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  1. If I threaten everyone with more Gritty Mimmay spamming, will that get the mods to lock this thread? Because I'll do it.
  2. Just wondering what are the qualifications, responsibilities, etc. that are needed for being one these days?
  3. M.D Geist, Cybernetics Guardian, and Genocyber.
  4. Just a thought, how old are people who are still active on this forum? I just realized at least one person who posted on this thread according to their profile claims to be almost 50. Guess I’m slow when it comes to details like that.
  5. Great, another topic turning into another mid-life crisis thread. Might as well lock this one.
  6. They reconciled at the end. In fact, their subplot in Macross 7 might as well be to subvert the fact that they and their decedents were very close to being seen as Mary Sues in universe. Sure, they had a rough patch in their marriage, but after years of both being significantly successful in a lot of things. Nevertheless, they still loved each other. It's very different compared to whatever the heck happened to them in Remix. Also this.
  7. You consider both of them having successful military careers, moving on to a become a mayor and a fleet admiral, keeping their marriage intact and living long enough to have grandchildren yet still able to mop the floor with people as fighter pilots getting screwed over?
  8. No. You know someone really screwed up when Macross 7 is a better story.
  9. You either put S grade quality material behind anything marking the original characters' return or for the sake of everyone's childhood keep them in that black hole they are stuck in until you are ready to take it seriously. Pay Lady M a fortune not to rescue them if you have to.
  10. Don't know what you are talking about, Gerli. They obviously green-lit this comic and had no shame about its quality, the unfortunate implications it had in-universe past and future, and how it and other questionable things about its promotion put together would make the people who genuinely liked the franchise mad.
  11. 8 seasons, 78 episodes, in the span of under 2 years on Netflix? Of course the staff deserves a long rest even if there are plans for a continuation. That's an accomplishment even without the accolades.
  12. I thought Volton: Legendary Defender on Netflix was actually successful. Also for those still keeping track, so far the last Robotech product with a story that actually finished its run is still the Voltron crossover. Coincidentally, alternate universes was a major plot point for it, and it might as well been an inspiration for this venture.
  13. 5 Failed Robotech Sequels That Could Have Transformed the Franchise This would make it 6 now.
  14. I am repeating myself at this point, but I think Save’s perspective on what happened last year in the West was turned out to be right, or at least not really worth getting overly dramatic about. In fact, those who spent a huge part of last gloating about better hope it wasn’t real. It’s been an embarrassing spectacle to me, or just business as usual from that side of the world.
  15. Is this another hijacked midlife crisis thread?
  16. If it hasn’t happened in the last 35 years, it probably won’t at this point.
  17. After 35 years, how about having the courage to move past episode 85 (or 36) of this supposed multi generational epic series? Because the powers that be have literally lead you in circles for most of that time with multiple reinterpretations of the same story, this included.
  18. Are you serious? Over the course of this venture they really upped the stakes to the point where I don’t think they had a plan B in the near future if this didn’t work out. Also, 2021.
  19. Sounds like just another uniquely Robotech problem that someone will be forced to resolve (or not).
  20. What actually caused their relationship to break down?
  21. I have a feeling that this is supposed to be the payoff for whatever is going on with Max and Milia. Unfortunately, like whatever happened to Minmay (if she isn't dead) the series is still many, many issues, years, and staff rotations away from that even without a global pandemic.
  22. There should be a very good reason to see these characters again outside of an anniversary project.
  23. The last time I saw him he could barely fit into his flight suit because of steroids.
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