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  1. haha, I actually want some kind of confirmation before jumping on the hype train. If this is true, however, then i want to see a Bandai YF-21! And after Bandai have destroyed Arcadia....
  2. Bandai is showing no mercy to their competitions right now! Pictures please!
  3. If this is real, then Bandai is out to get Arcadia. They're stepping on their chest with this release. Operation Bankrupt Arcadia is now commencing.
  4. omg, i need this in my life. oh shiiiiii....Arcadia's bankruptcy is incoming! Bandai is going ramming speed with this Hi metal line. These releases are like giant middle fingers to Arcadia and Toy Revolution.
  5. orindlt is doing god's work here. A lot of great pictures there. But that back shot of the VF-31 in its battroid mode kinda bothers me. And is the Pink/yellow haired girl the main female lead in Delta?
  6. That SDF-1 is probably going to cost at least 500+ USD.
  7. That thing is not for sale is it?
  8. Crossing my fingers for a Minmay S.H Figuarts figure. That just look wrong in so many ways.
  9. So, this is just sailor moon in spaaaaaaace.
  10. I'm not sure either, but I do see 6 valk and 5 girls guys in the poster.
  11. I got into Macross Frontier because of Sheryl's hope and dream. Why would they get it right the first time? Bandai wants to sucker you into buying more valks with a improved version. I'd brace my wallet for a potential version 2 if i were you.
  12. So, about 6 SV-262s, and 5 VF-31s...including all the future online exclusives of course. Man, Bandai must used to be in the dairy products business, cause they sure are good at milking stuffs.
  13. So, anyone want to guess how much these Delta valks are going to cost?
  14. You know, Delta look and sound very colorful right now. Are we going to see any characters death in the show? It's not Macross without character deaths. I hope we see half the boy and girl band dead by the end of the show.
  15. Looks like they are hosting the event in a pretty bad neighborhood. Just look at all the graffiti on that Macross Delta poster.
  16. You know, it wouldn't be surprising to see Frontier stuffs getting reissue in 2018 for the 10th Anniversary of Macross Frontier.
  17. That's only because they are piloted by CF. I remember Hikaru got into a destroid armed with nothing but a club in the original Macross, bullets were bouncing off of his destroid and he was playing baseball with the Battle-pods. He was hitting home-runs left and right in that ep.
  18. The missile pod will be Bandai online exclusive. Come on now, you know the rule. No, just girls and girls pretending to be guys. Agreed, I'm more interested in the SV-262 right now.
  19. Yeah, probably image placement. Because even the gerwalk mode look like a VF-1.
  20. Wow, I'm really digging that gold/dark blue color scheme. Seems like all the valks in Delta are very colorful. Everybody better be extra careful when transforming them. Otherwise, you'll end up with battle damaged ver. of the 31 and 262.
  21. Yeah, the 31 battroid is very frontierish. And to think a lot of board members here losing their mind saying the 31 is a completely new valk compare to the 30. The core of the VF-31 is still very much a 30. A different wing configuration and a few differences here and there and it's omg a new VALK! That 31 has a single laser mounted on top of its head aka CF style. The missile pod is the dragoons in Delta. Missiles spam instead of beam spam.
  22. Maybe the 31 can put its arms together and pull this pose off.
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