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  1. I just get a quote for shipping from Mandrake for a Yamato 1/60 item. 4130 Yen DHL only. Seems like most Yamato/Arcadia 1/60 item fall into this box size/price category. Cost of getting items is rather high right now.
  2. Was it easy to remove the canopy cover and paint it black?
  3. My only notable contribution the the museum will be the 1/72 Monster. But I will need to build that first.
  4. How about selling to member here at cost and donate the proceeds?
  5. I am interest in making my own decal. Would love to know what printer you use to print white.
  6. If we need to remove that to fit GBP then it will not be perfect transformation and that removed piece will need to be stored somewhere. You might not mind that, and I am not too upset by that too. But there will be a lot of people that really value perfect transformation, I think.
  7. I still don't get what you mean. Do you mean it will be vertical on the wall, instead of on the "floor"?
  8. For the fan out version, do you really need a tray with slot? Seems like you can achieve that display fine by just placing the items in any way you like.
  9. Are you implying that people in China live a life that is no different than in a jail?
  10. Just noticed that my order on Flyingmule for the M0 F14 is for a "clean" version. I really want the weathered version. I know CW offer clean vs weathered version for some of their release, but I was lead to believe that this M0 is only available in weathered version. I hope it is just a "listing error" on Flyingmule's part.
  11. The weathering looks nice. Can't wait to get mine.
  12. I too have problem with this. Really prefer the later version or the Arcadia version. The original v2 is a pain to lock in and unlock. I think I have damaged one Valk while struggling with this. I dread transforming my older V2 1/60. Quite a few of these also develop a small play on the attachment of the T bar to the nose cone. The vertical bar can't stay "locked". It cause the valk to lean forward. Been trying to find a solution to fix this, but there is nothing that "hold" the vertical bar in place. So I don't have any contact point to "strengthen". If anyone know how to fix this, I would love to know. The DX, is much more pleasant to handle.
  13. The second one is different from the first one, and it is out door.
  14. kkx

    Hi-Metal R

    I have use surface shipping with FJ multiple times. After a long wait (normally just over 2 months), the package arrive in good condition. No problem so far. EDIT: forget to mention, sometime when the item is small, you can safe a few bucks by going with non-trackable surface. Did that once, was worried, but it still arrive ok.
  15. The Covid situation is worrying for many reasons, including shipping of our toys from Japan. Still, the wait till release day and see strategy is still better. For example PO at NY with a selected shipping method does not work when item is released. The buyer end up have to go through a lot of trouble and pay extra to get their item shipped. If you are shopping after release, at least you select a seller/shop that provide a shipping method/cost that you think you can accept at the point of commitment.
  16. I share you feeling after looking at online review and photos. If the price is not so high, this might not be such a big deal. But I am not that forgiving of the "mass production issue" if I have to pay near to half a grand.
  17. Nice. I have too many roys, but notthing compare to yours. Did you commission someone to build your wave 1/100 ?
  18. Flying mule now have it listed. With the 20% pre-order discount, and shipping at $5, it is a nice deal.
  19. Nice. They do have stock at hand. Thanks for letting us know.
  20. It will be $25, due to the size. 15x15x9" As you can see from photos, there are 3 big tear on the box. Let me know if you think it is worth it.
  21. Please let us know. I wonder, for item in stock (assuming that is indeed that case, you never really know with NY) and no "switching shipping" shenanigan, how long does NY ship things out.
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