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  1. Me too Worst timing for me, going with the wife and kids three weeks to Hawaii. Hope I can pick up another run.
  2. Cool pic!!! Fighter mode:
  3. Stupid question (I'm very tired right now): info/link about the 1D availability and new stock offered by any vendor should be posted here?
  4. Quick cellphone pics with bad lighting:
  5. A beauty!!!! Thank you for the pics @Jasonc
  6. @sh9000 another awesome pic!!!
  7. Wow looking very nice!!! We definitely need more pics!!!
  8. Late to the party but they've finally arrived!!! Strike Parts from AE (waiting since April 2020). Focker and the missiles shipped from AmiAmi.
  9. Happy with how this project is turning out. The torso is now primered too. Will wetsand everything when finished.
  10. It really makes a huge difference painting Houquet!!!
  11. Making some more progress with my Zentran soldier.
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