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  1. Not sure it's true, but utterly despicable if it is: https://mobile.twitter.com/ARQ_004SP/status/1475507078307450889 N-Y now going by "Nin Nin Game". Note the lack of a hyphen. Nin-Nin Game (with hyphen) is a long-standing retailer.
  2. If you're gonna do it, go all out----THIS is the all-time best bare metal scheme:
  3. I'm a big Pipes fan, but I think the new mold isn't very good for his character. I mean, his name is PIPES. His original toy was notable for having BIG CHROME PIPES. And here we have white plastic arms in truck mode, that really don't look very exhaust pipe-ish. And his skinny guns stick on his big white deck-plate-feet? Eh. But I couldn't really find a good 3P version either It's amazing that he seems so hard to do well. So many go to ludicrous backpacks (worse than G1 sometimes!) and also, like Hasbro, seem to miss the point, and not give him big chrome PIPES. Everyone's trying too hard to base him off the toon, when the toon itself kinda missed the point, and gave him white arms that aren't made from his PIPES. White thighs are fine, but he really needs to have silver/chrome arms so that truck mode is right. Or transform such that he has big silver pipes as a truck while retaining white arms as a bot, if you want it as toon-based as possible.
  4. Well THAT's interesting: https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/43228/f-22-raptor-covered-in-mirror-like-coating-photographed-flying-out-of-nellis-afb
  5. Because it's MP-44, that's why. The mold that epitomizes "toon accuracy over common sense, aesthetics, and alt-mode". An utterly ridiculous transformation, all to still end up with a huge backpack in robot mode and an inaccurate alt mode full of seams. Also, it still has "stripes in bot mode yet no stripes in truck mode". And they're not silver, either.
  6. They should paint Karen green and Bautista blue and Pom gold, just to mess with people...
  7. Give me silver thighs, waist, and stripe. I will never accept him having a white bumper and grill etc. ::insert "Superman's hair doesn't have blue streaks" argument here:: It still boggles me that so many companies do so many versions and repaints, yet still never do that obvious basic color combo. Basically I want the G1 toy colors, but not slavishly G1----blue eyes, not yellow, etc. Or put another another way----"fix" the toon colors to make sense based on the alt mode. Chrome/silver/metal not white. And it makes no sense to have faux-stripes in bot mode when they don't put them on alt-mode... (have silver stripes in both modes so it makes sense----they're drawn on the model sheet yet colored red----another "persistent animation error")
  8. Only if you boil it down to an 8-pack of crayons, hue-spread-wise. The -31C toy doesn't match the show, and the new -31AX doesn't match anything that came before. No, none of them are bright scarlet red. But it doesn't mean they match each other, nor the show. (of course, having not seen the movie, I don't know what shade the -31AX is truly supposed to be). But I do know the DX -31C doesn't match the TV series nor most other -31C merchandise.
  9. Looks even redder than the 31C. Bandai's really doubling down on the "not gonna make her valk purple no matter it looks on the show".
  10. Bumping, wondering if there's any changes/news? It's been a couple years, and COVID has definitely affected intl shipping----anyone have anyone to recommend, or know of anyone that now should be avoided? (I've recently spotted an item I've been trying to get at a decent price for YEARS, has sold well within my budget over at Yahoo Japan several times the past few months---yet it goes for 2x to 3x as much on Ebay) I've never bid on Yahoo Japan, but I'm going to have to, as it's the only way I'll ever get it, it seems.
  11. I feel the issue with the Scarecrow minifig is the color the head's molded in---it's too close to flesh and the eye-surround print color, so it ends up looking more like a bald head with big eyes and scars, than a bag with stitching. If it'd been molded in dark orange or nougat or something, I think it would have worked better.
  12. Maybe it was the fulfillment of a life long dream. Maintenance guy had a beloved toy F-15 long ago, joined the Air Force, finally got his chance to make it real... I do wonder if they had to custom-make the stencils, or if they had "1960's B-52 size" still on-hand.
  13. I find it ironic that they skipped right over a generation (or two or three) of engines, most notably the MD-80's JT8D-200 that held a lot of promise/likely choice in the 80's, and ended up with the successor MD-95's engines. (717 my ass, it's a Douglas plane!) Anyways----someone likes insignias. On the drop tanks, and XXL on the wings:
  14. LEGO *does* have larger ratchet hinges that can hold significant weight, but they're in only in one or two shapes and rarely seen in my experience. (I'm thinking of the ones in the Silent Mary set, as they hold up the entire front half of the ship).
  15. So the bolts/discs on Not-Walkure's outfits----purely for style, or maybe holo-projectors or something? They seem to have fairly "standardized" locations (shoulder, collar, etc)
  16. I saw a lot of posts on other forums saying it was better than expected, so I at least gave it a shot---and it's not horrible? I'm certainly interested enough to watch a second ep, and see where it goes. Also, David Kaye is in it, so that's an automatic coolness point.
  17. My money is on Bandai knowing about this a while ago, and is the real reason for refurbishing the mold. The Alto reissue was likely just a "test-run", in preparation of doing Max and Milia* ones. They wouldn't spend the money fixing it up like they did just for an Alto reissue. *if they make it, it'll sell, even if not seen in the movie. Or do a white one for Mylene, or a Mirage, or...
  18. Not to mention that Milia's an alien that are generally believed to live much longer than humans. It'd be rather pointless to apply human retirement rules to her. What's she supposed to do for the next 100 years?
  19. Though they make the point that they're genetically engineered to be that way, and overtly "it's in Khan's miracle-blood".
  20. She's crew? I didn't catch that. But, time-line-wise, it kinda works, since this would be before Khan was re-awakened? (though his last name should be pretty famous/historical regardless)
  21. There was hinting at even more "legacy" characters. I'd rather they keep closer to "Pike's own unique crew, with Spock" rather than move towards "Kirk's crew, but with Pike instead of Kirk". IMHO, they're right at the limit now. If they bring in Sulu and Scotty...
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