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    Misa Kits

    PM'ed ya, The Major on the Tsukuda kit. Well the kit is actually more like a resin kit rather than vinyl. And her DYRL uniform is the space suit uniform! Also, the kit comes with 1/1 scale "Protoculture Card" as seen in the movie.
  2. Valk009

    Yamato display stand?

    Yep, it will hold the 1/48 and all other Mac toys by Yamato. Some fellow MWers suggested that it will even hold the 1/55s. The pain about it is it weighs like a ton, so shipping will be a lot for all you guys living accross the pacific.
  3. You lucky guy I use to have the Mac VF-1s super valk and the G.I.Joe U.S.S Flag many years back. Just wished I would have saved them instead of handing it down to my cousin. Ahhh...those were the good old days Atari, Star Wars, Macross and G.I.Joe
  4. There used to be a thread on some fellow MWer, who customized a damaged VF-1S (1/72 Hase) a few months back. He did a fab job, anyone remember him. Apparently he sold the model later on Ebay!
  5. Well, I guess the only toy out there being produced 24/7 365 days a year are Barbie dolls. Apparently they sell one of these things every second somewhere around the world! Ooopppss, how many times have I told myself not to show my girlie side in public.....Macross, Macross, Macross that my toy!
  6. Thanks for all the replies ! I guess it does make sense afterall giving rookies less expensive piece of equipments since their chances of returning is far lower than pros! But how come Hikaru started straight away with a 1J, guess he had the vitamin C (Connection) with Roy
  7. I am not sure if this has been asked before but just wanted to know why all the cannon fodders and all new pilots fly in the VF-1A and the high ranking pilots fly in the VF-1S. Should the amateurs not fly in the VF-1S, seeing that they will have a better chance of surviving a battle with more fire power (four head mounted cannons instead of one)?
  8. My local hobby shop sells the recast Fan Racer and also the super deformed VF-1S fighter and super deformed Ostrich fighter. I believe they are the ones made by Tanmen. Also, I have many original Yellow Submarine - Club M resin stuff! So, let me know if you are interested.
  9. I drooled all over my computer because of you! Man that's some piece of art you got there. What's it made out of? Can it be recasted and is it for sale? I want one of those - pronto!
  10. Valk009


    My dream valk for the 1/48 Yamato line would be the VE-1 Elint. I am prety if Yamato ever releases this one it will sell like hotcakes!
  11. Hmmmm........very sweeeet , so when will it be release, I mean anyone know the exact date? Just sold my 1/48 VF1-A Hikaru for this one and I think it is well worth it. Now just waiting on those decals I ordered recently from anasazi37.
  12. Fellow member anasazi37 also sells custom decals, have a look under the "For Sale" section. But be fast, he is accepting orders only for a few more days!
  13. Now we have seen them both side by side, anyone thought of reprinting the Club-M decals? They are waterslides are they not? And should be hell far better than those thick stickers provided by Yamato!
  14. Hi guys, I am new to the macrossworld site but what a great site. I have got two Misa figures, which I would like to get painted but unfortunately my modelling and painting skills are not up to scratch. Any recommendation? I live in Hong Kong, so Graham you know anyone?
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