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  1. The VF-2SS is a pretty interesting valk design, one that I wouldn't mind owning someday, but 25k yen asking price from a unproven toy company is a bit much. Who knows this might flop for Toy Revolution and the VF-2SS will be their only fully transformable Macross toy release. Then a few years later this VF-2 might become the new grail like the VF-4 (before the re-issue). Though I will agree that 15k yen is probably the fairer price for this, and 25k yen for a VF-2SS w/ SAP combo pack.
  2. Some of these old school toys look like modern chinese knock offs.
  3. I wouldn't get my hope too high up for a FB2012 version until I hear anything from Arcadia about it. Remember, last time the VF-4 was release Yamato went out of business. Maybe Arcadia is filing for bankruptcy as we speak.
  4. I'm not that interested in the Hi-Metal line myself, but is Bandai planning on releasing any Destroid units? I'll probably break my wallet trying to army build with those thing if they do. lol
  5. I'm waiting for a pink VF-19 from the PS3 video game. I hope it will come with a pin point barrier punch effect parts again, so I can post my pink VF-19 in battroid mode double fistting other valk from my collection.
  6. He's foaming at the mouth thinking about how much he's going to charge us with this.
  7. It was a joke. As far as what I want from Bandai, I'm more interested in any new Valkyries from Macross Delta than any other old valk designs, and I'm sure Bandai would focus on Delta valk rather than the VF-1. I'm just saying it could and how it would happen if Bandai decided to release them. Anyway, We're getting off topic here. This isn't the thread to talk about potential future Bandai releases.
  8. Sure, just add some tempo and change the color to Red, Tan and Yellow. Call it the Angry Birds and release it under Macross Delta.
  9. Maybe Bandai planned to release the older Valkyries through cameo appearances through Macross Delta (like what they did with the VF-19). So they didn't have to get into the licensing issues with Arcadia. Tempo up a VF-1 and release it under Macross Delta as an air show version.
  10. I'm honestly not sure how new the mold is for Arcadia's VF-0 line. Since I have the old Yamato VF-0S, and watching people transforming Arcadia's Zeros on YouTube I found a lot of similarity between the two. (I mean how many different ways can you transform a VF-0 anyway?) I mean, there are improvements made for the Arcadia's version (more die cast on joints area, etc.), but I'm not sold on that they had to create entire new mold for their new VF-0 line. As for the price, my prediction is about 300 USD + shipping/handling...so about $350.
  11. Ah, but color variation is the name of the game no? A different color, a different head, or a different gun pod and you got a different Valk. Bandai and Yamato/Arcadia all uses the same marketing strategy to make us fans buy more toys with the same mold. I mean look at the DX VF-25 lines. 90% of the mold are the same. They just have different color/head/gun and a different alphabetical definition (YF-25, VF-25F/G/S you get the idea). As Captain Picard would say, "there are plenty of letters left in the alphabet." (and colors too). Anyway, just throw in some missile packs for the RVF-171 CF version and call it a day on the "it's a different Valkyrie!" department.
  12. In large numbers? Are we talking about a toy or military hardware here? If we talking about actual/real life military here, then a recon plane is very useful for relaying information across the battlefield. How would a commander know where to send his/her forces to best defend a position? or to find the enemy in the first place...you send in scout planes! Knowing is half the battle, and information warfare is something that have existed since ancient time. So no, the NUNS did not need a large number of recon valkyries, but that does not make them any less important. (sorry for the rant here) Hey, as long as there are people willing to throw money at Bandai for a RVF-171 CF, they will make it. imo, the RVF-171 CF is pretty sweet looking. As for cameo for older Valkyrie to appear in Macross Delta. That's easy enough to do. An air show, an in universe movie (again x2), NUN Army using hand-me-down from NUNS. Since the Delta is gonna take place on a planet, we have no idea what kind of Valkyries the planetary defense force will be rocking with. They could still be using VF-11 and other outdated valk for defense for all we know. It really depends on how dangerous or peaceful planet delta is. For colony fleets like the Frontier and Galaxy where they are literally going into unknown space, then yeah the NUNS should be equipping them with the latest/best/cost effective Valk available. That's why we get to see all the latest model in space. If Bandai wants to make a cameo to happen, it'll be easy enough for them to explain why an outdated Valk is there. Hell, they squeeze in a 1 sec cameo of the VF-0D in Frontier.
  13. Man, that is one hideous looking mecha. But then again, I found most Valkyrie's battroid mode to look kinda ugly for a giant robot anyway.
  14. Since Bandai released Luca's RVF-171 on their online shop, I wonder if they will entertain the idea of a RVF-171 CF edition. Without the exploding triangles, knees and chest of course. I don't want my CF valk to be that anime accurate. I'll be all over that if they do. I hope Macross Delta will have some cameo like the VF-11, YF-21/VF-22. So Bandai can release those without getting into licencing issues. Zombie Guld and his VF-21A can pop into the screen like Isamu did with his VF-19A. fund it Bandai!
  15. That is a good price for the hi-metal FA VF-1J. And I didn't know amiami got a eBay account.
  16. Well, I think the after market price for the Yamato VF-4 will definitely drops after this announcement. The FB2012 version might still come after this version is release. I mean why push out that version first when you can still milk the old version. The people at Arcadia know the VF-4 is a highly sought after item for collectors. So, from a business stand point that makes a lot of sense. The question for those who doesn't own a VF-4 is, do you get this version now or do you wait for the FB2012 version (assuming Arcadia have no trouble getting the license for it in the first place). However, this is still great news for Macross fan everywhere. I'll be keeping an eye out for this re-issue as more news (price) about it come out.
  17. If this new release is the VF-4, I just might get this as my first Arcadia valk. Of course, knowing Arcadia this thing is probably going to cost 400 USD (before shipping of course). Arcadia business plan is very anti-sculptor, that is they are going to sculpt the consumer themselves first rather than let other people do it.
  18. I'm pretty much just going to echo what everybody else already said. #1: VF-19 Advance. The VF-19 is probably the best Valkyrie design in the Macross universe imo, and since you're into add-on parts the 19A comes with the super-parts already. #2: YF-29 Rod. It probably got the best color scheme out of all the 29 variants, and you can get it pretty cheap right now. CD japan has some in stock with 30% off. http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/NEOGDS-134477 #3: YF-29 Isamu. The price for this guy seems to be jumping up and down lately (not sure what's going on), but if you can find him cheap then go for it. Just need to hunt down the super parts too. The best outcome is try to get both the VF-19A and the YF-29 Rod if you can afford to go over your budget a little bit. Two Valks are better than one lol.
  19. Hey guys. First time poster here. Just got into Valk collecting pretty recently (did a lot of research here before diving into this slippy slope lol.) My answer to this question is probably a mixture of 5 and 7. I would like to own some Macross Zero Valkyries from Arcadia (that sexy vf-0d with the delta wing + blue color scheme), but I just can't bring myself to drop 300 bucks for one. I guess i'm more of a casual collector when it comes to Macross. So, unless there's pretty big discount sale going on for these valks (not likely), i'll just keep throwing my money to Bandai.
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