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  1. And there's the 1/60 VF-1S weathering edition from Yamato with its corresponding weathering Strike Packs
  2. Depends on how much you want this figure in your collection. Everyone should have at least one DX VF-1 in their collection IMO. Hikaru's 1S preorder is sold out. There is a chance you could score one when it comes out. But the chance of scoring one at retail price is near impossible. As others said, securing one DX VF-1 during PO depends on your luck. Bandai does not have a great track record reissuing figures. So if you have some disposable income you might give the 1J a try.
  3. Different angles, taken from Twitter:
  4. Yes!!!!! Everything looks amazing.
  5. Thank God it was a joke, I was going to slap some sense into you!!!!
  6. I'm only intrigued by the potential RT LA film. HG keeps claiming it's a given but I doubt it.
  7. 6.800 Yen. Why give them ideas
  8. Man, I don't know, the Packs have too many markings, and the fonts are huge.
  9. Ignacio Ocamica

    Hi-Metal R

    Awesome!!!! You've done it
  10. I decided to glue one of the multiple abcrunch/waist joints when I built the RG Shinanju (it can't bend backwards now). This kit has too much articulation in that area, more than needed IMHO. It's very stable now, it holds the shield and weapons fine, but I have it on a stand, that helps a lot!!! The RG Shinanju looks great, but the RG Sazabi is a much better kit all around, it poses better, it is much more stable.
  11. As others said, beware of Saburo's pics!!!! All of his nice pics are known to induce you to buy all sorts of VF's
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