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  1. Two thumbs up for a fantastic great job, make me want to complete my kit, where I did some personal mods too! Btw, still have a few kits left for those who are still interested!
  2. You can get the glow in the dark stickers on-line at Yamato's website and I assume the photo etched parts are also available, unless they want to make it exclusive for the model kit set together with the broken off main cannon and different feet/main booster parts.
  3. You should do fine with two boxes, unless your are really unlucky! The second series is perhaps the rarest of all four and funny that you are still able to order so many boxes. There is only like one shop over here which still carries a full set and some loose ones (of course no YF-19!).
  4. Graham, you should maybe try and PM VF_1S, aka Patrick. He built a S.H.E. kit and has many pics of his kit in all three modes, possibly also the transformation sequence!
  5. I have the Imai kit but it is in storage, I do however have a pic of it with part of the instructions showing the colors. Though not clear, you can vaguely make out the three main colors. After a quick reference check, they seem to be blue H35, brown H7 and green H36. Hope this helps!
  6. Seeing you are new to modelling you might want to consider getting the smaller 1/200 kit. Not only is it smaller but also since it was just recently re-issued, you will not have to pay big bucks for it! I see shops selling them for like US$50-60, which is a steal consider how the original versions traded hands for like US$100-150 just a few years ago!
  7. BanDai recently re-issued a bunch of "old school" model kits by ex manufacture Arii and Imai. The Monster was included but only the smaller sacle version, namely 1/200. Maybe you are being offered this one. However, if you can find one, I would rather suggest you go for the Yellow Submarine 1/144 resin kit version original or recast. This kit has a much better proportion.
  8. Ahh...those CDRom instructions included with the second run of the kit! the latest one will have paper instructions instead as I ran out of those mini CDRoms and they are now near impossible to find, unless you go for the DVDRom options! As with latest updates, another batch of kits will go out early next week and hoepfully all orders will be sent out by the end of the week. The casting has been little delayed because of the rain and humid weather, which even with the vacuum chamber for casting will result more than acceptable bubbles. So, I usually need to dehumidify the room and cool it down with air con before the casting process, which slows down the number of kits being able to be pulled out of the mold each day!
  9. Okay okay, here is how the kit looks! Some kits are already on its way and I am working down the list (in the order of first payment received).
  10. No pics of the project as the silicone molds are not much to see or write home about! Latest updates, the mold has been cut and kits will be pourred and pulled out on a daily basis now, first batch of kits will go out mid to end of the week!
  11. Yeah, I think I still have a few original sealed lying around if anyone is interested in them. I have the Max & Millia 1J pair for sure and also pretty sure the Focker 1S!
  12. Yeah, missed out on the Elint too when they first released it! Now they cost big money and even then it is not easy to find one. I just wished Yamato would re-issue this one, my all time favourite instead of re-issueing all the VF-1A's!
  13. So, my weekend will be occupied with getting the kit's mold ready and maybe also start making all those clear vacuum formed canopies! Details on payment of the kit have beem PM'ed to each one of the interested parties. If by any chance I missed one from the list, just give me a PM!
  14. Due to several request, all kits will be supplied with two clear vacuum formed canopies! As with the decals you see on the light blue Minmay themed VF-4, well that is all PetarB design. The standard kit will be supplied, well with standard decals, you know the usual kite flag insigna, UN Spacey writing, skull logo and the rest of misc decals.
  15. Thanks for spotting the typo mistake Valkyrie, yes the kit was actually based off the Musasiya kit and not the Hobby Base Retppu kit, which I first stated but now already edited in the first post! Seems like I will have sufficient interest to start this kit, which should be ready within 2-3 weeks. I will give it few more days and then slowly start to contact all those interested parties!
  16. Latest updates! Close to half the kits are ready and already shipped out! The number behind the "SHIPPED" sign is the tracking number, which can be tracked on www.hongkongpost.com. Estimated shipping turnaround time is roughly a good week. Interested parties: ahiachris SHIPPED cobywan x2 SHIPPED RB 160111911 HK RB 160112126 HK Jasonc x1 ON HOLD Spitfire_BR x1 SHIPPED RB 160112069 HK Heavy Melder x1 SHIPPED RB 160111956 HK cwmodels x1 SHIPPED RB 160111925 HK electric matthew x1 SHIPPED RB 160111995 HK Space_Monkey x1 SHIPPED RB 160112086 HK joscasle x1 SHIPPED RB 160111871 HK modcineaste x1 PAID Thom x1 SHIPPED RB 160111899 HK LA2019 x1 SHIPPED RB 160111908 HK Maiden Japan x1 SHIPPED RB 160112072HK Guvava x1 SHIPPED RB 160111885 HK El Gato x1 SHIPPED RB 160111942 HK tn_prvteye x1 SHIPPED RB 160111939 HK harlock x1 SHIPPED RB 160112015 HK PetarB x1 SHIPPED RB 160112174 HK Dobber x1 SHIPPED RB 160111868 HK Cesar Enrique x1 aquilon x1 SHIPPED RB 160 112 130 HK pyro-manic x1 SHIPPED RB 160112055 HK Weasel x1 SHIPPED RB 160 112 038 HK yomero66 x1 SHIPPED RB 160112024 HK shinagami x1
  17. Just got mine shipped from Japan today, awesome kit and will need at lot of time and tlc to build it! Only issue is maybe those extra bonus parts, which are given to you not in the correct pre-colour molded plastic but instead in natural resin (just like Yamato's advertising campaign).
  18. Well I ordered the pair form my trusted local shop where I did most of my Yamato purchases over the past few years and all without any problem. I cannot believe that these two valks are bootlegs, so far I never heard of any Yamato bootlegs, so fingers crossed! The only thing I can think of why they are not available in Japan, eg HLJ is maybe they are overproductions from the factories and have leaked out to the Hong Kong suppliers - just my thoughts though!
  19. Good to know that Hasegawa finally decides to release the VF-11B fighter kit! There was rumour years way back ago when the release of this kit was briefly mentioned in one of the japanese articles.
  20. Yeah, BanDai went on the cheap again and issued the variant silver coloured version in the secon or third release of those Kuji lucky draw prizes. Just beware of knockoffs of inferior quality as I remeber those being availble for a fraction of the price but with horrible paint job!
  21. I was the one who did the revised version based off an original Musasiya kit, new nosecone, landing gears, pilot etc. The kit is all sold out but if there is sufficient interest I could make a new mold for it. For this I need at least 10-15 confirmed buyers.
  22. Well, got my hands on the new 1/3000 SDF-1 so looking for my next purchase. The regult seems like another expensive buy, so for the ones who have it already, is it worth it? Very very tempting but I mean it cost more than the SDF-1 or shall I wait a little while longer and hope that Yamato will come out with a fully painted version?
  23. Well to make the SDF-1 really stand out I guess you will need to panel line it and maybe touch-up some areas such as all the engine thrusters Otherwise, maybe just wait and Yamato will for sure roll out a "weathered version" for double thre price
  24. Valk009

    HLJ sale!

    The BanDai Macross F model kits are failry durable though you should still treat it with respect as it is still a model kit and not a toy. Unless you will paint the kit like a pro and keep it in mint condition, built model kits do not command good resale value. If you already have in mind in parting with it later on and hoping to get back most of your investment, I would suggest you to stay away from it.
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