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  1. Unfortunately, HG has basically monopolized the macross/robotech market outside of Japan. This means that nobody can make/sell/post/create anything related to Robotech in the slightest way will looked at with a fine tooth comb. Look at the new legal actions they have against Hasbro for the SDCC exclusive. I looked at the toy, yes, it has some robotech features, but the airplane is an f-14 with 2 seats, and the jet pack has another cockpit in it. Just because it "looks" like a veritech, doesn't mean it is. Look at all the cars out there. Some Toyotas look like Hondas look like Fords... Harmony Gold has done more to limit the macross stuff reaching us than an embargo would. Have you seen their kickstarter? Really? take someone else's awesome idea, sprinkle a little HG license dust and viola! Over a million dollars raised. Apologies for the rant... Just unfair practices coming from A-Holes that don't know what they are doing. Remember Robotech 3000? The rerelease of Live love alive? ok, done...
  2. I take donations... I have yet to sign up. Still waiting to see if my wife and nephew will want to go with me this year too.
  3. That and the "Hot" celeb of the year posters. Hahaha
  4. I agree, some modeling glue would work too. The pin idea would work only if they wont be visible, being the canopy and all. You can always try transparent epoxy.
  5. Home work is fun... At work we call them "G" jobs. "Government" jobs=Top Secret jobs... lol My biggest accomplishment of a G job was for my camera. Since tilt & shift lenses were WAY too expensive for my taste, I made one at work. That thing worked awesome. That is until I found a used one real cheap. Hahaha. Tool making takes practice. Lots of it. You can get by on some lathe tools for roughing, but getting a drill resharpened takes patience and lots of measuring. So, I suggest "drill Doctor" An easier way of making tools to save money is to buy a set of basic tools, then once they wear out, use the existing profile to bring the edge back in. I'm sure those of us in the industry can help whenever it's needed.
  6. Yea. The hardest one was the knight. I used a wire EDM for the head, a lathe for the base, then tapped both of them and screwed them together. Cnc is fun when doing stuff like that.
  7. I agree, craigslist is your best friend for some tools. Knowing someone in a machine shop helps. I work in a place where the saying goes something like "Tools are cheaper than parts. At the beginning of the shift, replace ALL the tools." So, naturally, I get to take home some slightly used tools that would end up in the scrap bin.
  8. There is that episode in the macross saga where Hikaru is going to rescue Misa after alaska base was destroyed. He does shield himself during re-entry doesn't he?
  9. It is a prepainted, somewhat assembled kit. A few parts were loose when they arrived inthe mail. Not too difficult to put together. Here's some pics.. It is very posable, Rohby did an awesome job with it. It currently stands in my display case in the garage.
  10. I do recommend investing in a dial indicator and a magnetic base for it. Especially if any one is thinking about buying a chinese made mill or lathe. This makes adjustments much more accurate.
  11. By the look of it, he did mean 250. Why would anyone pay a couple hundred for a 2500 scale SDF when he could just buy the 3000 scale one. It would be cheaper, well detailed, and faster.
  12. That is a very good start in machining and tools. I have a band saw, scroll saw, and a mini metal lathe. Just need a mill and I'll be a happy camper. Since I am a machinist by trade, I can use some tools and machines at work. This is what I recomend. fo rthose of you thinking of getting serious about it and are on a limited budget. You can do most, if not al of your machining needs with a mill and a lathe. Use a jig saw to cut the rough shape of what you need to do. Then use the mill or lathe to bring it all in. The mill can replace the drill press. the scroll saw can replace a band saw. You can for go the disc sander and wear your elbow out sanding stuff by hand too. One good/cheap option is Harbor Freight. As long as it's for hobby purposes, the equipment will last years and they are cheap. I have have a disc sander for over 5 years that I bought with them. But I have seen grinders burn out in a few weeks when used in proffesional, or industrial work sites. ANy ways, great post and my 2 cents
  13. The entire SDF will be around 15 feet long... I gotta buy a house with a nice big garage for this. Good idea.
  14. Yea, That's what I meant. Thanks for clearing it up.
  15. Awesome. I like the solitare game console. "Ishter" is from Macros II
  16. Hahaha. Fate had something bigger in store for him.
  17. Has anyone ever dived into the Zentradi past? Not just touch upon it, but create an entire universe of this race? A few years ago I read the sentinels books, but obviously it's not canon. So I guess my question is if there is any "official" background universe of the Zentradi.
  18. Found their website. http://www.backpackersparadise.com Had a friend stay there a few years back. He was staying in a 4 bed room. Maybe you a few of you guys can stay in one. without all the naked toy playing. hahaha
  19. Looking forward to updates on this one.
  20. There is a hostel right by LAX that us decently priced. Only available to people from out if state. No, its not run down, and people don't get kidnapped and murdered. Hahaha
  21. Sweet. Looks like he did the work years ago. Wonder if he still sculpts.
  22. Last year was a 1 day event. My first too. Enjoyed it a lot.
  23. Holy molee. That some great weathering. Blown away.
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