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  1. regult

    Bandai = EPIC FAIL :(

    Bandai's fault? marginally... It's the distributor or this particular online retailer's fault for selling things they don't have in stock and will probably never get. It's unfortunately quite common in Hong Kong for the seller to impose ridiculous conditions on the transaction, and the buyer is completely exposed.
  2. I so don't care about the spikey, oversaturated YF-29 anime design and toy that I don't bother looking for it. Every once in a while I still wish to find a VF-25S at a good price. Why not compare the VF-27 and the YF-29, they have a bit more in common besides the pilot. I am biased towards fighter mode, and the -25 is just much cleaner and worthy inheritor of the VF lineage than the gundammy -29
  3. I am impressed with these photos, and don't get me wrong, just wanted to point out that the attached image is not 2560x1536. While we're at this, would you mind sharing the 2nd picture with the VF-15F head-on? Thanks in advance
  4. It's not the "weirdest" of places, but I was a bit offended by the Robotech reference. http://gizmodo.com/5892971/this-may-be-the-coolest-night-landing-scene-in-the-history-of-aviation
  5. 1) toys are not made in Hong Kong and have not been made in Hong Kong for over 2 decades. 2) toys are indeed usually cheaper in Hong Kong for a number of reasons. 3) retail prices do not reflect cost (production, transport, tax, etc.), they reflect demand or perceived demand. It's speculation heaven!
  6. The one depicted in Model Graphix does not transform. The custom Joly Rogers is incredible!
  7. acetone? as in nail polish remover?? Thanks everybody for the tips, I have not attempted a second fix, so after the initial attempt with (slow/anti-shock) superglue, I've left it alone in fighter mode and the armor stays in place. I think I will try a thin plastic or metal reinforcement, as already pointed out inserting anything inside such think sheet of plastic is completely unrealistic.
  8. I am afraid your bubbling issue may be due to things not being "dry" (as in chemically stabilized/cured) enough before applying the next layer of clear coat or paint, therefore when evaporating, the gases get trapped behind the new coat. But I am no expert so I could be wrong.
  9. G-man, I think those have been sitting on shelves since I saw them a bit over 2 weeks ago. Visited Richmond 111 as well and cheapest was 1980. At those prices they can sit on shelves as long as they want.
  10. Back in the day, anime magic was king and toy/model designers would always have headaches trying to reconcile proportions in all 3 modes. Today, there is CG animation and accurate 3D modeling, but Bandai still managed to pull out the V1 VF-25. That aside, I never got a VF-22 (despite the discounts) because of the tiny limbs, in fighter mode (my favorite) it looks great though.
  11. I think the blame is on whoever colored the individual VF-25's so arbitrarily. For instance, the engine intake/hip in the Michel G is white, while it's the color of the rest of the fuselage in the rest of the Skull Team Valks.
  12. google is my friend: http://www.macrosswo...ndpost&p=783543 I can't believe I never saved those pictures. I didn't find them in my archives. (I remember that G as well, also an incredible work, but I was looking for the one linked above, Model Graphix October 2009)
  13. I remember a few years ago someone posted scans from a magazine showing a Bandai 1/72 VF-25 diorama on a carrier deck, in a custom paint (that looks like real US Navy fighter jets) and had two underwing gun pods plus a plethora of missiles. I tried the search function but it doesn't seem to give me any hits. Thanks for helping this old guy with poor memory!
  14. are you guys referring to the backplate/wing glove (the part that folds up for transformation)? in that case, it IS two pieces of plastic in the renewal version, so they can make it in two different colors.
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