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  1. I want this 1/35 valk to come with a automatic transformation system! Guess how much that's going to drive up cost?
  2. The maintenance crew.
  3. Nice picture on that prototype 1/35 VF-1J! Whoa, with this 1/35 Valkyrie line, and the 1/1800 SDF-1 Macross Bandai is supersizing everything from Macross.
  4. That part was cool, I agree, but everything else was kinda meh. I know what they're trying to do but, the whole Cylon god religion thing was kind of wack. And the whole Starbucks angel/she smoking too much weed plot made me go..."wtf am I watching again?"..so yeah. Okay, now we can go back to discussing Macross Delta.
  5. Actually from what I understand. Bandai said only stuffs that are not in animation are non-canon. So, the Thunderbolt series just received its canon status with this new OVA.
  6. I'm pretty sure everybody from the Kingdom of Wind poster are guys. unless my suspicion that they are all girls pretending to be guys are correct...then they're dudes. As for female pilots. I always wanted to see more of that in Macross. I kind of wanted to see this girl from Macross 30 in Delta, but I guess it's not happening. I mean, look at those..those..PLOTS man!
  7. I actually like the MS designs change in Thunderbolt. They're very NASA real spacecraft looking. I haven't finish reading the manga, but I hope we're not getting any UNDERSTANDING ending in this new TB anime.
  8. I didn't forget about them. I did mention there are people who are defending Delta to the death from fans who are disappointing in what they're seeing so far. By literately telling them to quit Macross and anime in general. Not sure why this became old people vs young to begin with, and definitively not liking how these "young people" are displaying such arrogance against other people who don't like what they like. Can't say too much about the old BSG since i wasn't old enough to see it when it orginally come out, but the new BSG ended pretty badly imo. The first couple of seasons was great, but near the end it seems like the writers just ran out of ideas or something. Some plot point just didn't go anywhere, and they had to drop it mid-season. All in all it ended in a pretty wracky way....so pretty much space magic ending.
  9. It looks like a flying bathtub.
  10. Because having the Valkyrie girls actually being the pilots would go against the moe design of the characters. They're there to sing songs and look cute. Having them actually doing anything badass would go against the whole 'cute girls doing cute things' stereotype. Honestly, it would be kinda creepy for them to be singing about love and peace while pumping their enemies full of leads. Do you remember? The time when our variable fighters first met? Do you remember? The time when my bullets first touched your skull? That was the very first time I set out on the journey of love destruction. I love you so.
  11. Wasn't one of their member got caught sleeping around or maybe she was with a boyfriend, and then the girl in question cut off all of her hair and had to publicly apologize to her fans? Japanese idol business is serious business.
  12. Would you get beat up if you were riding one of these in Japan?
  13. Someone should be using something like iglasses next time they go to these events. We want pictures!
  14. I know these show usually doesn't allow any photos, but what about taking video?
  15. Ah, look at those beautiful vertitech in their battroid form, and on a skateboard too! No Rick Hunter skateboard? That's a bit of a disappointment. Long Live Robotech and HG!
  16. This hi-metal line is looking more and more delicious deculture! They look high quality, prices are affordable, and they're perfect with army building. With the 1/1800 scale SDF-1 coming out, and having a giant Macross in the background, the possibility for photo shoot is endless!
  17. You know what spanner, that might actually explain some of the hostility that has been going on in this thread. Everybody is Macross starved! They just want to see a good Macross show after years without new contents. Some felt disappointed because it's not the Macross they grew up with, others defend it to the death because...well, let's face it..this is all they're gonna get for the next X amount of years. Being Macross fan is suffering. As for me, shows like this are usually nothing but toy commercials anyway. So, I'm just here for the toys.
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