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  1. Ignacio Ocamica

    Hi-Metal R

    Still love the Monster as much as day one when I got it!!!
  2. They are copying/taking inspiration from Bandai Perfect Grade RX-178 inner frame.
  3. You remembered!! Hehehe. I sent you the TV hands from the 1/48 VF-1A CF (it's an hybrid because it comes with DYRL head but also TV clown hands). My CF 1A is wearing GBP with the big mechanical hands.
  4. Interesting custom's, taken from Yacalog's twitter:
  5. I've seen a fan modding a Fokker 1S to sport a yellow heatshield!!! Only if I could find the pic.
  6. I have three Yamatos, so I'll pass. I'm happy for the people that missed all the other releases.
  7. Good to know about the "indefinite pw" thank you!!!
  8. I expect my 1S Hikaru to be naked for a long time. Paid for my AE preorder more than a half year ago. I'm in the April batch but the postal service from Japan to Argentina is postponed for the time being. Hope AE holds my preorder for me.
  9. Yes, where are my HMR Phalanx and Tomahawk???
  10. Ignacio Ocamica

    Hi-Metal R

    Perfect pose with the HMR!!!
  11. I'll pass this Kakizaki.
  12. I want Bandai to release a 1/48 1D DX. I want them to prove me wrong and show they really care for Macross.
  13. Amazing pics!!! Great collection.
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