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  1. Focslain

    How often do you transform your Valks?

    I'm all for this, technically it's what I consider when I'm reposing them to be, but that's me. Which reminds me I really need to rearrange the mantle to get the Quarter up there in ship mode.
  2. Focslain

    How often do you transform your Valks?

    Depends on my mood. General I'd figure I switch their modes every few months. Then there is my one YF-19 that hasn't been touched in.... 8 yrs?
  3. Focslain

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I'll do through CDJ if they get it, that way I get the points too. Just have to have the funds earlier for the PO.
  4. Focslain

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Might have to ask for a favor then, less someone can point me in the direction of some (hopefully) simple instructions to ordering the TWE from the US. Thanks in advance on both points.
  5. Focslain

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Well gives me time to save up, and if this is just for the armour then I'll have to repaint it for my VF-31C. I hope that this will be available through HLJ, but my guts is telling me it will be a web exclusive.
  6. Sorry for the lateness. What I thought was the barking Tank! wasn't what I thought it was. Since it wasn't under the Tank title I had to listen to the discography. Song is Wandering Cowboy (Ein) on the Cowboy Bebop Boxed Set (2002). It's a remix of the Tank! melody with Ein barking every now and again. There is a better version with Ed (Aoi ED Tada) if interested.
  7. Focslain

    Netflix: The Umbrella Academy

    Me and my group binged this last weekend. Personally I thought it was ok, the time travel and paradoxes was a neat hook. Saw the ending coming a mile away, but was still a fun ride. Never read the comic but my buddy (who requested we watch it in the first place) stated it was close enough though deviates from the comic just after the halfway mark. The tone and general feel was still kept up though the end. So if you didn't mind what the MCU did with it's source material then this adaption shouldn't be too bad for readers of the original series.
  8. Basically the events shown in the closing. Figured but one could hope.
  9. Honestly this has been keeping me in the series, granted the last ep was a bore, need more politics with the other kingdoms soon. It's also keeps me in Sheildbro due to what he gets saddled with soon. Like to see him turn what seems like a POS into his own nation just to spite the princess.
  10. About the barking Tank, there is a track of that in one of the Seatbelt albums. I'll track it down tomorrow.
  11. Focslain

    What Current Manga Are You Reading?

    The mecha in the series have so little screen time I had forgotten about that. Will look into it. Thanks.
  12. Focslain

    What Current Manga Are You Reading?

    That's fine, figured I look for an alternate. Also speaking of mecha books, does anyone know of a LN that has mecha in it. Need to find one for research, it doesn't need to be in english btw. Thanks in advance.
  13. Focslain

    What Current Manga Are You Reading?

    So checked and if you don't mind digital, Bookwalker has each vol up to 15 for $7.90 each or you can just drop $84 for the bundle (1-15). If you don't have bookwalker check out some ani-tubers and in general someone has a discount code for your first purchase.
  14. Focslain

    Retro Gaming

    No lag that I noticed and I use it mostly to play Macross Delta Scramble.
  15. Focslain

    Aoshima VFG

    So I have a few questions for a crazy idea I have to my 'spare' VFG. 1) I'm not too hot on the 31A design, I like my forward swept wings more then the delta wing design. If some-one wants to swap me their 31J for my 31A I can work out a trade. 2) Does anyone know the scale of the girl, need to know to get the proper accessories from shapeways.