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  1. You know I used to have a theory about the Walkyrie girls being idol singers during the day, and valk pilots during the night to protect Planet Delta from the forces of evil. You know, kind of like Sailor Moon. Thanks for the correction guys.
  2. Maybe this guy is the pilot for that VF-31. He look old and gritty enough to be the Ozma/Roy type.
  3. Possible removable armor panels that expose the inner mechanical detail? Yeah, that sound like something Bandai would do. We might need to sell our houses to be able to buy it if that happens.
  4. Forgive my ignorance, but what's coming out this Sunday? I know it's probably Bandai...
  5. BBs? You're thinking too small my friend. A voice activated fully automatic transformation system is more like it. You have to yell TRANSFORMATION!! (in Japanese of course, we international fan doesn't exist remember. ) for it to work though.
  6. Honestly, I got so much stuffs in my room on display that dusting them can be a real chore. I have one display case with door in the house that kept most of the dust out, but majority of my stuffs is left out in the element. While it is true that dust can still get inside a display case like the detolf, it also help keeping the dust level low inside the case. But if he's okay with it then more power to him. All I read was no door and my mind was going DUST DUST DUST!
  7. Wow, that's...pretty mind blowing if it's true. However,I don't think a single couple is enough to populate a planet. Unless, they found some magical protoculture tech to make that happen. Great theory though, I love it. I would like to know what happened to Shin and Sara too. (Macross 30 doesn't count. )
  8. Does anyone knows if the new Arcadia display stance works with old Yamato valk? or are they the same as the old Yamato stance? Thanks. Never mind, I figured it out. Thanks for the help everyone. Ha! True enough.
  9. Wait, it's missing the door? How are you going to keep dust out man?
  10. Why go small when you can go big! but with Bandai's Hi-metal 1/100 line it seems they're going both ways. And someone already mention about licensing for the 1/60 line. It's probably too troublesome to get the license only to release something that Yamato/Arcadia been releasing the past x amount of years. Fans that wanted at that scale probably got it already.
  11. Well, at 1/35 scale that thing probably weights a ton, and we don't know how stable it is standing straight up like that. And it's a display piece at a hobby show. Someone might dump into it and cause it to topple over. It's not going to be a good look for a new product if that happen, people might start pressing the panic button regarding it's stability. So, yeah it's probably for safety reason.
  12. People are saving their money for something bigger and nicer...
  13. That looks like a really nice display piece even if it doesn't transform.
  14. If Arcadia is asking 300 a pop for their valk, that hips better fix itself. Seriously, great video Yeti. Video like these helped fixed a few of my other valk.
  15. Whoa, a single engine Valkyrie. This is something new. Now, I really can't wait to see how this thing will transform. Hype level for the SV-262 rising.... I love thick mech.
  16. I call it as Bandai attempting to commit genocide on Macross fan's wallets. But the first picture is the new 1/35 VF-1J by Bandai Thread here: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=43122&page=5
  17. Thanks! I just grabbed one.
  18. Totally agreed. gay character exist in today's anime, but they're served more or less as stereotypical comic relief character. Bobby from Macross Frontier and Fire Emblem from Tiger and Bunny comes to mind. Both of these characters also happens to be black, so I guess there's also a racial element in play too. Don't get me wrong, i'm not gay or anything or claim to know how people within the LGBT community thinks,but I do believe in human rights, freedom of speech, equality and all that. So, they deserve a place in society (and i guess anime) too. Even though i'm half joking about making the entire cast of the show gay, I do share your sentiment about wanting a serious and mature gay character (or any character for that matter). But seeing all these reactions above your post, I don't think a lot of people would go for it. Perhaps one day humanity will have the courage to take that step in the future, but right now i'm not seeing that happening. Also, serious and mature story and characters don't really have a place in today mainstream anime. So, that's a double knock against that as well. Good luck and godspeed.
  19. I hear about a story regarding an Israeli F-15 that was able to RTB with one of its wing missing completely. The pilot pretty much just kept the plane flying through high thrust from his engines. The pilot got demoted for endangering himself and the base by bringing a bang up F-15 back (he should've ejected), but then got promoted again for bringing the plane back safely. Or so the story goes anyway. I think a solid sword with pintpoint-barrier coating would works. The SV-262 can store the sword at the usual place at the shield, and when it pull it out the cross-guard can open up and the blade can extent Esacaflowne style. A western style blade would really fit with the whole knightly order thing the Draken III boys got going on.
  20. Sure, I'm down for that. It would draw in more female audience anyway. We want this show to be successful after all. But if we're getting Yaoi we need some lesbian love for the Walkyrie girls. The main character needs to be bi also. This is going to a big win for the LGBT community. Red hair and green hair girl fits the bill for being lesbian, they can both fight over the pink haired girl.
  21. No, those are very handsome looking..ah..Valkyrie pilots from the Draken III squadron.
  22. A Russian jet with Merica's color? What blasphemy is this?!
  23. MW discussing Macross Delta. MW discussing Macross toys.
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