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  1. Uh... more like "drilling" away. That's a hole bunch of holes you got there. I'm sure it'll be super sweet once it's done and electricals wired up.
  2. Very creative. Like taking a screen grab and somehow making it real.
  3. FREAKIN AWESOME work Derex! Great patience with the paiting and the problems to over come.
  4. I based the wings from the chopper coming up behind the front one. With the rear wheel, I'm leaning towards the retractable one inside the tail fin. Make it so that it moves up completely inside the fin for flight for better "aerodynamics" The AH-56 has the wheel go up, but it doesn't cover it. I might be able to get away with a small wheel and strut inside a retractable door. It is turning out to be a fun build. I need to at least finish it in flight. I am going to build a small vacuum former and try to make a clear canopy tomorrow.
  5. I wish there some line drawings to go off of. It's difficult trying to decide what fits, and what doesn't look just right from one angle. Landing gear is a major concern for me. The front is "obvious" but the rear one is up in the air. No wheels are visible on the tail section. The only "real" helicopters I can go by that are similar are the Russian Hind and the prototype stealth comanche one. The hind has the front wheel close to the gun turret. In my case, that wont work. On the Comanche, the wheel is hidden inside a panel on the tail, again, in my case, I would need a super long strut to clear the bottom fin of the tail. Any ideas in this area will help me out a lot.
  6. After considerable thought, I decided to redo the tail. Somehow the small rotor didn't seem right. So I made a bigger one, and shortened the tail by a 1/4 inch. It made a big difference. Before After The 1/72nd scale pilot in the cockpit. Coming together slowly but surely.
  7. try "debonder" it works. DO NOT use acetone! it will melt plastic. Warm soapy water works too.
  8. I was blown away when I saw it at the con. Very well built. Congratulations on the win.
  9. Thanks. I am probably going to build it with landing gears and showing some guts. I picked up some brass rods for the gatling gun that would look better. The cockpit is a different story. With the new seat, there is a lot of space on the sides. I will need to fill in the empty space with controls and switches or something.
  10. Yup, 1/72 scale. I have no room for anything bigger. So everything I have built so far is 1/72nd. So, I was researching the hind helicopter and I like that some 1/48 scale models showcase the engines and all. So I will try to have that option once I get it sanded down and maybe have my friend do a fuselage test cast. I also wanted to replace the original hind style seat to something more thinner to add more cockpit controls. Being a 1 seat attack helicopter, front instrument panel will no tbe enough to fit every system in there. Anyways, Ideas are always welcomed. Update pics to follow. The engine. almost ready for a detailed paint job: The seat, from Velinden, circa early 1990's and thanks to parts box. Another shot of the engines and seat:
  11. You are definitely correct about the engine rotors. These are not glued on permanently, I wanted to see what my progress was. After a few on and off weeks, I got impatient. The rotors will come from kit bashing a Mi-24 Russian Hind, except that the tips will be inspired by the eurocopter MRH90. The cockpit canopy will come from the Hind as well. The lower pods will be reworked. I am not satisfied with them. The rear tail rotor is something I am considering redoing. It seems to be too small. But from the screen grab, it looks just about the right size.
  12. I'm helping set up, so I'll be there early. Can't wait to get it started.
  13. That is some good work. you got pm
  14. Downloaded the app. has a map and everything, schedule is detailed enough so plan the day accordingly.
  15. A few months ago, I was able to buy a Captain America Comanchero model from a member here. I decided to try and build it, then I remembered an old topic here about different versions. I decided to build the different version using the original as inspiration. This is the original (minus all the other small stuff, clay is holding it together) After much sanding and putty and clay, I was able to do this one. Here are both side by side for size comparison. I got a little impatient and wanted to see how far I've come, so I put a green base coat on it. Obviously there is more sanding to be done, molding and fitting too. Any input would be appreciated into what I need to change to make it better.
  16. Awesome. I just saw the schedule on fb and it seems like everything fit perfectly. Can't wait.
  17. Is 1 day still going to be enough? Things just keep getting better and better
  18. Man, that sucks. I'm in that situation right now. Lost my job, and unemployment hasn't sent me my first check. Been waiting since early September. I'm fortunate to live in L.A. and I know I am NOT going to spend any cash. But being a spectator is always fun.
  19. Sweet! I should get around to finishing my models. lol Motivation enough now.
  20. Ferris Bueller's day off! Hahaha. Wish I had the corvette he drives. Is it like a museum type of art gallery? Will photography be allowed?
  21. For panel lines, you can use various different techniques. First, protect the existing paint with either a gloss, or flat finish. Then you can proceed to either do a wash on the panel lines, or paint them in by hand. I prefer a wash. Much easier, and it is more convincing than the perfect look of inked panel lines.
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