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  1. Discotek Media has the license. They released the series on DVD in the US a few years back.
  2. It’s the Southern Cross portion of the series, silly. He becomes a franchise spanning McGuffin around this time. It’s all about Dana. ... Pray for her.
  3. Sorry Eastwinds2k, Robotech just joined that bandwagon too.
  4. Old_Nash keeps posting pictures of this weird alternative universe where some Macross characters have been turned into soulless husks that spend most of their time spewing out exposition instead of fighting aliens with mecha. I have no idea what the thread starter is talking about.
  5. I don't know whether it's ironic or hypocritical that for all of mockery Robotech fans and maybe HG staff have given to Macross 7 over the years that certain aspects from the show are now slowly showing up in an official product. And at the expense of so many years of canon. How the mighty have fallen.
  6. This farce ends in 2021. That’s the spoiler of all spoilers for this comic.
  7. Characters from universes connected by the Super Dimension have always been weird. Delta’s just continuing the tradition.
  8. Might as well be a holdover from the 80’s.
  9. While this played out, his behavior over the years has come under greater scrutiny. Unfortunately, someone started a thread about one incident in another section of the forum back in August.
  10. I don’t know. Can’t help but feel that public spectacles like this and his tendency to embarrass himself these days may eventually make any production he was involved in more and more problematic to certain companies to host. Granted, SDF Macross may as well been just another job, he did the voice for the male lead. And this is also a precarious time for HG as well with the license and whatever plans they have for the franchise.
  11. Until now I assumed that that that, the subs for Southern Cross and Mospeada were also part of the package that Funimation announced for their streaming service recently. It’s my own fault too, not caring to read the details of the announcement. Now it sounds even less significant to me since it’s a really bare boned deal compared to all the other material HG has promoted over the years that they are not getting.
  12. Anyone know where the Macross dub is streaming these days? Because I think HG has a problem. Funimation Files Motion to Recover Attorney's Fees for Vic Mignogna's Lawsuit (Update) Hikaru's english dub VA from an ADV Films release.
  13. Not gonna lie, all the garbage on the other side of the world that you guys don’t have to deal with is pretty exhausting. I thought real divas were supposed to be the idols.
  14. I think the streaming deal would be more significant if a certain comic book was not gleefully subverting all that material for the last few years and throwing whatever counts as canon these days out the window.
  15. How exhausting. Being a hermit/lurker/cypher is much more dignified at this point.
  16. A new TV series or an actual movie has not been announced or anything, or something that actually matters. Stop freaking out social media.
  17. Robotech is going to be on another streaming service with a potential paywall in the future. Helmed by the same company who released the most recent ventures of the franchise on DVD/Blu-Ray and probably had a personal stake on them at one point and might as well have been part of their catalog all this time? Hooray?
  18. I don’t think propping up a number of creative missteps in addition to the main body of work Robotech is known for counts as an effective “retaliation” to anything.
  19. No sympathy from me. It’s just one of many self inflicted wounds that have haunted this franchise over the years. A major difference this time around is maybe the people working on this comic are a lot more shameless about the legal side of things. I think the unfortunate timing of that interview with the guy working on the comic talking about how enthusiastic he was about about Macross 7 and then the creator of Macross 7 saying he does not appreciate his work being used in that way without his permission before Remix even started is a bad sign.
  20. And Minmay died for this or other faith worse than death. Never forget that.
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