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  1. I mean heck even a reboot of SDFM in this style would be amazing. Honestly I just want A series after the next movie. Something that expands the universe a little if you please.
  2. Hoping it ends up better then the original series. I got a FMA: Brotherhood vibe from this though.
  3. Just about, granted the series did it's job, it got me to buy the LN.
  4. Huh, might explain some of the issues in the Irregular at Magic High School adaption, considering they did 7 volumes in 26 eps. Though that just had whole side story chapters removed, but those stories helped in the world building.
  5. Well you do what you like, guy makes enough of GiTS royalties that he really doesn't have to work. He just draws what he wants. I feel that his earlier works were to find something that he liked and could sell, basically make his hobby his job. He just managed to strike it hard on his GiTS series. DTP was in the same universe, just prior iirc.
  6. That might be the assault interrcesor that just got released in standard scale. Heavy version is either going to be space wolf or iron hands.
  7. So are you describing Monster Musume or Oisha here? Most of this is from Musume with exception of the zombie bit (which was the dulahan, in Musume) I'm going to look into grabbing the LN for Oisha because the science in this series has my interest. Sure there is fanservice, but that is to be expected if this series is to drawn in and hold the old Musume crowd. Which seems to be the plan. In general Oisha has a better world and a more interesting plot.
  8. Then you should. Seriously if you like something speak your mind. Nothing wrong with a difference in taste, just be able to explain why outside of just wanting to buck the trend.
  9. Yeah, not going to lie. The movie is my only real taste of that universe. I didn't have any issues with it either. Speaking of the series I'll add it to my watch-list once I find it.
  10. Same here, just looks like a Special Edition cut (ala the Star Wars trilogy), but they removed Patrick Stewart. As long as the plague is still going on I'll wait for a home release.
  11. This was definitely one of those 'It shouldn't be this good' shows. Also due to the twist in the final moments of the season we do need a season 2.
  12. So added to my growing collection of nendoroids. I have four more on pre-order, for now... I'm going to have to start using my spare green stuff to make tiny food for these as I want to have a full picnic scene and need more food items. Plus the scene of Senko-san dropping in vegetables into Geralt's tub while Masotan watches is digging into my brain to be made.
  13. That has more to do with the source material then the studio. From what I've been hearing the adaptions are pretty spot on from what is in the mangwas. Plus nothing wrong with a fireworks display.
  14. Of course they miss the micro-thruster belts they wear. You can even see the thruster flares in episode one and in Freya's debut concert. Walkure is a good example of the axiom "Any technology significantly advance is indistinguishable from magic." For Delta it was the focus on the idol group with some mecha combat around that caused the concern. They just need to find a better balance (like Frontier), but that comes with practice and let's be blunt. Macross has only had about half a dozen series it's catalog. This compared to something like Gundam or Fate/Stay which have dozens
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