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  1. Noel laughing at all of you on Facebook right now for this can also happen, because of a lack of context.
  2. Noel is the owner of Calibre Wings, and he just trolled a whole lot of you good in addition to getting your money.
  3. I don’t buy it. It sounds too easy that things can change so quickly from just throwing their PR drama queen under the bus.
  4. You’re right then. Wherever/whenever they stream it avoid any potential dubs done for it and be wary of the first physical release. Translation might be questionable, but serviceable.
  5. Got high hopes for Discotek quality release. They’re doing pretty good bring out vintage series respectively these days.
  6. True, I keep forgetting that the mech/toys is what’s important to a lot of people, not that supposed multi-generational/time travel/multiverse/space weed story BS.
  7. I’d wait for whatever is supposed to replace Robotech Remix before saying HG won anything. It’s clear that every few years people in that mess, and the fans, have a bad habit of gloating prematurely and ending up having to defend something embarrassing as the actual result.
  8. I wouldn’t pat yourselves in the back here. You dealt with just one guy on a site plagued with so many imitators.
  9. Even William Shatner had the guts to (jokingly) tell fans “Get a life.”
  10. I blame Facebook. Good to know that after all these years it and a majority of people who use it are still trash and probably much worse these days. She does not have to take that BS.
  11. In the aftermath of Remix, I would take people like you more seriously if that franchise did not try to be more like Macross in the most humiliating ways possible.
  12. You pointed out the fundamental problem with youtubers I have these days, or at least why I have a low opinion of most making a living off the platform. They put so much effort trying to sound smart/funny/worth the 10 to 15 minutes of your time and are good at summarizing stuff that happened in the past, but when it comes to the future they might as well stop recording. Besides, when it comes to Robotech when was the last time a big change was announced and what actually followed was genuinely worth getting excited for?
  13. Heard HG got into the NFT business with Robotech. Is that the kind of change people are thinking about?
  14. HG will need those SDF characters and designs for another reboot project to replace the last reboot that screwed up everything.
  15. Years of Robotech Macross Saga continuation attempts should have been be good arguments to keep most of these characters away from the spotlight moving forward, if only to avoid ruining them with questionable character development decisions.
  16. HG still expects to people to take Robotech seriously after agreeing to this? I think they put everything they want to do going forward in jeopardy, even the LAM.
  17. Could’ve been worse. Imagine putting the entire future of the franchise solely on a quasi-Robotech equivalent and it back firing spectacularly. The rest of the world had to see that happen.
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