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  1. In any case, I'm not liking this skipping on tempos to cut cost kind of deal. What's next? they going to skip out on paints too? Mr. K: "It cost too much to actually detail our products, but we gave our costumers a sheet of stickers and a bottle of paint. They should be alright."
  2. Frontier already have the loud speakers attachment for the VF-25g for Ranka's culture shock attack. Also, the 30 can use a passenger carrier pod. I mean think about it. The whole triangle relationship problem in Macross occur because the Valkyrie can only carry a max of 2 people. That means the main character + his love interest. If they design a pod where it can carry even more people onto a valk, just think about how many love interest the MC can carry in his valk. They might need to start using the octagon to symbolize the relationship between the MC and his harem. so, I will call this new pod the harem pod.
  3. I'd bet money that we'll see the 30 in Macross Delta. As for the many possible pods/packs for the 30, I think there will be a recon pod, missile pod (YF-30 ), beam cannons pod, loud speakers pod, fold booster pod, fast pod, armor pod, and giant reaction missiles pod. That's about all I could think of. Feel free to add more.
  4. Ha! If people keep posting the VF-4 in battroid mode I might change my mind about buying this. The only valk I have on display in battroid mode is my VF-0S. The VF-4 will stay in Fighter mode because it never transformed in FB2012.
  5. Well, I don't have any inside info for that, but I seriously doubt they would do that. Adjusting anything would means that will cost more than a simple head swap/color change from the VF-0A to the VF-0S. Arcadia needed to keep cost down to keep their prices down for the consumers company going. They don't even have enough money to pay their Chinese workers to apply decals on their valk. Come on now.
  6. It's probably another unnamed VF-1J pilot who stole/borrowed Hikaru's armor in DYRL, hence the red tipped missiles in the Hi-metal release. On a serious note, it might have something to do with licence or a yellow tipped missile version is coming soon via order exclusive.
  7. 27000 yen MSRP. So, that's about $225 USD for this Arcadia VF-4. Well, I am officially all in for this release. I can hear a collective sigh of reliefs over the pricing of this valk. I'm not really that excited about the gun pod that came with ordering through Arcadia, since it won't ever transform into that ugly battroid or weird looking gerwalk mode.
  8. So, BW just didn't understand copy right laws or something back in the 80s? They had problems with the original Macross with HG, and now I heard the rights to FB2012 is also a big mess.
  9. That's a sweet looking weathered YF-30. You make it look like it went through some serious battle. Feel bad for the maintenance crew who will have to clean up after the pilot though.
  10. How did you get a VF-0 for $209 before shipping at HLJ? or do you mean $309?
  11. I feel the same way too. With the amount they're asking you would think they can at least include water slide decals + the stickers they're already giving us. (a simply stance wouldn't hurt either). But I guess that would go against the whole cutting cost thing. An unpainted/no decals version could be in the work. It'll come dis-assembled with no box. (cause we need to save the tree and all that.)
  12. Honestly, it really doesn't look that bad in battroid or plane mode, if you looking at it top down, but if you flip it over to the bottom that's when things get a little disappointing. Not to mention, the price they're asking. I think it's 50 dollars too much for what they're offering.
  13. Well, Bandai did have Yamato/Arcadia's YF-19 to use as blueprint. They know what to improve and what to avoid from learning the mistake of their predecessor. But I'm sure they learn from their mistakes with their v1 25 line.
  14. Wanted to give thanks to Sil80jdm for a smooth transaction. Great communication and fast shipping. Big thumbs up.
  15. I always see the love triangle as Hikaru wanting some Chinese food, then find out they're too greasy and is not good for his health, so he went back to eating sushi. Now we know what's on Arcadia's list for future releases.
  16. Agreed, as much as I like Bandai, I don't want them to be the only game in town. Monopoly usually doesn't bound well for the consumers. Quality is going to go down and price is going to go up. Not good at all.
  17. So, planet Delta is like the lost and found center/garbage dump of the Milky Way galaxy. What happened to Shin and Alto (movie ver.) anyway, getting really tired of these main characters disappearing due to space magic. Battle damaged...man, that's just the Yamato 1/60 VF-0 lines.
  18. Anyone want to explain to me why this thing is so popular among collectors? Is it because of Minmay in the back seat? you know, the whole power of culture thing?
  19. Calling it now. Bandai DX 1/60 VF-4A Macross Delta ver.
  20. Asking Arcadia to cough up the cash for the license is like asking us fan to cough up 500 bucks for them VF-4s. NOT GONNA BE ABLE TO DO IT!
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