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  1. I have order from seller on Ebay with super good feedback. But they started to offer 50% discount on their items. They never fulfill the orders. The account is likely hacked. EBay or Paypal always come through with refund for these cases. But I am need to be weary with big discount.
  2. FJ said that the seller never cooperate in anyway. Quote: The seller for this auction never sent us the item, nor were they willing to offer a refund. As such, we have born the cost and refunded your order in full. So I am surprise and glad that I get my money back. I am still new to this PO business but over a few attempts at DX PO, I have learn to be more relax and hold off rushing into PO from seller on auction site. Thing get a bit more complicated with PO. For normal auction, if the item don't show within a few weeks, I can take action. FJ have one single plan that include protection now, so that reduce the risk somewhat.
  3. Make it transformable and you get my vote and PO.
  4. I have multiple proxy orders in place with FJ and a few items in the warehouse pending shipment consolidation. So I am not in a position to burn the bridge. FJ basically say that they cannot do anything since I didn't pay for the plan with insurance (I was using basic forwarding plan).
  5. The listing look legit, the seller do have some positive feedback (I can't find the link anymore). Nothing really stand out. I fully expect the seller to deliver when release date come, but two weeks after release, I started to get worry, but there in nothing I can do. After a two months, I started contacting FJ to get help. And they ping the user but never get any reply. I tried that two or three times with similar result (or no-result). Due to the long wait time from paying for PO to delivery of item, you need to really find seller on Yahoo and Ebay that can be trusted, be very cautious.
  6. I have limited knowledge about this sort of result and what it takes to setup production run to get it "right" for the customer. The only reference I have is the F-14D from CW, that result looks much better (maybe they are going after totally different feel/look, I don't really know) and it does not cost so much more compared to their standard non weathered version of F-14. The line are crips and the shading is nice looking. I really value your opinion on how these two compare. I would have learn something.
  7. I am glad that kakizaki is available for a small markup (about USD50) from PO price. I only have myself to blame for not doing PO via proxy when the window open. I was also abel to pickup Max from AJ right after release date for a good price. I hope this trend will be true for all future releases. So no need to panic if you missed PO. I panicked and pay for PO on Yahoo or Ebay when I missed PO. All of my attempts (3 times) never work out. They are all scammers. I manage to get my money back via PayPal except for the one time with yahoo auction via FromJapan. I have given up hope for the $210 I paid but today, out of the blue, FromJapan refunded my payment in full. Edit: fixed typo
  8. I was having a hard time identify this at first. I swear I have seen that gun strap before. Then I remember. Looks good. Took them a long time to get this out. The COV-19 situation is causing these company a lot of trouble.
  9. Arrived today (very fast shipping). Have not use it yet, but the applicator cap with syringe like applicator is neat. They have also kindly include a pin to clear the applicator when clogged. A nice touch.
  10. @sqidd This one might be a member of your army https://www.ebay.com/itm/Macross-Robotech-1-100-Chrome-Metallic-VF-1S-Focker-Super-Battroid-Valkyrie-Kit/203076576247?_trkparms=aid%3D1110009%26algo%3DSPLICE.COMPLISTINGS%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20200423103423%26meid%3D46cc134e403644058b8d6f2c12a72620%26pid%3D100011%26rk%3D6%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D233684314385%26itm%3D203076576247%26pmt%3D1%26noa%3D0%26pg%3D2047675%26algv%3Ddefault%26brand%3DBandai&_trksid=p2047675.c100011.m1850
  11. I have also buy one of these decal for VE-1, the NO STLP is also a problem for that. I think someone just cut and pasted the text. Such a big bummer.
  12. I wish the Arcadia PF 0D is done in this weathering style, that would be perfect.
  13. @technoblue is the best seller. Very good packaging and fast secured shipping. Very friendly and a joy to work with. Highly recommended.
  14. @sqidd That is really unfortunate. It is also possible to steal a spare heat shield from another valk and paint it. I been wondering about casting a copy of the DX VF-1 head shield.
  15. I normally see update about 60 days after "dispatch from outward office of exchange".
  16. I just get a quote for shipping from Mandrake for a Yamato 1/60 item. 4130 Yen DHL only. Seems like most Yamato/Arcadia 1/60 item fall into this box size/price category. Cost of getting items is rather high right now.
  17. Was it easy to remove the canopy cover and paint it black?
  18. My only notable contribution the the museum will be the 1/72 Monster. But I will need to build that first.
  19. How about selling to member here at cost and donate the proceeds?
  20. I am interest in making my own decal. Would love to know what printer you use to print white.
  21. If we need to remove that to fit GBP then it will not be perfect transformation and that removed piece will need to be stored somewhere. You might not mind that, and I am not too upset by that too. But there will be a lot of people that really value perfect transformation, I think.
  22. I still don't get what you mean. Do you mean it will be vertical on the wall, instead of on the "floor"?
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