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  1. Ok, so my personal kit bash is on hold until this drops. Then I'm converting Klan to a catgirl.
  2. True, at least they had the brains to keep RC Bray as both Bishop and Skippy. Also awaiting the next book in either the main line (damn Valkyrie ended darkly) or more Mavericks. And if you looking for more like Craig Alanson, check out John Ringo. Especially his Looking Glass and Troy Rising series.
  3. So binged Beastars yesterday, that was trip. Very much a coming of age piece as well as a morality tale. Did connect with Legoshi, I feel for the poor boy, but he is a good boy and hopefully things work out somewhat for him. The sequence of him and Haru at the hotel had me rolling though as I've dealt with one too many RPs that went in that exact direction. Also got to see the two Gundam Thunderbolt movies. Character design seemed off to me, but deculture the mech battles were awesome! The Pycho system had me chuckling since I have a similar system for one of my Imperial Knight pilots.
  4. So I started Beastars and I can see why others like it. Legoshi reminds me of myself during my late teens. Also started a re-watch of Dragon Pilot since I'm grabbing the Masotan nendroid at the end of the month. Still a fun watch. Since I'm going to be working from home for the next two weeks (thanks corona/s) I'm going to add Carole and Tuesday to the pile. Depending on how much I get thru might add In/Spectre if the dub has enough episodes done.
  5. Good or bad, RT had an impact on western anime. It was responsible either directly or indirectly for a lot of people getting into anime. If anything it was a cautionary tale of how not to export anime into the west. Just look at Gundam and Dragon Ball. Honestly if ADV or some-one else had gotten the publishing rights to Macross Plus/II my path thru anime wouldn't have been any different.
  6. You can get a little of that as Kate plays the AI Nagatha in the Expeditionary Force: Homefront audio drama. Course after listening to it you might want to snap off Zachary Quinto's thumbs. I know I did.
  7. Focslain

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Only have the 31C and the Silpheed armour. Now for models that is a different story...
  8. Here you go: https://www.hlj.com/1-72-scale-vf-11d-thunderbolts-test-pilot-school-hsg65866 It's listed under Hasegawa limited series and not macross
  9. Thanks, I'm working on a version of the boomerang shield drones from Delta that will use clear plastic as well, but haven't found the right parts yet.
  10. Yup, same with the missile pack mounts. Also the riptides hand and the battlesuit hands... and some of the weapons on the suits.
  11. For those interested, this is my full mecha army. For now. I'll revisit it sometime.
  12. These are two different things. Palpatine's political rise to power was the b-plot of the prequels. As for how the Jedi go to where they were as an organization by the time of the prequels is something from waaaaay back, like pre-Republic old. Wouldn't mind a Tales of the Jedi series, especially to see a fight with proto-lightsabers.
  13. Ouch and VI is my favorite of the movies. I'm guessing that the militaristic faction was originally the majority in the Federation instead of just a small group as in the final cut?
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