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  1. The 43 year old in me has already posed Rick and Minmay in naughty ways...
  2. I managed to secure a preorder for Hikaru's 1S, and it's the one I wanted. More than Roy's 1S (we can all agree it's the most iconic one).
  3. Gerwalk mode. And it's the only 1/60 v2 (have almost 30) that has yellowed. It's not the biceps, it's the shoulder pieces (not the shoulder armor) that are made from a different plastic, POM I guess, and those pieces haven't yellowed at all. The white painted parts suffered no discoloration either. It was displayed on top of a shelf in my new house, and before I installed some blinders there was some sun reflection from a window during the mornings. That must have caused the nasty yellowing. I moved it to a dark room but the yellowing continued. It's some sort of reaction after being exposed to UV light I guess. Yes, it was displayed in gerwalk mode. Yeah that sounds easier
  4. Congrats my friend!!! You are one of the lucky few who got both ankles (inverted but one of each). This pic shows how Arcadia should have assembled all of the SV-51's.
  5. Yes it's an early painted prototype. But it's nice to see those pics though.
  6. My TV CF will get the whitening treatment this week. Will post some pics with the results.
  7. Ignacio Ocamica

    Hi-Metal R

    Bandai should reissue the Regults, the set or the regular one.
  8. Ignacio Ocamica

    Hi-Metal R

    +1 Couldn't agree more!!! Bring on the rest of the Destroids and enemy Mecha.
  9. Too good to be true.
  10. Great pose and pic!!!!
  11. Muy bueno quedó!!! Me encanta el detalle de diseño de calavera para ka cabeza.
  12. I'm always more inclined to ver Ka. kits and designs so an updated version sounds great!!!
  13. So I should get one to reshoot this pic??
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