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  1. Since we didn't know if it was a limited event or not, my group watched the Saga of Tanya the Evil movie last night pretty much the instance it was uploaded. I got to see this when it did it's limited Theater run in the US. Still enjoyed it on my smaller screen. It hasn't been added to VRV yet, but if you linked your account you can still see it on Crunchyroll's main site. Hopefully with the blu-ray release they'll translate the anthem played during Tanya's propaganda shelling of Moscow. Which was a lovely troll.
  2. Me and few friends are, SpeakerPodcast did a review already and it sounds like standard Trigger fair.
  3. Focslain

    Bandai DX VF-31

    @valhary - Thank you for showing the build (or deconstruction), didn't even see the extra missiles.
  4. It was a good ride, my only compliant is that it didn't end on ep 24. The last two episodes are near NGE wtf. Not saying how, but yeah.
  5. Count yourself lucky. AoT LA was a train wreck and a boring one to boot and it had two movies try and failed.
  6. Focslain

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Got mine friday and spent a good hour and half getting the armour on. At least it still fit in the display case. Those display arms are needed. Also the wing thrusters seemed to be held via gravity in battliod mode. Not sure if that is correct.
  7. I'm going to guess that Season 4 will be a reveal of the larger world and end there befor the reich gets too far along.
  8. So got some stuff this week... With the armour on, it still fit in the case.
  9. Well they did announce that Season 4 is the final season, so maybe they are condensing all that to avoid it?
  10. Yeah and my viewing group has been keeping up with this series. It's still flying low at the current arc. These other mamas are so one-dimensional it hurts. This isn't the smartest season this year, or decade... For my Daughter I'd Fight a Demonlord is a little better, but the animation is sub-par. The world is a little interesting, a little. Dr. Stone is the other series we are watching and it's like Cells at Work mixed with the Civilization game series.
  11. Well her pre-order page is up: VF-31E Reina Already ordered mine, 4 down, one to go.
  12. Well she's still showing in stock
  13. Would have liked it if her 31E had the radar dish deployed, but going to get for the collection anyway. So guess Mikumo's 31S will be beginning of next year? Also HLJ is making the page right now, pre-order should be available shortly.
  14. Focslain

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Ah, well close enough that it hits my list of 'get when you have funds' list. Especially with the amount of mechs I've gotten this year.
  15. Focslain

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Seems that the actually are planning to make it. Found this now that I know the company. Sci-fi 03 Display
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