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  1. Yeah, either Yamato's GN-Us or Kaiyodo's Revoltechs will make your boy happy. They are Macross items, nicely done and will not break your bank! Anything transforming, durable and at a reasonable price are only the chunky monkeys. Though the ver 1.0 1/60 Yammies might have come down in prices recently with the release of the newer version, they are honestly not that sturdy. At a hands on an eight year old, it might not last too long!
  2. Correct me if I am wrong but I think the Enigma decals came with those specila clear version VF-1 kits. Hasegawa released two different packaged clear kits, the first were those using the standard box with a special gold sticker indicating it as a clear version kit and the other being an event release item. Those were boxed in a white box. I think the decals you are talking about came with the standard box.
  3. But if Hasegawa really wants to keep up with the waves of BanDai Macross Frontier items and only hold license on the older stuff, they must do better! Hasegawa had their thumbs stuck up where the sun never shines for too long. By releasing so called new kits with just another decal sheet is not enough and many of us are not fooled anymore. Moving up the scale ladder is a good move but perhaps too late as the crave now is Macross Frontier items and not really another VF-1 model kit.
  4. Your Ghost Booster, is it the Hasegawa model kit or the Yamato toy? My only thought is that sometimes the different properties in the actual plastic can have an effect. I learnt it the hard way a couple of years back with a ver 1.0 1/60 Yammie VF-1!
  5. Knowing that Hasegawa has the original Macross and DYRL license, what they should really come out with is a 1/48 Regult! Now three or four 1/48 regults and a glass top will do a fine coffee table
  6. So, besides the cockpit, head and colour, are there any further difference between the YF-21 and VF-22S? I never really had a thing for the YF-21 becuase of the colour but the VF-22S is just one cool looking valk!
  7. I still have a new mib Yammie VF-11B Fast Pack, its yours for US$210 shipped!
  8. It is really looking like PVC, so a pass for me! I have nothing against PVC but it just seems to me that many PVC toys produced in the last few years just do not stand the test of time. I have some gashapon toys for over ten years without any problems; no colour fading, sticking or crumbling. But with newer PVC toys, they somehow start to stick and sometimes melt after a few months and they have been stored away from heat and direct sunlight!
  9. The boxart might be new but the contents are old school type models, so expect to pull out all the accessories and tools to build it! This is not your average pre-coloured, gapless, glueless, snap-fit together Gundam kit!
  10. I totally agree with the Captain, Hasegawa makes true model kits for true modellers. You cannot complete a Hasegawa kit without a tube of putty, model cement glue and paint to get a halfway decent finish. BanDai, on the other hand, though also a very respective model kit producer, makes kit more of a toy nature. Their pre colour molding, no glue snap fit finish and hidden sprue points make them well loved by less skilled modellers and enjoyed by toy buyers.
  11. Okay, have to come clean on this one! Never watched a single episode of Macross 7 or any relating series.
  12. Ahhh...never thought about using the Hikaru figure from the VF-1D! But then again for those who do not have the VF-1D equals to spending more cash
  13. Is this another special edition? Looks like a clear version and possibly being released on 18 May? Any info on this?
  14. Seems like for the absurd amount they are asking for this kit (around $30 from Yamato's Japan site before shipping) you do not even get a pilot figure or landing gears. So, the only way to display it is to spend more money on a stand (preferably the new Yamato stand as so conveniently shown in the instructions) in flying mode without a pilot
  15. Sorry if I started such a big fuss. I did make a lot of research with books I have at home and various websites prior starting this thread. There was just so limited materials on this valk and I thought maybe some members here might have more info than I could gather, there is no harm in asking!
  16. I know I can trust fellow MW members, thanks for all the quick responses and pointers! Yeah, thinking of doing a a VF-5000 kit but then again I have several other so called projects in the pipeline, so not sure which one, if ever will turn into reality! Especially with BanDai, Hasegawa and Yamato all pumping out new Macross items, I need to find a balance between all.
  17. Just as the topic says, I am in search for any info relating to the VF-5000 valk, particular in fighter. I searched the web and there is not much, so where better to ask, pics, dimensions, plans, elevations etc. Many thanks in advance!
  18. Knowing BanDai and how expensive it is to make a mold, they will try and milk out every single dollar we have! So, expect to pay PG kit prices, meaning roughly US$200 and all possible variants! Just look at the PG RX-78-2, there was the normal version, the black version, the red version, the grey version, the clear version, the one year war version, the plated versions...I mean the list just goes on and on!
  19. Hi save, if you can send me the full HK address I might be able to get more info on it! However as someone already mentioned, it could be a recast with an quickly sketched up instructions.
  20. My comment was just a teaser and angering my frustrations that Yamato has been recently releasing all those Japan mail order only items. I have done some quick calculations if I had to get this kit through Yahoo Japan; the Fan Racer cost Yen 3,000, add local shipping, inflated Yahoo price, another local shipping, agent commission and final overseas shipping. this will easily end up costing US$70-80 on my doorsteps, now that is an expensive small model kit! Btw, are you sure Yamato is sponsoring MW? From what Graham told me, they have not been in contact with him for months now.
  21. Well, Yamato are nowadays doing all these on-line Japanese promos and limited items. Yeah, for Yen 3,000 before shipping, this little model sure is on the expensive side. I am just so tempted to add more details on it, give it a decent pilot (seems like the one from Yamato does not even come with one!) and recast it for everyone!
  22. Whooops, posted it in the wrong section, sorry guys! Mods, can you please move it to the "For Sale" section, thanks!
  23. Okay, I have waited long enough for the local suppliers to stock up on the 1/200 Yamato VFC series 2 figures. They have been available since Jan-Feb in Japan and nothing over here. So, I have a set of the first series inclusive the 3 SPs (total 12 figures) and I am either willing to sell it for US$60 shipped, so I can use the funds to get the second series off an on-line retailer or trade it with my first set.
  24. Looks like Yamato are getting really desperate. Without the license towards the new Macross F or any other Macross lines besides the original TV series, DYRL and Macross Plus, they have to stick to what they got and are releasing colour variants, one after another!
  25. Graham, Noel and myself attended the show on Saturday on a very last minute notice. The show, supposedly the first C3 show held outside of Japan was, well small and not that thrilling. As C3 shows are sponsored and backed by BanDai, one can already guess that most items on display are either direcetly by BanDai, associated with BanDai or if independant have strict guidelines to follow. Kawamori and Ebata were to appear on the same day but I only managed to get a glimpse of the later as the man himslef were to appear very late afternoon and I had previous engagement. Anyways, I took some pics of the show and will post it but shortly.
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