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  1. Little of column A, little of column B? Honestly the dramatized event angle works for Macross as I highly doubt singing would be as powerful in the 'real world'. A decent example even in anime I think is in Gundam Seed cause I remember Lacus trying to pull a Minmay with a more realistic result.
  2. Oh just wait till the house party in S2, that will have you rolling.
  3. We technically already have proper english subs for Delta. Their just really expensive.
  4. Oh gods I used to have the originals of these. Might need to follow cause I always wanted their tier 3 suits.
  5. Yeah, friend showed this to me last month. I have never wanted a mob boss to win so much as I did in this movie.
  6. Sounds about the right reaction. From what I've heard S2 is his redemption arc of sorts, which with the grave his dug himself that has to be one hell of a climb and explains why people are loving it now.
  7. Welp that's another scene off the OP bingo card. If the hero shows up after this that will confirm the time displacement between the two plot lines.
  8. Maybe, honestly the catgirl ones were what spurred me to start collecting. Might have only gotten one or two to make my pathfinder bard conversion and stopped instead of the half dozen I have now.
  9. Oh I know that already. Since Shield Hero I have a tendency to do a little bit of wiki research on series I have an interest in. I'm in a series for the journey, but if the destination is particularly bad then if after a few eps I'm not sold I get off the bus. (looking at you AoT). Found out the spider's fate rather quickly and I'm good.
  10. Goldem Boy is short and bloody hilarious. Kintaro Oi was an inspiration.
  11. Saw this over the weekend, glad to see they aren't skipping arcs whole sale. Was worried when season 2 was stated to be the Visitor arc. Once I fix my funk mood I need to catch up on season 2. Going to try the dubbed version to see how well they did. Also heard they are adapting Honor Student as well. I'm hoping they do it in the bishounen style like Sailor Moon or Fruits Basket as it would fit the manga. As part of the group watch: Dr. Stone - was disappointed that the tank didn't look like the one in the opening. Still waiting to see if Tsukasa just one shots it or if on
  12. Agreed, but that is why missing his inner-dialog makes the anime a poor adaption. The LN is up front in the first volume that he screwed his entrance exam for his sister. He needed to pass enough to get into the same school, but fail enough to not out-shine her as he wants her to have a good high school experience. Plus there is his job as her Guardian, which yes I know there are times when that seems like his not doing it well in both version. Oh no, some know almost off the bat. It's why Mari fights to have him on the Public Moral Committee and Mayumi helps in getting him to p
  13. Well considering he cheated to lower his test scores... Yeah I can see that. He does give an explanation in the LN but in the anime it's a throw away line during one of the basic tests. Mizuki notices that Tatsuya is trying too hard at the test (basically to hide his good) and he flinches at her notice. It's the same test they use to explain how some of the magic system works. Same goes with his engineering except that is when Azusa is looking at his custom CAD and slowly starts putting it together. It just doesn't click because it would be absurd that the great Silver would be a we
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