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  1. Next season of Iseki Quartet hopefully should be good. If anything we'll get more of Ains and Tanya budding friendship and hopefully some softening up of Niofumi. $5 that Filo is the one that presses the button.
  2. So they are close to how patent trolls work. Ouch.
  3. Question on the first use. So has there been a case where a trademark was used in another country prior to it's use in the US? Or we looking at new territory here?
  4. So I'm placing Azur Lane on hold so I can get a few other projects done. Been keeping up on the reboot of LoGH, this season is going to be bloody. Got to see some of the power armour combat finally. Wasn't too thrilled with the suit designs, but at least a bit better then the deep diver-suits of the original. This is going to be a sad arc.
  5. And now a movie, Crunchyroll has it for streaming currently. Hopefully it gets another season. Movie Spoiler:
  6. Yeah, it's a wide hit/miss ratio in that game. Honestly since the Eclipse there hasn't been a ship that turned my head based on looks. Most are by function and that is due to the moderate amount of carriers they released a few years back. The Chimera is an old design, it was gifted to Lifers back when the game went F2P.
  7. Modified X-Gear, they are used in racing competitions according to the inserts.
  8. Since it seems they are starting to tap STO for ships, I'm waiting on the Eclipse class cruiser. That sleek stealth ship is my main in the game and would love a cheaper option to getting it in 3d.
  9. So while I was laid up sick I beinged out both Symphogear GX and AXZ. It's like someone combined Gurren Lagann with DBZ and added in some fanservice plus healthy yuri bait. The fights are good and I'm digging the armour designs, the vehicle combos were a nice addition. Stopped four eps into XV just because I wasted a day on the series and needed a break. Overall I'd say meh, I'm a little jaded to this kind of stuff and not seeing anything really new with this.
  10. No, it's them getting there money back. And I was wrong it was $100 US
  11. $215 was the NZ price. the US price was $120 and all 9K sold out in a day anyway.
  12. If you have Crunchyroll via VRV the VRV app allows for downloading for off-line viewing.
  13. So finished with Mom and her Two-Hit mulit-target Combo or what ever it's called. At least the MC managed to get through without going Edipius on us. To replace the daughter series we started on Kemono Machii: Rise Up. About a luachador wrestler that get teleported to a another world to fight demon beast. However this guy really like animals in all their forms. Fact that this world has demi-humans seems to be a bonus. He also suplexes the princess that summoned him right out the gate. So we are hitting Konasoba levels of comedy-crazy which is nice. Also confirming that this season of LoGH is going to end in tragedy.
  14. Your not far off, Azur Lane takes a lot from Kantai Collection. Also not expecting a lot from this one. I'm just in it to see my waifus duke it out. In game I did place a ring on Enterprise and have a pair waiting for the carrier Fox sisters. Just really rare. Outside of the new season of LoGH I'm going to use this season to catch up/re-watch other series.
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