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  1. I am not a fan of the TV style SDF-1 but what I would like Yamato to do or well initilayy maybe also include it with the DYRL style SDF-1 are the battle damaged main cannons (perhaps by making them removable for a quick swap!). This would not involve a new design and mold for an entire toy, just a couple of parts and would for sure be within their budget!
  2. Picked mine up today and must give Yamato two thumbs up! They really went all the way for this and it is just plain awesome, very well built and super sturdy, way up there with the VF-1 v2.0. Btw, for those living in Hong Kong, the shop owner selling all the Yamato toys in In's Point told me that wholesaler are all out of stock on the SDF-1, so better get your hands on one before it is too late! Sad news also is that he will be closing shop in March, due to his day job he has no time looking after the shop
  3. Glad that the project is finally over and most are happy with it! I also see many are customising it with very interesting schemes. Btw, still have a few kits left for those who missed out and are still interested in one!
  4. The 1/24 Reds Inc is worth about US$600-700 nowadays based on the one recently sold on Yahoo Japan for a little over Yen 52,000 after a frenzy bidding. I have one if anyone is interested. It is just taking up too much storage space, especially when you are living in Hong Kong!
  5. I still have a couple of kits to be built and as there is a third incident with a broken hip upon arrival, I guess really the best option is to ship the hip parts not put on. The final kits for all confirmed will be shipped out by early next week!
  6. I see that some built kits are arriving with some parts broken off (so far two cases). I have already used a bigger box for shipping built kits together with heavier bubble wrapping protection. From now on I will protect the kits even better and label them as fragile. Could it e that some kits have gone under customs inspection and was mishandled by them? Next, the waterslide decals are ready and have been sent out to everyone, those missing previously and any kits from now on sent. the couple of logs did not turn out as good as expected, maybe due to the small size but I believe it is because I did not have a good quality picture to start off with. I might try and contact the 1/48 Th sculptor and see he can help, anyone know who it was? Last, will be contacting the final handful people on the list by the end of this week in regards to tgheir kits preference, so far the most popular options are the two tone grey and the stealth look. Though there are also a few specila ones resin beige/grey, sky blue and a clear one!
  7. Just pourred a "Stealth" version (also two tone grey but darker, dark grey and near black) and must say it also looks very good, especially matched up with the VF-1S Focker stealth. Although I do not have the valk, I will build the kit and post some pics over the next few days!
  8. Nice work Robodragon, never thought of putting the armour on either a VF-1D, VT-1 or VE-1. So, there mut be enough room in the nosecone and the clip for the chestplate also fits, even though the canopy structure is a little different on these valks. Btw, for those who are going to paint their kit, I would suggest getting it un-built. This way it will be much easier to paint all the parts. Detailed building instructions will be avilable for un-built kits. The kit is very easy to build, so even an amateur can handle it!
  9. The first ten kits or so are already sent out and more will be sent out in the coming days/weeks. I can only build one kit per day after work, so unless you want your kit unbuilt, like a resin model kit, a little patience in needed. Also, currently all kits sent are without the waterslide decals, the printer is behind schedule. Those without will get it sent once they are ready!
  10. Okay, sent out information to the first ten on the list! Please do not need to PM me unless you have been contacted by me, there are just too many orders and I do not want to get too confused.
  11. Sorry for the long wait, some odd shaped parts needed extra attention and time when making the mold! Anyways, the pics shows the first kit pulled out of the mold and casted in two tone greys. Kits will be built and sent in the order of the list. I will contact everyone individually to confirm their choice of colour and whether they want to have the kit built or not. Un-built kits are like resin kits, where some preparations, such as trimming and glueing parts together are required.
  12. I should be receiving the first kit early next week. This will be done in the two tone grey, which I will show pics of. I shall then start to get each kit prepared and shipped out in the order of the list. So, the first people should receive their kit latest by mid August!
  13. Colours are more or less only a guideline what is available. There are more colours available, basically most of the solid basic colours. Alos please note that each batch and or cast will have slight colour variation.
  14. I have received a lot of queries whether the kit will be casted in various colours and those colours of the one featured in the Model Graphix magazine. - cannot cast in white as polyutherene is used instead of resin, there is white resin but the nature of the material makes it less suitable for this kit as it is more brittle - my 1/60 kit parts are not divided up into parts as seen on the Model Graphix kit, I have used deliberately less parts to complete this kit for a stronger sturdier kit - I can confirm that the kit will be casted in two molds, the one mold is mainly for the armour parts and missles, while the other will be for the framework - I have the option of casting in various colours, same are shown in the pic for reference, more colours are available - I can also do a full clear kit at optional cost - after looking at the kit and a long discussion with my co-sculptor, the best colour match seems like light and dark grey, where light grey will be for the armour parts and dark grey for the framework
  15. Not sure if this has been discussed already? Anyways, I just noticed that my 1/60 Yamato ver. 2.0 metallic shimmering clear coat on the canopy is cracking. The valk was transformed once into battroid mode and left for display since new a year so back. I just noticed the cracks yeasterday when I transformed it back to fighter mode. So, I guess I will need to somehow remove all the paint, any ideas on the best sway without damaging the canopy?
  16. Sent PM's to all those who showed interest with more details and further instructions. I will accept either full payment or 50% deposit.
  17. Okay, prices for this limited kit is available, please see first post. Will be accepting pre-orders now, availability is on a first come first serve basis. Kits are expected to be shipped out by the end of July!
  18. Still doing some final touch-ups and tweaks to the armour. Overall the kit sits very firmly on the valk as I used, where permitting slots or other holding points of the valk to secure the kit.
  19. The new sculpted Thunder Hummer (or Thunder Hammer) add-on kit for the Yamato 1/60 VF-1 ver 2.0 toy!
  20. Yeah, I had this book, well more like a pamphlet a little while back. It came in a weird size, somthing in between A4 and A5 and only had like ten pages or so. If I remember correctly it did feature various images and photos from various Macross series (mainly Mac + and Mac 7) and the Yoko Kanno concert.
  21. ready for action!

  22. Give Blackaces (aka Noel) a PM, he works for Popbox! Apparently some (or maybe all) the Hikaru figures were released with the backback/helmet hose glitch and there are two little replacement parts for it, along with a new pair of hands!
  23. On the topic of Macross cards, does anyone have any game cards from the Super Robot Wars series. I assume there are many series out there but one or two of them had some Macross characters. I would be interested in a good scan of the card with the SDF-1 in attacker mode.
  24. Are they actually erasers or more like hard rubber toys? I remember having a few of those and must say the quality is very good, especially being made over 20 odd years ago!
  25. Thanks for letting me know! The kit is actually quite detailed and shouldlook great when complete. The only disapointing part are the instructions, which I really hope to get around and update soon.
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