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  1. I think the closest to official news you will ever hear about it is when the next person is name dropped as possibly involved with the movie in his place.
  2. Damn... there goes another alternate universe.
  3. Well, good luck finding whatever meets those extremely high and specific standards of yours, I guess.
  4. That is reminiscent of the sad stories of other holdovers from Robotech who came and went over the years.
  5. Just curious, but when was the last time a story from the Robotech universe suited you? Because while all of that sounds noble, it's also a luxury this franchise hasn't had over the past 35 years. The run before Titan Comics came in was the Voltron crossover. Just felt like pointing that out again.
  6. Agreed. Besides, the reality where trivial stuff like that mattered is now somewhere out there in the newly created Robotech multiverse, never to be heard from again. At least, that’s my take away from the ending of the first series of this venture. It’s just a Macross parody now.
  7. Who cares at this point. They might as well be called Not-Vajra if and when Titan Comics gets to them.
  8. Remember way back when derogatory stuff like “Macross Purist” was being used in certain circles. I do every time Old_Nash post pictures of Remix and just laugh at how things have changed.
  9. An allegory for mid-life crisis and the embarrassing depths people will go to stay relevant.
  10. You sure? Because at the rate it’s going it is one guitar controlled vehicle away from being one.
  11. Robotech Remix is the dumbest of Macross shows, and someone could get sued for it.
  12. Damn shame if a certain comic book threw Robotech’s post TV series legacy under the super dimension bus for nothing.
  13. Hmm, great job inadvertently bringing Robotech into both an identity crisis and mid-life crisis, Titan Comics.
  14. Throw in a few more Furmanisms in there for good measure. Man, that and the mecha-less finale of the first series was definitely a low point.
  15. I stand by what I said in another thread about HG; with some context, clearly the wrong people got mad at everything that happened in 2019. The only bending over that is happening because of it is at Robotech’s expense.
  16. Var Syndrome, someone watched Delta. Harmony Gold's has just given up. Pathetic.
  17. I think it's because the people working on this comic watched/pirated A LOT of Macross. At least one person admitted it, and in the process exposed himself as a potential liability. Hope that was just a clueless fanboy moment for that guy.
  18. We get it already Titan Comics. It still sucks to be a woman in the Robotech universe, and even more so in a watered down version trying to be a parody of a Macross show.
  19. With a lot more context, I think it’s pretty clear the wrong people got mad for nothing in 2019.
  20. I think they lost that and things might be getting worse for Robotech.
  21. The Internet owes me the last couple of months back for the overblown piece of news this year was all about.
  22. Bend a knee for your new hipster overlord, 85ers! Welcome to a new age for Robotech!
  23. True, one of the defining aspects of Titian Comic’s run with Robotech so far might as well be having no disregard for the source material (and the ACTUAL source material) to try and make an original story. If there isn’t a grand strategy that they are striving for at the end, many, many years from now, I’d say they are just digging a hole for themselves that they may not be able to get out of. Then again, Furman and everyone else working on the first comic book got out easy by just handing off that burden to the Remix staff. If they were working under extreme handicaps to make something resembling Macross, imagine the handicaps this Southern Cross remake is under. So yes, they were willing to sacrifice Minmay and everyone should be fair game at this point. Just want to be sure, Remix is supposed to be a continuation of the first comic series and not a self contained story with an extreme tonal shift, right?
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