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  1. Let them have their toys and other gaudy merchandise. That's all they can really hope for in the forseeable future.
  2. Without going into details, I think they have been been succeeded by fanboys with gamergate sensibilities and achieving the same kind of results.
  3. I think what they tried to replace it with should count as one of the greatest betrayals in the medium. One word - Bomba!
  4. A Hot Shots! parody poking fun at post RDM Battlestar Galactica influenced sci-fi.
  5. You may not know since you have been gone for a while, but a couple of months ago a Robotech comic framed both the TV series and the novels as alternative universes or secondary canon that the powers that be are seemingly no longer interested in developing further. Pretty convenient timing with the supposed renewal announcement. Not sure it was official, but it sure killed any motivation to take Robotech seriously anymore.
  6. A company epically screwed up, won’t own up to it, and made a spectacle of itself on the Internet trying to move past it. A pretty common story at this point.
  7. You guys know that whoever started this thread hasn’t come back for a very long time, right?
  8. Can’t help but think the same kind of ignorance of the legal situation that resulted in something like Remix happening had a hand in this.
  9. Titan Comics tried the clueless fanboy defense already, and look where their project ended up.
  10. Did Calibre Wings sell Robotech products at one point? At the time I am posting this, according to their website they list nothing. There's a placeholder for zero products under that franchise. https://calibrewings.calibresmodels.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=59
  11. I think the comic was supposed to be the main focus for the foreseeable future. The staff would not have been given so much freedom to shake up the universe as they did if that was not the case. I would argue that they were given responsibilities normally held by a certain Creative Director for Robotech. Then again, as with how other comic books work the people responsible for some the the drastic changes did could not stay for even one generation of the story to complete. Hopefully their replacements were left with a rough plan for where this off the rails story was supposed to go.
  12. I argue that this was not the case this time around at least storytelling-wise. There are varying opinions about the Robotech universe, (primarily, secondary, etc. canon stuff for those who take it seriously), but at the bare minimum you can at least appreciate that the powers that be at one point tried to craft a story and universe that was distinctly original from the source material. To see a lot of that thrown under the super dimensional bus, blatantly and unnecessarily at that, just to make the franchise more like Macross in ways previous staff never had the guts to do is pretty cruel.
  13. HG seemed like they were serious about rebooting Robotech in a big way just a year ago with vaguely specific plans, that’s all. If Remix was it, that’s humiliating.
  14. It is probably more relevant to the Mospeada thread due to the new project that was announced last year. Maybe it’s related to the pandemic. Still, these days it sure looks like many companies and the industries they are a part of which Harmony Gold likes to associate themselves and Robotech with, yet rarely actually contributes to, are in hard times.
  15. Damn, I heard how bad the casino industry got hit in the U.S. That does not sound safe.
  16. How has the pachinko industry been doing these days with the pandemic?
  17. @Azazel I just think it would be underwhelming if HG, for once in a very long time, just kept quiet about the franchise just because they can’t rely on conventions for publicity. After spending so much time milking the license renewal announcement for all it’s worth you would think they would have actual news to follow up on it. Granted, the stuff that happened afterwards was not really as groundbreaking. It’s not like they’re too busy to stream something. You can’t even tell what they actually do outside of the panels. It makes you wonder if their jobs can survive a quarantine.
  18. I thought a lot of them just moved on to Facebook or Twitter and got much worse, especially after last year.
  19. I would argue that there were some years when they really had nothing to talk about but still did the tour anyway. For instance, there were those years were they were trying to convince everyone that Shadow Rising was still being worked on, or the years when another name was dropped for someone considered to work on the live action movie.
  20. Besides toys, models and figurines, (since companies will be making those kinds of products regardless of what happens to Robotech), any press release involving anything with a plot, or a story that hasn’t been relegated to secondary canon recently?
  21. Now that I think about it, under normal times the Robotech convention tour would be making the rounds or when really important news would be dropped on the public. Unfortunately, a lot of comic book and anime conventions in the US have been cancelled or moved online for safety reasons. Anyone hear anything?
  22. To be honest, it has almost been a year since the big announcement and I was not expecting this era of the franchise to be so... self destructive. Granted, the only frame of reference I’m going by is the comic books, but what else is there to gauge it? It is by far the the most f’ed up thing someone has ever done to Robotech. And the crazy part is that it happened before the global pandemic.
  23. How is that license renewal announcement working out for everyone?
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