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  1. Ah, "Flightpose"! Thanks - I had completely forgotten the name of that style stand. (I only have one - under my UniFive Godphoenix.) Ordered one! The stand that comes with the bird seems only made for fighter mode display & display of the Squires. While Battroid mode displays fairly stable with the SAP, I kind of wanted an in-flight Battroid pose, since the VF-2SS only deployed with SAP in space, as I understand it.
  2. I got the Nexx from HLJ's holiday sale. It was great to finally get to own one of these. One of my favorite Valkyrie designs! Unfortunately, the head was poorly assembled with gaps between some of the parts, and the right bicep (an extremely delicate, complicated assembly) was very poorly assembled and partially glued frozen at the lower swivel. A couple of hours on my workbench and they were fine. I also dealt with the many, many nub marks & sprue gate debris. But I do a lot of toy repair, with skills and tools that made it much less of a challenge, so it was worth it considering how relatively cheap it was. Most other collectors facing those problems would have been out of luck or trying to arrange an exchange, and probably pretty unhappy. A beautiful - if fiddly - piece. Can anyone recommend a flight stand for the full SAP loadout in Battroid mode?
  3. I got this interesting Macross purchase last month. It's a pile of 1980s Macross, Dougram and Orguss (!) kit buildups that were used in BATTLETECHNOLOGY magazine photography. I've gotten most of them reassembled, and roughly half identified as used in the magazine:
  4. I have an unused Arii VF-1 Battroid decal sheet in my scrap bin if you want it, thereal9thdoctor, along with some other odd extras. Just message me and I'll see what I can do for you.
  5. Totally amazing. I'm really looking forward to those photos. Wow. Congratulations!
  6. I've been slowly working my way through mine. They're enjoyable little builds if you've got the skills Ghadrak mentioned. And they look absolutely brilliant when built & painted with shading. But they're incredibly time-consuming, and you really have to carefully plan an assembly-line approach if you want to have what you need to play the game - even if you don't paint them. And tiny isn't an exaggeration. I clipped & bagged together all the chin-guns for 28 Regults in prep for mass assembly, and as they're formed with a ball-joint at one end they looked disturbingly like a sample baggie of dead spermatozoa... But at their heart, they're slavishly dedicated to detail and accuracy to the Japanese designs. Not perfect, but it's incredible to see the amount of love for the mecha there is in every one of these... at the expense of a total disregard for the sanity of many builders!
  7. Just look at eBay and see what it's sold for recently. Unless it's a Wave plastic kit. Then check to see if it's still in production and what the SRP is. Pretty easy to value these things with some basic research.
  8. I bought male & female sets a couple summers ago. It took a while to get them, but they were worth the wait. (Didn't get the waterslide decals that were supposed to be included, but it wasn't a big deal.)
  9. Offered this year at WF, by "Hiro Dan Astro Model" 宮武一貴神信奉団 His website's entry on the kits he offered this year, which included this one: http://astro-mo1.way-nifty.com/blog/2015/02/post-e4ef.html Look about halfway down this blog's 2015 coverage, for a booth shot of the kit: http://tomplus.exblog.jp/24114094/ ... It appears that it was also available alongside - or sold with - the Standard Battleship, and the auction text makes some sort of note about that, and it not being available. He's noted in the WF 2012 coverage here at MW, including the 2012 version of the kit: http://www.macrossworld.com/wonderfest-2012-summer-macross-items-part-ii/ Congratulations on the find!
  10. Since the dub was presumably done by Toho's regular international dub shop (the folks you hear on all the authorized English-language Godzilla DVDs), as the obligatory part of Toho's international marketing... that would make it the Official, Authorized English-language release of DRYL! As I understand it - Toho distributed the dub on Laserdisc in Japan, I believe for screening on commercial business flights, which also found its way into collectors hands. That would be the version seen letterboxed and subtitled in Japanese which was all the rage back in the mid-to-late 1980s VHS duplicating days. Toho sold it in the US during the early VHS craze of the 80s, where the North American licensee ("Just For Kids"), rather shoddily cut it up for kid-inappropriate scenes, avoidance of the Japanese-subbed Zentraedi language scenes, and a reduction of run time, and released it as Clash of the Bionoids. Super Spacefortress Macross originates from a UK license for the English-language print of the film, which Toho succeeded in selling in that region, and was released on VHS and in limited release on DVD. It dates from the very late 1980s and early 1990s, and even markets itself as 'The original Clash of the Bionoids'. I wouldn't be surprised if Toho's own marketing cooked up the name "Clash of the Bionoids" as their international title for the film.... I've got the 1980's VHS of DYRL (non-dub version), CotB and SSFM. I should take a photo of them all together. :-)
  11. AcroRay

    Other selected subjects...

    Things that aren't Macross, but which I need for Forums conversations
  12. From the album: Other selected subjects...

    Yamato VF-1 V1 leg component I need...
  13. Beautiful! I'd be in for a 1:72 version myself as well.
  14. Looks Zentraedi by way of ORGUSS...
  15. I get the impression you're speaking of the PVC character figures randomly inserted in the Arii 15th anniversary plastic kits. Wash it thoroughly with a good degreasing dish detergent, like is suggested for most plastic model kits, and then wipe it down carefully with a bit of alcohol & let it dry thoroughly. This will remove all the mold release agent and any surface impurities it's collected over the years. Use a water-based latex craft-paint. "Country Colors" available at Michael's Crafts is a handy option. They also make a spray paint in that brand that's a dream to use and dries flat or satin. Grab some of it in a grey and hit the figure with it as a base coat, then use the brush-on stuff. Really good for your regular kit use as well. There are other brands, or latex available from Testors, but Country Colors has a wider range of interesting colors. You likely won't find a clearcoat to use on it that won't ultimately react to the PVC. Be prepared to just buy a little plastic or glass display dome (also available at Michaels) for it. Monster Kolor makes a range of solvent-based paints for use on vinyl toys. However, they're expensive and require serious breathing protection when in use. (You don't want to find yourself with COPD in your latter years do to your kit building hobby activities....)
  16. I'm really looking forward to it! White Reminiscences was a joy to my old school heart!
  17. People get into drugs because it's cheaper than MACROSS...
  18. Looking at the new characters - and knowing it's a prequel work - I had a sobering recollection of Yang's line at Isamu's mission briefing in Plus: "The commendations they were buried with are guaranteed to last a lifetime."
  19. I can provide you with a better scan of that Olympus edition instructions, if you need. PM me. :-)
  20. That Ishtar genga is beautiful, jv.... And Thanks for the 'open box' look at the cel painting kit, garyboy!
  21. Rick Sternbach and a number of the modellers on-staff were/are anime fans, and kept piles of anime kits around for parts (macross, Crusher Joe, etc) in fx models and props. They show up all over the show. There were 1/170 Valkyrie parts on the 'desktop' model of the Stargazer in Picard's office. When they had to build a larger-scale Stargazer FX model for when the ship finally appeared in the show, they had to get 1/72 versions of the kits for the up-scaled model!
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