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  1. I am still holding out. But my birthday is coming up. Your zero shelfs is looking really good.
  2. Can't wait to get the Roy in Nov. Then the long wait for the TV super set to arrive by ferry in Feb 2021. This hobby require a lot of patient. Kaki will be release in about 4 weeks, anyone on the same boat as me, hoping to get one on release day? I hope AJ will have some for about $250 shipped. Max is stable at 22000 yen, so I hope Kaki will not be too hard to get. With Bandai's TV/Movie left right punch, it will be a long when we can see a full squadron.
  3. Missed the super set. Anyone want to swap a movie SSP with a set of this?
  4. Regult and Glaug sold. Adjusted price on all items. If you buy multiple items, I will throw in some discount.
  5. I convince myself that I don't want to get this during PO. Now seeing all these photo, I so want to get this.
  6. Really nice fix. Glad to see that this is resolved. I have not open my hiki 1S yet. After seeing your post, I am getting worried.
  7. There is a thread discussing that. I wonder if we can pool our buying power together, can we setup a deal with Bandai (just like other shop did) to secure a fixed number for our members here. Maybe via someone in Japan that can setup a "company".
  8. One word of warning about getting pre-order item from yahoo japan auction and ebay. I burned multiple times. There are a some seller out there that is trying to take advantage of our desperation and the long wait between PO and delivery. Ebay/PayPal refund all of my payment but if you work through buyee or FromJapan on yahoo auction in Japan, take precaution to protect your interest.
  9. Available at AJP for 35,800 yen
  10. https://www.hlj.com/dx-chogokin-first-limited-edition-vf-1s-valkyrie-roy-focker-special-bans60502 Link is up but can't load
  11. Everywhere is out. Hope HLJ will list soon. dreading the slow system at HLJ, but no other choice.
  12. Yeah, I am getting more relax about not manage to get one at MSRP on PO night. Things should work out at the end. I am waiting for release day to see if I want get the Kaki.
  13. I will join in tonight, just in case I get lucky. But I am already resigned to buy this on release day with a markup. May the force of F-5 be with us.
  14. My April batch SSP finally arrived. Shipping was costly and slow. I have one extra from this batch, putting it up on the for sale forum.
  15. Venturing into some non main stream robot. These two arrived today. Nice weathering.
  16. quick question: does the v1 non renewal version have tornado set? When I buy a tornado set, do I need to (and how) to make cure or check that it is for the renewal version?
  17. I have also hit the same issue with NY. If your order is unpaid, changing address is easy, but once it is paid, they refuse to change the address.
  18. I believe it is to allow the waist to rotate.
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