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  1. Had my friend that lives in Japan order the super parts for me. I hate to ask him for the favor, but I do try to return the favor with US collectible items in return.
  2. Am I correct in seeing that only the Bandai DX Chogokin first editions of the Hikaru VF-1J and the Roy VF-1S include the extra stands? Did they make stands for the Hikaru VF-1S, Max VF-1A, Hayao VF-1A?
  3. You are awesome! I was able to get one, thank you!
  4. no luck yet, was very close on Nin-Nin
  5. Ready for the F5 battle. Good hunting, brothers!
  6. Got my Bandai DX YF-19 a few days ago, but haven’t transformed it until today. I have not encountered any complainable QC issues, although I did need to loosen the screws on the hip joints as they were too tight. Mine shipped from HLJ and it arrived quickly and unbroken. It is very sturdy and looks fantastic in battroid mode, especially with all the extra hands. I still prefer my Arcadia YF-19 in fighter mode, though.
  7. I got cart jacked by HLJ after I confirmed my shipping method
  8. Thank you in advance to all those who provide links when they go active. I’m waiting for HLJ, but they usually update a little after the other sites
  9. I got my HLJ confirmation and it shows on on my open orders now; I shall celebrate with peaceful rest. These pre-orders are stressful, but they are necessary to get what you want at or below retail price. Now I can save up funds to pay for it in September. Thanks for all the heads up, order status and links; you are good people.
  10. Bump / lowered asking price / added additional photos
  11. Item has been displayed in fighter mode with armor attached. Very little wear if any noticeable. It is complete and unbroken; includes box, instructions and all accessories. I'm asking for $325.00 or best offer; price includes shipping to US addresses. Payment via PayPal.
  12. SOLD! I'm looking to sell my Yamato v.2 1/60 VF-1D 30th Anniv Ver with Optional Parts. It was only used for display and protected in a cabinet. It comes complete with all parts, usued sticker sheet and box. Box has minor wear from storage over the years. I need funds as soon as possible for a very important trip and I'm willing to offer this item at a bargain price in return for a quick sale. Link to pic: https://postimg.org/image/52bydiqhz/ I'm asking for $--- shipped to addresses in the US. I accept Paypal. PM me if interested.
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