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  1. It’s hard to take people seriously when they say Macross, and recently Delta, is a failure when there is a second movie coming out, especially when they are really not hiding that they are damaged goods from another franchise with different expectations. For added context, remember that a dead ringer for Nekki Basara now exists in a certain comic book meant for a more “mature” and “serious” mecha crowd.
  2. It’s been over 30 years since Macross deviated from the supposedly serious, no nonsense show called Robotech. Don’t get mad at it for not matching your extremely high and unrealistic ideals, and don’t come to it projecting the unrealized ideals that Robotech failed to deliver over and over again.
  3. I’m interested in what it is going to be about. So far everything that has been said so far give the impression that this is just a second movie going beyond what the TV series went through. Does it feel like this it is leading towards a conclusion?
  4. I know I keep coming back to bringing it up, but despite all the HATE people have for Macross 7 out there over the years it’s pretty sad that something like Robotech Remix came around and did not even try to hide that it was clearly inspired by it.
  5. Pretty extreme long game plan they’re going with Delta as a whole.
  6. Should Remix come back, something Evil might make an official debut or something painfully and obviously derivative of both of those things. The unfortunate price for looking for new ideas in places where the powers that be really should not.
  7. Not just his glasses. Take out a strategically placed speech bubble and that character is also wielding Basara’s guitar. Just dye his hair black and his dialogue might as well be about singing the hell out of a mountain!
  8. Careful, that might have been the staff’s plan from the start.
  9. I have no regrets for all of my Macross 7 jokes at Robotech’s expense I’ve done recently. Blame the staff at Titan Comics for unknowingly opening this can of worms with HG’s blessing if you got problems with me because of it.
  10. From Robotech Remix, the last panel. Holy crap!
  11. That thing you and Titan Comics call a pet isn’t cute. But damn, it really was Robotech fans’ biggest nightmare becoming a reality. Wait, Bowie was already a decent piano player in Southern Cross.
  12. It was the most oblivious Macross 7 fan-fic that someone could ever think of doing. The only difference was no cute alien pet, no rock band and no guitar controlled vehicle.
  13. Old news, it was discussed at HG’s virtual convention panel over a month ago. And honestly, a couple months of hiatus won’t change the quality or trajectory of the comic.
  14. I’m assuming that all of the series are being uploaded there, but I just found out about YouTube’s community contributions option which is being phased out in September. Are they allowing people to add captions to their videos, especially in other languages?
  15. And I laugh at sad stories like you willing to go down in flames with this sinking franchise.
  16. Yeah... this is your childhood getting ruined (again). That’s funny, I guess.
  17. @JonMc Get over yourself and watch Remix’s source material. Also, if you are lucky, maybe there’s a Let’s Play of Macross M3 on YouTube to watch. It’s not like there’s anything worthwhile you or anyone else have to look forward to in the foreseeable future.
  18. They had a virtual convention panel over the weekend. A lot of the usual people involved have not aged well and not as smug as they were just over a year ago.
  19. Word of the street is that this comic will be in hiatus until 2021. To be honest though, I feel sorry for whoever works on this if it does come back. Hopefully, the announcement was just code for Remix getting the Shadow Rising treatment.
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