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  1. I think he did the cover for the Folder of this current run of the chronicles.
  2. What I wanted to do was to get my wife to print the image of the VF-0D on a canvas, then wrap it around a frame. She is a graphic designer working in a casino, so I would not be spending any cash. lol. If that is ok, I would bring the original box of course, Then I would ask her to make 2 and leave one for future fundraising. PM me if you would like to talk about it some more. Thanks
  3. I was thinking of something I could frame and hang. Never thought about bootleg and reproduction stuff. Apologies to everyone. I'm embarrassed Would the box of a hasegawa VF-0D be ok, the entire box, not the top cut out of it. I do have a few models with his artwork on the boxes. But those are just the tops cut off. Will he have merchandise for sale there as well?
  4. I'm still wondering what I am going to take to him to sign. I can maybe have my wife print out some 13x19 prints of his work.
  5. nooooooooo........... Would love to attend, but no funds. what to sell, what to sell...
  6. Actually, I also just torrented this "film" To what I see, the beginning is new, or looks new. So lets add 2 minutes for that, Some parts are new. I still haven't watched it all yet. I can't handle it for too long. So, bits at a time.
  7. What software did you use to put it all together? It looks like a lot of work. Even if it was 30% complete.
  8. now THAT is PRICELESS! I'm so green with envy right now. I want one of his drawings too. edit: in my excitement, I didn't even click on the link. I'm so gonna have to really hustle up and make some serious cash to have at least 1 chance to win this. Awesome.
  9. Just tell people that it's Starbuck, after her re-incarnation. I saw her blow up in that storm too.
  10. If HG doesn't move on to different worlds, or timelines, I agree, this stuff will be recycled. The next technology advancement will bring out another "remastered" series to sell in the new format. Taking a few pages from the Gundam series, they all have sorta the same theme going. Bad guys oppressing the good guys, robot s kick each other's butt. New mecha, new charcters, new stories. Sadly, I do not believe that HG will invest in good writers and animation. The "cheap desktop" animation from the shadow chronicles is proof of that. Seriously, a real estate company is not an animation studio. Period.
  11. I agree, personal attacks will get this topic locked. Then it will happen again in another topic. I think we can all agree, Robotech and Macross are 2 different galaxies in the same universe. Robotech was not entirely an original series, but Carl did a fairly good job tying it all together under the circumstances. In both of them, there is transforming mecha and singing. Same with the Frontier, plus and FB series of macross. I personally liked the sentinels books, but the characters do need to be described differently. I mean, c'mon, who REALLY liked Minmey in the macross saga? and to see her turn out to be a drunk and a slurm in the sentinels makes it seem like a Britney Spears prophecy. Hahaha. Ok, back on topic here, even some of the hard core Robotech fans agree, LLA was just a remake of the original. With "new" animation to make it longer. What would be considered "new" I buy a used car, and that car is "new" to me. Is something new if it has some old in it? Like leftovers recooked and mixed in with something else, does it make it new? Not for me. New would be Shadow Chronicles. New animation, new story tied into the mospeada line. So for me LLA is not something I would watch again. growing up and watching a cross dressing freedom fighter wasn't really my thing, It might explain my slight homophobia. hahaha
  12. You can always sand the pattern and rescribe the lines. Granted that they wont look the same, but at least they will be even.
  13. I normally mask and paint. As far as the Jolly Roger's decal, I use micro-sol and micro-set to put them on. Then a coat of the finish, either gloss, or matte.
  14. Oh brother. Seriously, can't Harmony Gold come up with something original? They keep flogging the dead horse (Admiral Rick lost in space) and the Sentinels. Seems all they do is piggy back off things that are already there. I read the Shadow Chronicles script too. Sounds like a "cliff Notes" of the sentinels books. So Scott dies, gives his life to another. Does he meet up with Gloval too? Claudia and Roy? Anyways, I really wish HG would do something creative with their license. My 2 cents
  15. These are cool. I build in 1/72 scale right now. Just because space is limited. Those collecting the 1/60 scale would benefit from one of these in their collection. GWFALCON, do you have a fully painted sample?
  16. Probably means that the day's schedule is already planned out to accommodate everything. Especially the autograph sessions. I'm sure that those will take up half the day. Just with Mari and her concert, you're looking at at least an hour plus the time it takes for her autograph.
  17. How about just renting a van and carpooling down with other Bay area guys, split the cost all around and it'll be immense savings.
  18. Just saw this thread... Awesome shots all around. My gear consists of a Canon 50D, Tokina 28-80 f2.8, and a fabulous 24mm L Tilt and shift lens. I need to get some shots out of this lens before I loose this motivation.
  19. Done! I couldn't wait for my wife to let me know if she was going, so it's me and my 13 year old nephew. I just couldn't hold out much longer. Tenjin is my hero!
  20. CRAPPPP!!!!! I was just let go from my job last night! I am so going to this even if I am gonna have to spend every last unemployment penny on this! BTW, are there gonna be signing sessions like last year with Mari?
  21. Hahaha... for a minute there I didnt see the legs of the operator.
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