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  1. When is the PO for the two new zaku metal composite? I scanning through 10 pages of post but still have not found any mention of that. Has that been decided?
  2. Some customize will have fun repainting it for Max and Roy, so that is one reason to get multiples.
  3. Packaged up and ready to go (his friend even come to say good bye).
  4. This is now spoken for. Good luck for those who is still looking for one.
  5. @betocc That sucks. Good luck and hope you will get a replacement.
  6. I am in Reno. Not too far from you. Shipping will be reasonable if you are in the west coast.
  7. I am selling my extra VF-1D, asking for what I paid for it: US$290 It is still sealed in its shipper box. Small dent on the shipper box, so take note. I am note sure how much it will affect the inner box. The item should be 100% ok, but the inner box might not be 100% perfect, so this will not be for someone who expect perfect box. To keep this as sealed, I will not be able to open and inspect. I have done many successful transaction here and is mentioned many time in the SSL. Shipping will be at cost from 89511 using FedEx (other method is also possible, if the buyer have a preference). Item will be packaged securely for the transit. Payment via PayPal F&F or add 3.5% for fee.
  8. I did reach out to them following your advise and that get things going. It took a few back and forth to finally pay for it fully (changing payment method will reset the status and it will be back human intervention to get shipping estimate again). And since then, no change in status. It is stuck at "preparing shipment" for all these time. I am not too impatient, just worry that they do not have the item at hand.
  9. AmiAmi have taken my money for the combo set for over a week now and still have no sign of shipping them. Anyone else have their combo set shipped from AmiAmi?
  10. Anyone have more images for this : https://www.kitzconcept.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=79 Trying to decide if i want PO this, but all I can see if 3 images that does not tell much of how it would look.
  11. Thanks, I think I will just have to keep my finger crossed. They did fulfilled the two previous orders I have placed with them.
  12. Thanks. From my previous experience, they do charge tax.
  13. Anyone know where I can still get this SW prelude KO ?
  14. I see, thanks for sharing. They did ship out the 1D I have ordered via them. I am not sure what to do about the second batch armor sets. I hope they come through.
  15. I have an order for the second batch armor set with them. I forget the release date, but it must be over 6 months from the order date. I am worried now seeing your experience. Did they refuse refund when they could not get the item?
  16. Showstorez PO up: https://www.gundamit.com/moshow-1-72-metal-build-gat-x105-aile-strike-gundam_p0100.html They have switch web site name, but the same company, I can login and see my history and points from showstorez
  17. Nice photo, thanks for sharing. I. like the HMR orange the best. Yamato's is a bit too orange/red for me. Edit: forget to mention that I think the DX version is a bit too grey. But I still prefer the DX's slight overly grey color to Yamato's overly red version.
  18. This will most likely be a pass for me. Why Bandai do not re-release original 31A, that make a lot of people happy.
  19. My proxy just informed me that the item has arrived.
  20. I am sure many member who are getting multiple VF-1D will have duplicate Fan Racer that they are willing to sell. I have a spare copy and have not decide if I will keep both. If I do, I will likely have a spare Fan Racer to sell. Will decide when I receive the item. Will ping you when the time come. Mean while, good luck with your search.
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