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  1. Thanks for this cross-section! But are we sure that it's the right/actual size between the Bandai and the Yamato? I guess the Bandai YF-21 IS actualy bigger. The head is too small, the nosecone is too short, the intakes are also smaller (all compared to the Yamato). The pic of the Yamato is focusing around the nosecone area making the legs appear shorter. All in all it's good enough to spot the differences in design between both companies. The YF-21 is my favorite Macross design, it's up there in the top 1 with the VF-1. I need to see more pics to make a better judgement.
  2. It's my aproach with this line. And so far I've gotten Hikaru's 1J and 1S, both preordered through AmiAmi. Will try to get Roy"s 1S but only if I can secure a PO.
  3. I've never transformed Stick but one piece is cracked and the other has stress marks. I've transformed Rei twice, and both pieces are cracked. Haven't bought Yellow yet.
  4. Yes, and a VF-1D too.
  5. I'm reposting this from Yacalog's twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/zzakss/status/1213738879754194944 There's two reported breakages. A Max 1A and a Hikaru 1S. Both had the peg that connects the thigh to the intake break. The last three pics show the 1S. The owner repaired it by drilling through the piece from the intake that connects to the thigh and replaced the peg with a screw and a washer. Hope these are isolated QC issues.
  6. But we are comparing Strike/Super Packs. And the Yamato Packs are superior (not taking the tampo into account, where Bandai shines). Speaking of the VF-1, I prefer the Bandai DX, it's superior in every aspect I can think of. But the Bandai SSP's are a step backwards.
  7. Feels ABS to me, but I could be wrong.
  8. My 1S canopy shuts all the way down. It's my 1J that I have to press the canopy to make it perfectly flush with the nose/forward fuselage.
  9. Welcome to MW!!!! Excellent mod, turned out great.
  10. My AE set is showing April release. Oh well, my 1S will stay naked till then.
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