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  1. I have enough of these, please don't tempt me with an armoured version.
  2. Heads up, you'll want to add some green stuff in the neck hole of the VF-4 and get some magnets to hold the thing together. That's at least how I did it. So the head rotates and the burst cannon ears can change position due to being on the part where the laser cannons were.
  3. As long as it's close enough. I'll check both but I already have a rep of a 25 in the force. Project is my Macross themed Tau army, looking for colour schemes for the riptide. Edit: Hmm.. Looking at this I think I'll go back to the default idea of a VF-1 armoured. With the strike pack it has the same basic shape of a riptide so the scheme will mesh easier.
  4. Thanks, it's a 1/60 VF-0 head from shapeways. I lost the original model head and took a chance. The 'ears' are burst cannons. The drones were a pain to make but worth it. Would have been easier if a part wasn't only available in a $60 kit. I cleared said bit out of the bitz sites I could find to make what I have now.
  5. Well might as well drop this in then. I started on my Macross themed Tau army. Below is the start/core of the force. Pictured list: Coldstar Commander w/ High-output Burst Cannon, 2x Missile Pods and Shield Generator - scheme based on VF-25S 4x XV8s w/ Cyclonic Ion Blaster, Missile Pod, Shield Generator, one replaces it's missile with a Drone Controler - Scheme based on CF VF-25 Three squads of 4 Tactical Drones - 2x Marker drones and 2x Shield drones - scheme and design based on QF-4000 Ghost Drone The drones are a combination Marker/shield drone I pieced together to look a little like the ghost drones from Frontier. Each part is on it's own base and held together via magnets. You can see the separate pieces here: This way once on part dies, generally the shield drone part will take the hit since they can take more damage, I can separate the model and continue on using the other half. I just finished this group over the weekend. Contains: 3x XV8s w/ Burst cannon and 2x Missile Pods - scheme based on CF VF-1, sgt on VF-1J 4 Tactical Drones - 3x Shield Drones and 1 Marker drone - 2x Shield based on shield drones from the Mercarius from Gundam Wing Also have a few non-Macross inspired pieces. This stormsurge was based on the Buster Gundam from SEED and two of the shield drones above are based on the Mercarius' drones from Gundam Wing. In the detachment the Stormsurge is going to be in I'm planning to have six shield drones done in the Mercarius pattern. In the WIP pile I have this XV9 patterned after the 31. It's kit is twin burst cannon, pulse submuntion rifle and shield generator. The tri-speaker on the other shoulder is it's photon caster. Rules wise it stalls charges aimed at it. Then we have the coldstar commander for my Bork'an sept detachment which includes the Stormsurge above and the fireblades I'll show later. Kit is the Bork'an relic plasma rifle, basically longer range, more damage and more shots then the stadard version. Two missile pods and a shield generator (not shown). The scheme is going to be based on the YF-29. Finally my Fireblade stand-in. I tried to make a trooper in EXGear, pack is the engines from a sniper drone, legs from a Tempetus trooper and the arms are from the current stealth suit. Coarse the legs give away that the fireblade isn't Tau. In fact most of my suit pilots are a race the Tau call Gur'vessa or as we know them, humans.
  6. Got an odd question from a project I'm working on. What was the earliest fighter to use a barrier system (pin-point or otherwise) and did it have a heavy armour version? (like the OWL or tornado armour)
  7. If their insistent on releasing the dub and sub at the same time, maybe. But other services have gotten near semi-dubs running currently. Worst case is that the dub would be a few weeks, not months behind. Also if your co-producing the series you could make it a requirement to get a translated script. Considering their issue with keeping viewships it would be best to do these as weekly series, dropping episodes like they do everywhere else but the US, then a few months later drop the dubs as 'new' episodes. That gets the series a new cycle as then it goes in the sub vs dub conversation or at least how the dub VAs did the characters justice or not. And Netflix has done sub only anime before so it wouldn't be odd in the slightest.
  8. Still shows as in stock. The promo code is invalid after 02/02/2020, but you can still get the blu ray.
  9. True, but might be an interesting watch depending on what they are doing. Will depend on when it is though.
  10. Same, ok so might as well keep them, though I do have a spare code.
  11. Guess I wasn't specific enough, sorry. What I'm wondering is what the prize is. If it's tickets to an event, which it seems to be, then I can just send my codes to someone that has a better chance of getting to the event then me.
  12. So I got an email talking about a promo code for ordering the blu-ray. Anyone know exactly what it's for and if they are transferable?
  13. Feels like the old "Once bitten, twice afraid" since Discovery was such a departure from the prior treks and the previews of Picard looking like more of the same and it's raising flags. Picard has a few things I'm interested in so if given the chance I'll watch it. Will it keep my attention is something different and honestly not hard. However Discovery did manage that in its pilot, sooo. Honestly 99% of this is based on speculation, trailers and other publicity. Best to wait for the series to actually drop (01/23/20) before making a final opinion.
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