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  1. Yes, it is the same valk, but it has differences in the mold comparing it to the Yamato. Not only will the internal structure be different, but the surface details and porportions as well. The Arcadia VF-0 as others said is completely different from the Yamato VF-0. I would say that, maybe the tires and the cockpit seat are the same . Other than that, the proportions of the whole valk were updated. Comparing my Yamato Ivanov to the pics of the Arcadia I can see variations on the proportions. It has many adjustements here and there. It will be a whole new mold. Expensive, yes!!!
  2. Bought two 1/32 Jada Fast and Furious muscle cars. The Chevelle and the Montecarlo. I need strenght to stay away from the desire to collect 1/18 cars
  3. Ignacio Ocamica

    Hi-Metal R

    Beautiful work on both kits!!!! They look awesome.
  4. Ignacio Ocamica

    Hi-Metal R

    It IS top heavy. But the stand is just in case, to be safe.
  5. I've kept these two (have sold most of my old 1/48).
  6. Ignacio Ocamica

    Hi-Metal R

    This is an old pic taken at night but shows the size difference between the 1/100 HMR Regult, and the 1/60 Yamato Regult. Bandai should finish the remaining HMR Destroids and start with more enemy units ASAP.
  7. Ignacio Ocamica

    Hi-Metal R

    I love my 1/60 Regult
  8. Ignacio Ocamica

    Hi-Metal R

    I'm with you, but at this moment I want the damn Tomahawk, the Phalanx and enemy mecha, Nousjadeul Ger and Queadluun Rau please.
  9. Wasn't originally going to get a HMR 1D but your pics made me ordering one Saburo
  10. Awesome Mospeada collection!!! I see two Pilotless type
  11. I pay 50% import taxes to get my valks (Argentina, South America), so it ends up being a very expensive hobby.
  12. Cool pics, thanks for posting!!!
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