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  1. Nope, hereare pics of the ones I am talking about!
  2. I just came across a bunch of these vinatge OHsato Macross VF series filmstrip stickers. Does anyone know how many there are in this set as I have numbers going up to the mid twenties and would love to get hold of the ones I am missing!
  3. I will be heading over to the caster tomorrow to discuss the new waterslide decals, so I can take some pics of the original kit, parts laid out, so you get a rough idea of the kit!
  4. Okay, the kit will go into production in the next few days and the first batch should go out early next week! I will shortly contact all people who showed interest in the kit, otherwise you can also PayPal me at awinkl@yahoo.com. Price per kit inc. PayPal fees and first class registered air mail worldwide is US$95.
  5. Awesome work and the Misa figure is a great idea!
  6. The kit also comes with a vacuum formed canopy, cockpit details and a little small pilot! They made the canopy, well the vacuum formed mold in a very interesting way. You will know what I mean when you guys get your hands on the kit!
  7. Yep, price of US$95 shipped includes anywhere in the world (well most places, unless you are situated in the middle of nowhere, say Antartic or Kathmandu so)!
  8. As of 11 Jan 2010, all pre-orders have been fullfilled and shipped out! There are still few kits available for those who are interested.
  9. A recast of the Hobby Base Retppu 1/72 VF-11 Thunder Bolt with Fast Packs would cost around $90-120 shipped. I can also recast the kit in various colour so far a metallic dark grey finish looks best, after that a bluish grey looks also quite nice! I will need at least 10 - 15 confirmed interested people to make this happen. I will also get back with the exact price in a few days.
  10. The Hobby Base Retppu VF-11 fighter kit is actually more complex than the Club-M counterpart. Besides more pieces, it also makes use of ball joints to fit varous parts together, such as thrusters etc. I guees this is to give it a degree of maneuverability.
  11. He he, I have the Hobby Base Retppu kit (rubbing in) and wanted to do a conversion kit, two seater ELINT or so but just never got around to it! Maybe if there is sufficient interest I can do a recast of it, now in colour of your choice with or without metallic flakes!
  12. Yeah, those special finish coating is a pain to conceal. Though you must give credit to BanDai for trying to place most of the sure spots in hidden places. Your best bet is to mix that colour up! Although it is advertised as a titanium finish, it looks more like a metallic pearl gloss finish. Another idea it weather the gundam up and try and hide those un-coated parts with more weathering.
  13. I think they are just out on sale, got a call from my supplier, still debating though on whether to pick up a set or not. The quality is BanDai gashapon standard, which at lately is not earning too many high marks. Guess better to wait and see first!
  14. The GNU are for sure a better buy, I am now just waiting for the Fast Packs to be sold locally. It is already out in Japan for quite some time.
  15. Maybe you got a special limited version, Minmay with a sun tan!
  16. I must say Yamato did a great job with the 1/60 ver 1.0 and 1/48 GBP-1S armour; but no doubt the new 1/60 ver 2.0 will be far superior than all the previous releases. With all the learnt experiences and the better proportioned valk, not to mention I am almost certain the armour design was taken into account when the valk was developed, this new GBP-1S should rock the world!
  17. I think games will still be made for the normal PSP for some time even after the PSP Go is released, just like they still release new PS2 games! As for info on the Sony memory sticks (all formats), there is news that Sony have formally abandon this format for its Sony Ericsson mobile phones, so likely all other Sony peripherals will follow suit. This is good news as most other mass storage device formats are cheaper than Sony's own!
  18. Graham, did you not also bought the BanDai Wonderswan just for the Macross game? I know I bought the PS2 just for the Macros game but luckily found some other good games to make the costly console worthwhile.
  19. The design of these valks are actually not too bad, the only issue I have is the qc. You would think that BanDai being such a big company would at leat bring out half way decent items but out of all the new Macross F items, this is perhaps one of the worst. Honestly, if you can afford the bigger DX valk, go for it and stay away from this. The paint job is horrible and the soft vinyl like plastic seems to deteriorate the moment you get it out of the box and start to play with it!
  20. Either version is fine for me. just no mix max or cross-over type! The sheer size of if will make it stunning, no matter if it i sthe nostalig TV type or the more spacey DYRL type! Count me in!
  21. Not to pick on you but there are numerous threads in this forum covering techniques on weathering from using normal pencils, Gundam markers, special weathering kits to full blown air brush guides! Do a little search and you will be rewarded heavily!
  22. I just saw the VF-0B in a model shop in Wan Chai, Hong Kong yesterday, no VF-0A though!
  23. Don't worry, I am almost certain Hasegawa will release the VF-1 lineup in 1/48 scale. With BanDai now agressively biting huge chunks out of the Macross model market, it will be very unwise for Hasegawa not to release more newer items. That is unless their license is restricted or other unknown issues.
  24. Honestly, I think with an anime derived perfect transforming toy, there is always discrepency to be made. So, when we talk about a valkyrie with three differnt transforming modes, one or two modes will for sure be less anime correct than the other. With the 1/48 line, I believe Yamato tried to make the fighter mode more appealing, hence the long streamline appearance, where as this will result in the suffering of the valk in battroid mode, overall too skinny and a too long nosecone. Forget about the first version 1/60 line, the new version two is perhaps, to date the best of all perfect transforming VF-1 toy out there. Its build quality is far superior than its older and bigger sibling and the balance of all three modes have been achieved nicely. Of course there will always be critics but do not forget what started out merely as a 2D drawings and lots of anime magic 25 years ago, can now be nicely placed within our palms! Yamato has given us what many would have thought to be impossible and the company actually did a pretty good job with all their valks!
  25. Valk009

    1/60 v. 2.1?

    I see paint chip already on this new design!
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