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  1. So, no EX-gear? Forget Valkyrie squadron, we need Razgaiz squadron up in here.
  2. Muv-Luv total eclipse = total switch and bait. Start off with a bunch of moes then BANG almost all of them got blown away. Then you figure this is going to be a alien warfare is serious business anime, then BANG it turns into flight (high) school love triangle/ top gun show.
  3. Blue hair. So either Minmay's grandson or Max and Milia got back together....if you know what i mean.
  4. Looks like Alto/Sky end is canon. So, Ranka and Sheryl got together instead and mixed their DNA into a test tube baby. This is who we're seeing I believe. After looking at the Valkyrie girls, it looks like Macross Delta is going full moe in character design. I'm kinda disappointed, but i'm still going to watch it.
  5. Yes! I wouldn't mind seeing them actually shooting down something in the show too. They need to do a side story about Destroid combat units in Macross.
  6. Wow, this looks like it is going to girls band vs boys band in Delta. Spice's girl vs Backstreet boys. Nice concept I guess, as long as they don't sing to each other during combat.....sigh, they are going to sing to each other during combat aren't they? The VF-31 is looking good so far. Hope we can get more detailed picture later on this week.
  7. I said they're of high quality like better QC than their Yamato days. They also made improved upon their old Yamato mold with die-cast reinforced joints. Just really stuff of that nature. I still think they're overpriced though. Whether they are of higher quality compare to their competition, coughBandaicough, that's a matter of personal opinion.
  8. Bruh, only Merica have FREEDOM. No other nations on Earth have it.
  9. Well! 1) it would help to know where you and your friend lives in the first place to determine which online shop is best for you and your friend to order it from. 2) I honestly feel sorry for anyone who lives in countries with pesky custom and being charge outrageous money for importing stuff. They need more FREEDOM like we do here in the U.S.
  10. What? Missiles are never optional! You don't go outside your house without pants on, just as you don't sortie without you missiles and gunpod! Any collectors who display their valk without their missiles are doing it wrong! Preorder for VF-0S is still open on hlj. https://www.hlj.com/product/ACA82121/Sci
  11. Your VF-0D is just pulling off some fancy combat maneuvers that's all. (barrel roll )
  12. Pretty much all of Bandai's recent releases include a simple display stance. It's not much to write home about, but it's something. While Arcadia's products are of high quality, they tend to cut corners on everything else to cut cost. ie. limited amount of tempos and no display stance.
  13. Same price as everybody else, but....47 USD for EMS shipping.....
  14. The VF-4 preorder madness is real. Arcadia have went over to the dark side with limited initial supply. Everybody hit your panic button!
  15. Pre-ordered from hlj! Now the waiting game begins. No discount though, they probably guess that this will sell out very quickly or something.
  16. YF-29 Banana. Solving world hungry one banana at a time.
  17. Yes, it'll be the ultimate weapon pod. Nano-machines son!
  18. Just display it in fighter mode and pretend the Gerwalk and Battroid mode for the VF-4 doesn't exist.
  19. Actually, I did mention that the sensors on the missiles are molded in the wrong color. They were red in the anime but yellow on the new VF-0S/A. Not a lot of people seem bothered by that though. I wouldn't hold my breath for it, but if it does happen....good bye wallet.
  20. Better yet, have the pod hold a mini Macross, and the mini Macross holds mini VF-30s with mini-mini Macross pods.
  21. In any case, I'm not liking this skipping on tempos to cut cost kind of deal. What's next? they going to skip out on paints too? Mr. K: "It cost too much to actually detail our products, but we gave our costumers a sheet of stickers and a bottle of paint. They should be alright."
  22. Frontier already have the loud speakers attachment for the VF-25g for Ranka's culture shock attack. Also, the 30 can use a passenger carrier pod. I mean think about it. The whole triangle relationship problem in Macross occur because the Valkyrie can only carry a max of 2 people. That means the main character + his love interest. If they design a pod where it can carry even more people onto a valk, just think about how many love interest the MC can carry in his valk. They might need to start using the octagon to symbolize the relationship between the MC and his harem. so, I will call this new pod the harem pod.
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