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  1. So went through Helpful Fox Sanko-san via the dub during work. Cute and calming and not nearly as depressing as I was worried it would feel. Mostly since I know exactly how Nakano feels on a personal level, so this series was something that hit way too close to home. Got mom to sit thru Violet Evergarden as well as finish the whole thing myself (stopped at ep9 in my first try) and she enjoyed it. Called it beautiful but a tear jerker the whole way through. Also since I found some of the Monotagari series on Audiable (Kizasnotagari and Nekonotagari White) I watched some more of the anime, Nekonotagari Black and started Monotagari season 2, basically the arc that covered what I just listened too. The opening to Nekonotagari Black was beautiful and some of the smoothest animation I've ever seen. Other wise the series is how I remember it. Very art housey, pretty as frak and a test in speed reading since the series is sub only. I want more of the series to get the translated audio book treatment, it was done really well. Like an audio drama and easier to follow then the anime.
  2. Actually it's also from the opening animation from the Walkure 3rd Live concert where the girls are walking to custom 31s of which they are aligned to each depending on their roles/relationships. Relationships explain Freya to the 31J (Hayate's) and Kaname to the 31F (Messer's) while role adds to (most likely) Mikumo for the 31S (Arad being the leader) and Reina to the 31E (being the groups electronic expert) with Makina either being the fill in or just attaching both best girl of the idol group and pilot groups, that being Mirage so the 31C.
  3. Ok yeah the set up of this series is nuts considering the short time span. Just wait til the brief history is Vers shown. That makes even less sense. On that though the series isn't too bad. Just make sure to watch the last episode of season 1 and first episode of season 2 back to back. Also Inaho is massively OP. His like Tatsuya from Irregular but with mechs and without the sister complex.
  4. It seems that the season did in fact end at ep22, the last three was to setup the next season if they get one. Odd way to do it, but we'll see if they get a new season later.
  5. Joseph Joestar is one of the best, if not the best of the family line.
  6. Had to look it up the eaglemoss model. Yeah it looks almost exactly like the borg sector ship in STO. It's the boss at the end of the red alert mission.
  7. Sec... So this is from the Uta Macross game, but the fighter models are about as good as in the recent Vita game. If you need another angle I'll try for it, the lighting isn't the best, but you can see the two engine nozzles inside the main one formed by the feet.
  8. So once HG's grip is gone, why not do a Kickstarter for the translated versions like how Antarctic Press does with the Gold Brick editions? Set a goal that covers the cost of the translation and basic printing then make that the goal, even have a few editions signed by the designers for like 4x the cost of the base book to drive up backing. Then just do that for each Master File until the series is done or they have the proof that these things will pay for them selves if sold outright.
  9. Focslain

    Bandai DX VF-31

    My only issue with the new blue armour is that means we could get a set for all the delta members and that includes Mirage. Welp, didn't know if they would so got the one for the 31S and will continue on the repainting plans.
  10. I want an anime of this, it's like Strike Witches mixed with a sports anime.
  11. So wasn't feeling too good and binged two series yesterday. FMP IV and Mysteria Friends. I got to episode 8 on FMP, this season is dark man. I'll finish it later but this had a higher body count on the cast then I remember the series allowing. Mysteria was just a fun cute fantasy yuri love story. Beside who won't want to sleepover with Grea.
  12. So cleared out my warehouse from HLJ and got the following: The Galaga fighters are a gift for my dad (his bday is coming up). The M7 dvds were a gift from my mom, she found them at a goodwill, for a $1. It's eps 1-27 so guess what I get to do soon. Seems someone had unloaded your kids anime collection because she also found (not pictured), 3 vols of Captain Herlock (did not mis-spell that), 7 vol of Trigun, and 5 of Excel Saga.
  13. Good thing the season is almost over. Honestly this episode felt like a good ending point, kind of wish they had ended the season with this and maybe padded out the story earlier on.
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