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  1. I probably purchased them from you at Pony-Go-Round in Little Tokyo!!! That is where they came from.
  2. As stated in the "What’s it worth? - Thread", I am offering items for sale here first. I will update this FS thread to make it easy to see what is offered vs starting a new thread for each item. Payment methods Paypal or Cash. Buyer pays shipping and fees. Items can be picked up or shipped. All items located in Los Angeles (90045) Contact: Arron (310)418-9263 poohsan@earthlink.net 1. REVELL ROBOTECH SPACE FORTRESS SDF-1 Plastic Model Kit 1/5000th 1144 - $35 USD Description: Produced in 1985 by Revell. Plastic parts molded by ARII. Condition: All parts in original bags. Instructions intact. Box is rough and shows its age. See images for condition. 2. Harmony Gold Robotech - Pewter Figures (Set of 7)1/25th Scale - $200.00 USD Description: Set of 7 Robotech Macross Saga Pewter Figures. Officially licensed products from Harmony Gold. Originally available in 1995. Purchased at Pony-Go-Round Toys in Los Angeles, CA. Each figure comes with a separate gold color bases, and original box. These are a must for any Macross collector as you may never see another set! Condition: Figures in excellent condition, exactly as purchased. Some bases have oxidized and changed color. Some bases have plating that is flaking. Original boxes. Figures are wrapped in tissue paper. See images for condition. Figures: Rick Hunter, Roy Focher, Max Sterling, Capt. Global, Misa Hayase (Lisa Hayes), Lin Minmay China dress, Lin Minmay Singing 3. ARII Macross Quamzin Ship (Queadol-Magdomilla) plastic kit, 1/20000th Scale - $20.00 USD Description: 15 year anniversary reissue kit. Kit includes: Quamzin Ship, Kyron figure and a micro SDF-1 kit. The SDF-1 kit is defiantly the best part! This kit is complete as many don’t come with the extra figure. Condition: All parts in original bags. Instructions intact. Box is in good condition. See images for condition.
  3. Should I change the title to Official - What’s it worth? - Thread
  4. I'll go first. Yellow Submarine Macross SDF-1 Resin Kit 1/4000 This is the original kit from the original manufacture. I know this kit has been recast in Japan. But what is the original kit worth? REVELL ROBOTECH SPACE FORTRESS SDF-1 Plastic Model Kit 1/5000 Produced in 1985 by Revell. Plastic parts molded by ARII. I see one on eBay (09/09/2010)for $249.99usd, but I'm sure this kit is worth far less. Based on web research (09/10/2010) this kit is worth $25.00 - $100.00 usd. REDS,INC Painted Poristone Model 1/24 Fighter Valkyrie, VF-1S Macross This is the rarest Macross resin kit I’ve ever come across. This is the largest kit ever produced of the Valkyrie. It is over 1.5-feet long! Limited to a run of 300 units for sale in Japan only. I have no idea what this kit is worth in any condition. This particular model has been damaged. It was accidently dropped. So to repair the damage it was put into rubber molds and recast. The duplicate parts were used to replace the damaged parts. Regardless due to its rarity I’m sure someday it will get a proper rebuild and paint job.
  5. I’m guessing there are others out there like myself. We have Macross stuff but we don’t know what it is worth. I for one would love to make some room at home form new stuff. So lets discuss it. Once we figure it out then the items are worth they can be posted in the FS section ot that other site you know they do auctions. Remember the old days of price list? All the best!
  6. It all has to go!!

  7. Knight26, Unfortunately I do not own a rapid-prototype machine. I purchase time on machines when I run a project. -Poohsan
  8. Yes I'm talking about Stereo Lithography. 90% of everything I build these days is SLA. It just makes life so much easier -Poohsan
  9. I’m starting to lean towards using a combination of both the Hasagawa Strike Valkyrie and the Hasagawa Strike Battroid kits. Instead of making the 1/24th scale model transformable it may be better to just give the option to build either a strike Valkyrie or a strike Battroid. I’m going to see what the quotes are for scanning the Valkyrie parts. If the pice is good I will add in Battroid parts.
  10. I should have been clearer with the first post, please excuse me as it was late when I made the posting. My original goal was just to copy the Red’s 1/24th scale Valkyrie. But after I broke it into parts and made castings I realized that the model was fairly crude and will need a lot of work to make it correct. My second goal was to add a fast pack to the RED’s Valkyrie. I used the Hasegaw 1/72 VF-1S Strike Valkyrie fighter kit for my reference when I was modeling the Fast pack. After completing several of the parts I decided it would be easier to just scan all of the kit parts and upscale them to 1/20th scale. Now this brings me to the original question. If I am going to scan that many parts I should chose the best model to start with. 1. Hasegaw 1/72 VF-1S Strike Valkyrie fighter kit. 2. Hasegaw 1/72 VF-1S Strike Battroid kit 3. Bandai 1/72 Variable Valkyrie VF-1S 4. 1/48 G-system VF-1S Ultimate Detail Valkyrie 5. Yamato 1/48 VF-1 (any) Valkyrie Of course this leads into another question. Should I make this monster transformable? Which is why I listed the Battroid kit above. I’m sure this project will cost some coin. So I should scan the bets parts to make the backend clean-up as pleasant as possible.
  11. Does anyone else have an opinion? My plan was to 3D scan all the parts from the Hasegawa kit and have them output in SLA at 1/20th scale. But if the G-System is a better starting point then I should pick one up and scan it instead.
  12. This is my first post on this board so I’d like to start off by saying “Helloâ€. I’ve spent the last two days reading older post as research for a personal project. I started modifying my REDs 1/24th scale Vakyrie. Before I go any further on this project I wanted to check my reference materials. I was going to base this project on the Hasegaw 1/72 VF-1S Strike Valkyrie fighter kit. But after reading lots of post I am now reconsidering this. Can anyone tell me which one of the following kits and toys which is considered the most accurate and correct. 1. Hasegaw 1/72 VF-1S Strike Valkyrie fighter kit. 2. Hasegaw 1/72 VF-1S Strike Battroid kit 3. Bandai 1/72 Variable Valkyrie VF-1S 4. 1/48 G-system VF-1S Ultimate Detail Valkyrie 5. Yamato 1/48 VF-1J Stealth Type Black Valkyrie Once I settle on a reference source I will reevaluate this project and decided if I am going to move forwards or put it back on the shelf for a while. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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