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  1. I could have sworn that you guys mentioned a commentary track long ago, maybe Macross related, where he had to get bleeped out because he went into a rant about something similar.
  2. I think his only accomplishment so far is open the floodgates to a whole bunch of Macross 7 jokes at Robotech's expense. It's karma for all the years fans spent ridiculing that series. Now they're just ironic.
  3. If your marriage can't survive against all odds for about 40 years, with a large chunk of it filling the void left by the main protagonist of the show you originated from, getting involved in multiple military campaigns across the galaxy with your partner, 7 biological and 1 adopted children, and a Dreamcast game, I don't think you deserve a last name like Sterling or Genius.
  4. I don’t know, Macross, Southern Cross, and Mospeada are kinda woke when you think about it (the first kind). What HG did to turn it into Robotech post episode 85 is kinda woke too (the second kind).
  5. I figured it out almost half a year ago when the totally not Var syndromed giant aliens showed up. This comic didn’t have a woke problem, it had a deculture problem, and I still don’t know what what the heck woke is supposed to mean.
  6. Some of that sounds like the Macross 7 version of Max, except he’s a loser. Did Miriya abruptly switch careers to politics?
  7. I question whether this comic book could have succeeded with that kind of demographic as the target and the amount of material the series has stretched across three unrelated shows that could trigger them. I mean come on, there was a J-Pop idol in the first part that they struggled to make excuses for.
  8. The biggest take away I got from this comic book? Never go full Macross.
  9. I think it was because Mikimoto’s talent was being utilized and appreciated for other projects like Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. Compared to this comic book, at least The First did not have so much pressure riding on it in the grand scheme of things, took itself too seriously, or was promoted as something that would forever change the status quo of the universe. The Macross franchise would not end abruptly if it just stopped.
  10. The cast of Orguss actually met characters from Macross in the Super Robot Wars and Another Century game series.
  11. What happens to the multiverse if the comic really is cancelled?
  12. The same kind of people Titan Comics is/was trying to appeal to as well at everyone else’s expense in that fandom.
  13. Robotech fans have a lot to be worried about if this controversial upheaval of the status quo doesn’t work out. Ignoring what HG reps said last year since it was the same BS as usual, all of this really could end one day in the year 2021. Save from the podcast was right; don’t panic and keep watching Macross.
  14. Just because people have a large pool of disposable income doesn’t entitle you to be an a$$ about something that was at one point related to the thing you obsess about. However, thanks to Titan Comics it might be related to it again, just not in the ways people want it to be. Then again, I could’ve posted the totally original Robotech bear aliens picture again because this is a super serious, no nonsense show.
  15. Says the conveniently late guy with the unfulfilled Zentradi fetish and ideal version of Robotech that only exists in his head at this point.
  16. I think people like you conveniently came too late into the situation to really know you are talking about, not being there for all of the embarrassing moments Robotech has gone through that helped lead things to this, Brofessor. Also, first impressions really matter, and you really screwed that up.
  17. Hope casually throwing away 35 years of Robotech lore, and Minmay, was worth this venture. By the way, on YouTube I found this channel called Hobotech that totally ripped off this franchise’s font.
  18. Invest some money on a bidet or an attachment that can be added to a regular toilet. I saved a lot of money not buying as much toilet paper thanks to it.
  19. That helped crowdsource one Robotech Kickstarter for 1.5 million dollars which ultimately was not able to deliver on all its promises but couldn’t save another one asking for half a million dollars to to create either a teaser/trailer or an entire series.
  20. Finally, modernized portrayals of both characters without spandex, roided out body proportions, eight pack abs, or all at the same time.
  21. By the way, thanks Titan Comics for finally giving Tommy Yune’s Shadow Saga the closest thing to an ending it will ever get at this point.
  22. Enough with the creepy Internet straw man garbage. It did not help Robotech years ago. Besides, there might be a guitar operated fighter in this comic’s future.
  23. The products with plot they’re giving the green light to in the interim are pretty embarrassing too.
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