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  1. Well, my Alto -25 (3rd release?) just had "the piece" crack apart. I assume this is still the only replacement option----https://www.shapeways.com/product/P3NMXGCSY/v2-messiah-cracked-hips-replacement Also, getting to the rear section doesn't seem to be an issue, but the forward section is----there's three screws, but the forward pair doesn't seem very accessible. The -29's forward fuselage comes apart easier than the -25's IIRC. Any tips? (also, do you HAVE to remove the pins? I've removed a fair number of pins before, but never those hollow ones---which seem to be the cause of the problem---they "open up" over time it appears, and split the plastic apart from the inside---I've managed to "squeeze one down" a hair, so hopefully replacement parts will last a while) My -25 spends most of its time in fighter mode, has been so since before COVID. Transformed it only partially, slowly, to put the armor on, and it just fell apart... And it's usually "naked", so no "heavy armor stress" or anything.
  2. I don't think there was ever a white prototype Countach like that in the left background. I think that intake design was one-of-a-kind, on the yellow one. Maybe you could just paint some extra framing on the Aventador window-glass, and give it that Countach side-window look?
  3. Hope people don't mind but I edited out all the "no longer working" leaked trailer vids so we don't have to scroll through multiple screens of them every time.
  4. I know I'm not the target audience, but I still thought it might be ok during the first half, but by the time it ended, it lost me.
  5. So, what is the best XL out there now? I know it's not the A. To help narrow it down, these are the main ones I'm interested in: Nebula, Miranda, Ambassador, Sovereign.
  6. Something that 99% of people miss, on the standard Excelsior vs the Refits: The outboard nacelle fins. (not the new ones, the ones that are ALWAYS present on ALL versions). The refits, have longer fins there. They're extended rearwards a bit, so that their rear edge now lines up with the rear edge of the new fin that was added on top. (the original fins would otherwise stop ahead of the trailing edge of the new fins---this way all the fins "end at the same spot") Or to put it another way---the original fins do not extend rearward beyond the rear end of nacelle itself. The Refit's do. (I believe the "new" Excelsior model built for the Voyager episode got this wrong---it has the extended fins) It's basically a small parallelogram-shaped extension. The original Ertl kit of the 1701-B included the extensions as extra parts to add. (no tabs/slots or anything, you just had to butt-join and putty them on). But I think like every other model/toy/diecast just gives the Refit version the same "rear outboard fins" as the regular version. :;edit:; Found a pic of the kit's sprues, I circled the fin extensions (they're right next to the all-new fins)
  7. I noticed the tray to "mold the parts" was vac-formed. But the overall experience was like half-way between making Kool-Aid, and playing with Play-Doh. Turned out pretty well though, closer to how it looked on the box than I expected.
  8. Ironically, I want KARR and the truck more than KITT...
  9. Pretty sure I saw him fly an F-86 at an air show. Would have loved to see him fly a Tomcat demo. This is a good video showing off some serious dis-similar formation skills:
  10. Already? I didn't recall seeing a date on the trailer I just saw. Been looking forward to it since "the before times" I think.
  11. I enjoyed it. Basically----I honestly don't really care that it doesn't match Snake Eye's canon story. I'm a Cobra/Storm Shadow fan. This is by far the most fleshed-out live action Storm Shadow. And we had ninja fights. And The Baroness and Scarlett (disappointingly briefly for both though). I was seeking entertainment loosely based on stuff I already liked, and that was met. I wasn't looking for (nor expecting) 300 issues of the comics translated to the screen. It would have indeed been better as Storm Shadow: Cobra Origins. If you're a big "silent brooding honorable SE" fan, you might hate it. If you simply like GI Joe and/or ninjas (and your fave character is anyone other than SE), go for it.
  12. It's a reissue of a reissue. Probably half of them ever made are still MISB in collector's hands. It's not gonna get very rare/valuable when there's a zillion others in exactly the same condition. So of course it should be opened and enjoyed!
  13. Flame Toys is doing *Animated* BA? Now that is interesting/purchase-worthy.
  14. Is there any reason the wings are so small? They really have no constraints AFAIK, they don't really have to fit inside anything. Gimme ones like this:
  15. I'm surprised we don't have a UCS T-70 X-Wing yet. Disney sure seems to like merchandising the orange-accented ones especially. (though I much prefer blue). Also it's been WAY too long since we got a UCS TIE of any kind.
  16. A Discovery-version Enterprise would be very welcome.
  17. I think they assume everyone watched and paid careful attention to EVERYTHING before-hand. You miss one ep of Rebels, and a lot of this ep's story bits are lost.
  18. The accent thing is very intentional with adult Hera. "Back home" (or when highly stressed with family etc) she slips back to her "native Rylothian" accent (which just so happens to sound a lot like French). But "with everyone else" she uses her "practiced/acquired neutral standard Basic accent".
  19. I've never seen a Mirage damaged. Did it "snap/burst" apart under stress, or did it just fall/crumble out?
  20. They should have just made this "a new quest" for the Jumanji series...
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