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  1. I thought they said the Valkyrie girls are not actually pilots? They're there to support the pilots by blowing their ear drum singing in the back seat.
  2. Yeah, I want them to be beam weapons too, and double up as beam swords for close combat. Sort of like this.
  3. Whoa, DX YF-19 AND Fire Valk?! Does that mean Bandai got both Plus and 7 licence?
  4. Agreed. Just getting really tired of people from both side being over-sensitive as heck when it comes to their favorite show. I'm just here for the toys man.
  5. Didn't Bandai's old 1/100 line failed due to poor quality of the toys itself? If they can fix that with their future Hi-metal releases and gain a following, this line might be successful this time around. Of course, I would much rather have a true transformable valk in 1/60 scale, but the selling point of the 1/100 hi-metal line are price and variety.
  6. Well, having a very successful 1/100 might not be a direct challenge to Arcadia's 1/60 line, but it could be a indirect one. Most fan don't have an unlimited budgets to buy Macross toys. So, if any of us decided to get into Bandai's 1/100 line, that's going to take money away from us buying Arcadia's 1/60 stuffs.
  7. I was half joking in regards to the post I made about characters death, and I did not said I want ALL of them killed off. So don't twist my word, but I do apologize if I offended anybody with that post. But let's be honestly here. Character death is pretty much a staple in Macross. Original Macross: Roy Focker DYRL: Roy Focker (again) Macross Zero: Roy Focker (he lived because we needed him in the original series. ) Nora/DD Macross Plus: Guld Macross 7: Can't comment since I didn't finish. Macross Frontier: Michael So, when I asked who's going to die in Delta you don't think that's a legitimate question? As for my reaction. I'll just say this. If some of you claim to be open minded you wouldn't be telling other Macross fan to get out of anime/hobby because they don't agree with the direction Delta is heading. This is all I'm going to say about this issue. Let's move on.
  8. Yeah, a lot of sensitive people on right now. Also, stay away from the Macross Delta thread in the TV series section if you don't anything nice to say about Delta. That's all I'm going to say about that.
  9. Wow, can someone zoom in on that AD 2012 panel?!
  10. Personally, I don't want to see Arcadia to go out of business. But, let's be honest here. Arcadia is a small company, and Bandai is a large corporation. If both side come to blow with release battle (or any sort of battles for that matter) Arcadia will get crushed by Bandai through sheer capital alone. Though I do wish Arcadia can revisit some of their rarer Yamato releases, if licencing isn't an issue.
  11. Well, in that case...all aboard!
  12. So, Bandai just announce this 1/35 valk line without any prototypes showing? This might be another model kit line, sort of like their Perfect Grade Gundam line, but for Macross.
  13. I think this is what's next for Arcadia.
  14. Whoa! you guys need to be careful about showing any sort of negative opinions or disappointment. Other die-hard Macross fan will jump down your throat for disliking what they like. Me too.
  15. Does anyone know how many ep Macross Delta will have? 25-26? One concern I have is the amount of characters they're showing. I mean unless this is going to be some epicly long series, it'll be hard to properly develop all these characters. Between the Valkyrie girls singing and high speed mecha porn action to push toy sales, that doesn't really leave a whole of time for anything else.
  16. I did tried to watch Macross 7, and I couldn't even finish it. People say it gets better in the second half, but i was going...wtf am I watching the entire time. I thought the anti-UN elements never went away even after Space War I, how they survived the destruction of Earth is anyone's guess.
  17. So, is it confirmed that this is indeed going to be a model kit? I'll display this in my bathtub.
  18. man, this thing is going to be hguc Neo Zeong size...maybe bigger..
  19. I would love to see some releases battle between Bandai and Arcadia. Not sure if that's a smart business decision though. Both sides are going to take some losses doing that. hmm, i can see Arcadia releasing the Cheyenne for 200 bucks each. So, 1/1800 DYRL Macross is going to be the new holy grail?
  20. With today's anime industry, manly characters doesn't sell. Delta is going full speed with the moe designs, and hell..frontier has high school setting. It is what it is though. eh yeah..the hardpoint wings will come with the Version 2 of the VF-31...
  21. Japanese cartoons are serious business man! But honestly, if Delta turns out to be good I'll praise it, if not I'll slam it. Then i'll move on to something else. seriously, why so serious?
  22. Yeah, it's never a good thing to get too hype over something. Hope is the first step towards disappointment after all. I'm actually kind of let down after all this, but i'm still going to watch the show and buy the valk..so oh well. And to other board members who attacks other members for not liking what they're seeing so far. Try to be more mature and be respectful of other people's opinion.
  23. Monster is the only answer.
  24. man, give me them destroids... haha, I'm actually more hype about these hi-metal releases than I am with the Delta stuff.
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