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  1. nooo...no plan to do so, I'm just an ordinary hobby fan. I don't know how to recast anyway though I would love to know all necessary material and way to do it Thanks for the clarification
  2. Yes, they are kotobukiya mechanical chain bases. I built two 2-storeys compartments with ceiling; Floor size is restricted to 2 x 3 because of the dry box underneath. The upper compartment is composed of Ceiling: No.007 x 2, No.008 x 2, No.009 x 2 Side Wall: No.008 x 2, No.009 x 2, No.001 x 3, No.002 x 1 Floor: No.001 x 4, No.006 x 2 Back Wall: No.004 x 2, No.006 x 4 Summary: 001 x 3 002 x 1 004 x 2 006 x 4 007 x 2 008 x 2 009 x 2 With these, you can build the same with those core accessories shown. Also check here for those minors: http://main.kotobuki...o.jp/mechabase/ Agree , I also like gold (or silver) mirror visor ~~ Just because I wanna keep the VF-1S No painting ver Valkyrie toy clean, I'm going to deal with the re-issue kit version supposedly arriving in Oct Absolutely ~~ To build this kit simply demands another type of patience Here is the decal I have made for this built, yet they are not at all complicated graphics actually. Anyway, for handy sake, be my guest ~
  3. Thanks all~ MW is the origin of this 1/60 armor kit, and I'm delighted to show my appreciation here too. Below are a few bits and pieces progress shots; A few modifications were made by referring the original 1/72 ver which was first published in Model Graphix 2002 October.
  4. Hi, I'm a newbie here, nice to meet you all~ Here is my work done, just completed. Enjoy~ Obviously, the VF-1S No painting Valkyrie is from 1/60 Yamato Ver 2 toy. Since I want to keep it in good shape, I'm looking forward to the coming re-issue kit version. Thanks for reading, c u around .
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