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  1. Yukikaze (Brokeback Air Force)

    So this series popped up recently in another thread and was wondering if anyone knew which streaming service might be showing this? Googling just gives me dailymotion which I will look at later.
  2. New Macross TV Series in 2018

    So you want Gundam in the Macross universe, but with Zentraedi instead of humans.
  3. On the note of planning, anyone from out of state that has done prior cons, I'm up for advice in doing this cross-country trip, including the best hotel for this for someone without a vehicle.
  4. Same here, at least I know when to try for now.
  5. Well frak me.... ok, my prior statement just got removed. Granted this gives the movie credit before viewing, but that would have been neat to see on screen.
  6. The stripe is an honour mark of the Corellian navy, at least in the old EU. As for the ship, it shouldn't be the falcon nor even a YT-1300 class, at least not by current (as in pre-Solo, post Disney buy-out) canon. But not surprised that Disney would re-con it's own properties considering the end of Rogue One after thinking about it. I would give them massive props if the toys are mis-labeled on purpose to capitalize on brand identity for pre-sales so that they don't give away movie info prior to it's release. But doubt it. The YT-1300 has a bit of cargo space, this is one of the few times that the tech manuals show more then what is seen on film. Technically there is cargo space in most of the saucer section the two circle prongs on the side are cargo doors.
  7. It should be mentioned that the writer of the ANN review was in the Speaker podcast that the guys gave their own review. She literally states she pretty much verbalized her article.
  8. Macross Delta Scramble

    There are a set of bonus missions that unlock after you S some of the story missions, but that shouldn't stop you from getting the campaign limiter as you only need to complete the two main story lines. If it is a bug, uninstalling and reinstalling the game might fix it. To be fair, Scramble isn't that hard on the Xoas side and the Windimere side only a little bit harder since you don't have an Ex-Makina for support. Best to use one of the twins for health early and then switch to Bogue for his unlimited ammo ability in the final fights. So redoing it isn't too hard as long as you haven't ground out ever mecha and thier limiter unlocks.
  9. Macross Delta Scramble

    Ok, I have to check my game later, but this might help... In the store make sure you have purchased all three of the limiters (fourth selection in the store), if any of the options are grayed out then tell me which ones (ie the first, second and or thrid, going from left to right) Next to use the YF-30 you need to have bought it. If you have it your good, buying all the valks does earn you a trophy, but otherwise not needed to unlock them. I only know this because I was able to use the YF-19 in all the mission to earn credits to buy said valks. Honestly to get the campaign limiter you only need to beat the two story modes and not even at S rank.
  10. Macross Delta Scramble

    As in the Limiter options? Did you complete all the bonus missions too?
  11. ps4 and pc game

    The two newest are Macross Delta Scramble for the Vita/PSTV and the unoffical Macross Homeworld Mod. Otherwise not at this point, but once the new series starts up it's advertising we should start to get wind of another title. It's a good bet though that it will either be another Vita title or for the PS4 since there hasn't been an offical Macross title on the PC since the early '00
  12. Bandai DX VF-31

    Thing is that the image that shows just the super parts doesn't show the reaction missiles. So are the reaction missiles another promo piece or are they included in the set.\?
  13. Been thinking on this. So in the case of not much dojins, might it be that there is more than enough waifu-bait out there? If the info from the Speaker Podcast guys is correct, then Walkure is known more for their music then the anime and could explain lack of imagery. There is also the point that Delta was paper thin in plot and character development. In looking at Walkure individually there is little dojin material outside of Makina x Reina as Kaname is too straight and has little screen time, Frejya has the most but is so tied to Hayate that breaking the pair would seem sacrilege and Mikumo is a construct with one purpose, to sing. Versus Ranka and Sheryl from Frontier which had way more depth and human emotion and I only saw the movies. Walkure’s best and only major strength is their music, which is why their concerts are so packed.
  14. Well, the OP and ED maybe, but the BGM and themes are being done by Hiroyuki Sawano and this guy knows how to do an epic score.