www.tmpanime.com/product_info.php?p...products_id=244
  5. u guys sure do tink alot so i have decided to try to add my blogg as this thread issues from a technical point of view there we should consider having the same pilot fly both planes so you get the same skill level in pilot so it does affect the technical results / kinda like saying if you to put guld in the yf-19 or isamu into the yf-21 (although i tink isamu would be better off in a vf-22 due to his incontrolable brain activites always...) i think the yf-21 should win hands down due to the fact of the bcs, how much fast can you pilot a plane? all you have to do is think it and it happens and has some weird 3d stuff that can predict an attack spread of missles you can almost the tell the future so you can be 1 step ahead of the guy all the time the yf-19 is faster but it doesnt have the knowledge of what could be the future unlike the yf-21 and "knowledge is power" so you try to predict whats gonna happen but your predictions dont have a good calculation unlike the yf-21 so you could possibley be wrong unles luck is one of your skills now whereas if your comparing vf-19 / yf-19 with just the vf-22 i think the 19 would win cause speed is a bigger factor / if you cant get hit then how can you lose? its like saying okies if the 22 hits you once but in that duration of time the 19 can hit you 3 times cuz he dodged 2 of your missles then the potenial of the 22 being a bad ass drops exponentially cuz you hurt more then he is but alas you could say the 22 has a bigger load of missles so he can fire twice as many missles so to take that into calc the 19 still gets hit twice whereas a 22 could get hit 3 times its better to hit then have an unorganized fury of missles cause the hit is all that matters but then again the 19 does move faster so perhaps he could get a lock more times then you could like he could lock onto you twice when you only had one lock to fire your missles i would say a 21 / 22 would be better in big space battles due to its heavy payload of missles killing more then 1 enemy @ a time whereas a 19 would could take out individual tragets easier (their commanders?) so they both have their little specialties well these r just simple numbers to keep it easy for me, i dont no much about physics or anything so i couldnt really tell you how much of a differene in the wing types would make but here i got vf-19 / yf-19 vs yf-21 ---> 21 easy cuz of the bcs vf-19 / yf-19 vs vf-22 ---> 19 i think this is my blogg and really who knows? i honestly wanted to say the 19 wins hands down due to my love for it but realistically 21 is the best machine out and how can u fly a plane in battleroid with just 2 joysticks and footpedals????
  6. hey wm i see your at it again and imma have to save every paige of this later for reference but i was looking @ your bird and its hella nice but im just puzzle about one thing you prime and spray on a coat of paint and yet u can still see teh panel lines? the ones on hasegawa models dotn seem to be very deep so wouldnt the primer coat and blue spray after cover up the thinner lines? i seem to ahve that problem with my model kits? wahts the secret? im just O_o cuz my panel lines get wiped away
  7. i wants !!! im getting 2 downgrade kits and 2 vf-2ss kits coming so id really love to c it!!!
  8. looks nice but price is what matters to me.... =P how much =)
  9. http://www.hotline-web.com/arfa_gaiden/gai...iden_010208.htm i jsut stumbled upon this website and being me i couldnt read anything but i did see some pix of yf-19 there? waht is this? can someobody help ?
  10. well doesn really necessacy mean if they do good they get a higher scale like for eg waht started it all the mac plus toys they did so well that the martket demanding for other valkyries but you dont see them getting any scale boost although i do hope they do a larger scale 1/60? to equal that of a 1/48? itd be awesome i love the yf-19 and vf-2ss those 2 are my favs and hopefuly they'll make a bigger scale of the mac plus line and someday a 2ss in there
  11. hmmm firstly all probably depends on the equipment you have @ hand or are you planning to buy what you need? i find those models rather small and delicate, the painting probably requires a fine brush and well colors of your choice to whateva please but i say have fun with it the skills only get better but if you afford it id suggest getting an airbrush as a long term investment that is if you think you'll be making more model kits... i sitll havent gotten my airbrush booo hooo anybody got one they dont wnat? =))
  12. by the way did you make the tail fins by yourself?
  13. why not just buy it with the fp then you could just yank it off as a spare? save you 800 yen but just no strike style fp? just wodnering that is? me being poor student and like welfare jsut have to say no to every offer althouhg i do drool over pix =P
  14. crap i gotta lenghten them? i have no idea how to do that ehehhe... hmmm where can i get this styrene stuff? hardware store? by the lets say i do get this styrene stuff how do i fuse them together? ack i feel annoying... thanks for the lead
  15. wicked ass job!@!)(@ wish my parts would get here so i could do the same... im just puzzled about how u got all this work? like did you make the wings yourself or did you spline the orignal wings in half? if you dont mind could you do a indepth of how you put the wings together ? thatd be great for me if you could =)) im a lil baka
  16. hey guys =P still havent gotten a digi cam from my friend hes working rite now i panel lined what i could with silver aluminum paint probably see more of it when i get a pix witha digi cam all my painting was done by hand =P took me forever its a hasegawa 19 1/72 model just made the wings swingable looks like a big doyusha toy alhough the amount of cutting i had to do has left the bird very light.... cant play around with it much... weeee hopefully tonight some pix....
  17. could it be a 3000? weee compared to my doyusha did i spell that right?
  18. my currently finished model but as eager as i am i took some pix witha digi cam heopfully sometime this week i can burrow my friends digi camara to take more higer qulaity pix.... color scheme - gun metal base white stripes kinda a wing and yang with my 19's =)) my other one is white with black stripes anywas for a few pix.... comments pls good and bad
  19. a she kit hmmm..... is that she kit almost like the yamato 10 scuplt? or is it better?
  20. crazy got thge blue prints so i can make one? =))
  21. is this ocntest over? if it is i wont bother trying to make one outta scratch... =P
  22. dont wanna be rude or anything but isnt this kidan thing supposed to be in the How to build Macross model kits section? great job though i must say i cant wait to get mine....
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