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  1. Wow that looks better than I expected. Glad I ordered a few. Gotta get Minmay before getting Misa.
  2. I placed my order today. I ended up going with the white plastic since the professional plastic isn't as detailed or smooth as the old Hi-def Acrylate but is just as expensive. I still want to get another set for Gerwalk mode and have an M&M set but lets see how the sanding goes with this one first. I also contacted EXO for the canopies. Thanks again Xigfrid!
  3. It looks GORGEOUS! I am definitely getting one of these. I know the professional plastics will probably double the cost but would it be possible to make them available? Thank you!
  4. Does the cockpit display have volume control or make any sounds along with the lights?
  5. WOW! Really? Those are nice cels but that asking price is CRAZY!
  6. I received mine today. The print quality is far smoother than what I expected. I haven't built anything this complex in awhile but I can't wait to start working on it. Thanks Tage!
  7. Bummer. I've been thinking of purchasing some myself but I prefer water sanding to prevent dust.
  8. I see a TV Hikaru at the far left. Is that a custom?
  9. This is so exciting! This is one of my favorite valks. Please count me in as interested. You have done an amazing job with the design in all 3 modes.
  10. OMG! That is stunning! I can't wait to see the video.
  11. Not bad at all. Thanks for the link! Order placed.
  12. True. I like what Popbox was able to do with the Hikaru sculpt and the Roy and Max busts were also decent. There have been a ton of Minmay toys and kits but only a few come close to capturing the likeness of the original design. The CM's are nice but are so small. I would love to see good sculpts after all these years.
  13. Hmm, have there ever been any figures or model kits that actually captured the look of any of the original characters?
  14. Ditto. Minmay could be the start of a new line of the original characters. One can only dream..
  15. DarkArchon3000

    Hi-Metal R

    Cool. I'm going to have to try that and see what kind of effects I can get. Thanks!
  16. DarkArchon3000

    Hi-Metal R

    Yup. The x-base is a bit on the expensive side but the technology has much creative potential. I just picked one up and have been trying it out with small 3D prints and clay sculptures. The angle of the leds matters as you move around or away from the base. Haven't figured out what blue and red lights on the back panel mean.
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