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  1. No SMS sticker decals to cover the kites? All this talk about Arcadia/Bandai licence, makes me really wonder if Bandai would take the challenge and do their own SMS YF-19. The hi metals weren't too shabby. I would be down for 3 of them even if it doesn't match up to Arcadia's version.
  2. Very nice collection. I can see your waiting for the tornado parts for the F and G to complete your Frontier SMS collection. Any plans to add the 171s? Your YF-19 is pretty lonely. Will you make plans for a YF-21 and 11B? I don't why, but I have this weird feeling that the YF-21 may get an Arcadia revisit after the 0D.
  3. Am I missing something? Why is there so many people wanting a Destroid every now and then? When it was released and even on sale, no one mentioned Destroid this and Destroid that. If I had a dollar for every Destroid request read in various threads here, I'd be a rich man by now. It's becoming too funny for me now. Maybe I'll join you guys and start posting: Destroids all over the boards. Better yet I'll go to the Transformer forums and Destroiding them first. For me, all I wish is a better stand like the Arm Launch ones from Yamato.
  4. Is it just me or is that a tab sticking out of the top intake??? I know the other pics had the intakes closed in fighter, but one can only hope they are still working on it. Hell, for the price that it commands, why not make small improvements to entice current owners to make another purchase. I agree the timing is bad and the decision to re-release with little gimmicks for such a high cost will do little for the die hard fans to justify another reason to purchase. Only the completist and those who missed out the first run might have a go at it. I find it hard to believe the sales for this unit will outmatch the first run by Yamato given how little is provided along with the time of release. If further improvements are made, I would change my mind and buy one or two. Those FB figures are probably going to cost an arm and half a leg. Anyone willing to pay for this set, most likely would want to keep the figures. If a decision to sell, I'm sure $100+ would be a good asking price - and people will pay. For those inquiring about buying the FB figures, how much are you willing to pay? $50 tops for me, no more.
  5. Hey moose, can't HLJ just send the replacement part? The shipping cost would be low for both parties and this trade off could be done immediately. HLJ could sell the set at a discount price. I'm sure there will be buyers who would instantly purchase for their previous sale price with a missing tab on a fast pack. This way you don't have to worry about getting another damaged product. I'm not sure how HLJ handles defective products from Arcadia. If they can't get full reimbursement, this proposal might make a little more sense for both parties.
  6. Oh wow, can't believe I missed him. Renato was right on the money. Yeah I was betting at $250 minimum but realistically we are probably looking a lot more. I've been holding back on all of Yamato's VF-19s series after getting the Fire Valk in hopes of Arcadia re-releasing with updated parts, namely the removable intakes. It matters a lot for me since I predominantly display my Valks in fighter mode. If this release doesn't have it, I guess I'll just have to give up hope.
  7. Personally, I prefer the yellow, more screen accurate. Whether it is yellow or gold, still looks like a Ronald McDonald's valk.
  8. Arcadia assembled the YF-19 for for distribution in a rush within a months time. Is there a specific reason why the Fire Valk would be stalled until October? I'm just hoping there is going to be some late tweaks and surprises. Hard for me to pull the trigger for the same Valk with a gold trimming paint scheme and little figures for north of the border of $250+. Mr. K kept quiet in regards to the extra Isamu without helmet until it's release. That was a pleasant surprise. Hopefully the same will happen for the intakes, the INTAKES ARCADIA!!!!! It can be done and it should be done. By the way, where is the stage suit Basara pilot figure???
  9. Possibly, all the Japanese MacFans checking up on us as to where we are hitting up the Chronos. Along with the MWers coming back to give us warning. Too many hits most likely crashed MW. I'd like to think some one lucky over there got one and tried to visit here to see us frantically refreshing and smirking at us. Pure speculation "Where some see coincidence, I see consequence. Where others see chance, I see cost." (Merovingian, Matrix Revolution)
  10. Does any one know how is it possible that the preorder window is less than 5 minutes on AmiAmi when Bandai did not set a scheduled preorder date? Is there some kind of networking leak to the fans by AmiAmi's staff? I seriously doubt that in the past month, fans would be checking everyday at the exact same time not knowing when this bird will be released. Bandai valks are hotter than the new iPhones on day 1. I'm sure the Japanese fans knew about it, waited for it, and sniped it out. We don't have much of a chance. I was also more surprised about the price. Pretty steep.
  11. I wouldn't say the demand is low for Macross Plus. The previous Yamato revisit sold well enough to do a reissue. The VF-11B still generates enough interest for people shelling out top dollar. Personally, I believe it's really the cost that prevents it from being sold out. Had it been cheaper, I'm sure multiple purchases would be considered. With all the QC issues, lack of tampo printing and no display stand included - it is pretty hard to justify the luxury cost for this bird. I agree with you that I expected more from Arcadia and Kawamori for the price I paid. They should have taken their time with it rather than push it's release date. However, I can't cry over spilled milk. It is the best YF-19 toy in the market right now. Perhaps some fans are waiting for a sale? I'll jump on another one if that happens.
  12. Sorry Scream Man. It was my bad. I accidentally threw in a joke that when I re-read it, it could have been read differently from what I really meant. I just PMed him to apologize that it wasn't my intent. Sometimes I forget that talking to strangers is different to friends. I should have been more careful when posting jokes as i have learned could be a double edge sword. Ironically I feel the same way too. Post one thing, it gets misunderstood and your wondering if you should have even bothered posting anything at all.
  13. Sithlord and xstoys collection? I have not seen their collection yet but will keep an eye out if they share it with us in the near future. Kicker, since you mentioned about fiddling to the max on the wings: have you found a way to remove the "made in China" print without damage? I read about Master Chengs attempt. Wondering if any one has successfully done it too. Please share.
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