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  1. Kind of, though it has comedy, it's way more trek than Discovery. Which isn't saying much.
  2. These are just the start, at WarhammerFest there was four more chibis not pictured. So the line is planned to be expanded. Personally getting the sister and skitarii. As for the 7" marine it is just the first in a line as well. We'll see more as time goes on. For a starter though it's not a bad one.
  3. If this thing came with two cat-girls I'd buy it right now. Since it most likely comes with one I'll wait for the preorder.
  4. This explains a lot. Took forever to get the names of some of my characters since I try to use terms of concepts in other languages for my naming skeem.
  5. That's because no sites are. IIRC a complaint made by the guys on SpeakerPodcast was that this was a channel exclusive tied to their sat network? So only way to watch it will be to pirate or have the correct TV package. Hopefully they'll at least publish the results after the broadcast.
  6. For Funimation LEs, preorder if your even thinking of getting it. They tend to be ~50% off and ship the day prior to release. At least mine have.
  7. After this last episode it seems that they are bumping the quality up a bit. At worst I'm hoping for a meh season, which means that the writing can save it rather easily.
  8. Yeah, that has been the biggest compliant about this season is the dip in animation quality, but if you start with MadHouse that was a high bar to set for the rest.
  9. No it has, JC Staff is doing it this season, also the original director is not on staff either, so there is that. IF the story is good then I'll take a quality drop, just hoping they don't drop the ball completely.
  10. There is a Marvel vs Capcom (2?) machine at Games n At and have you checked out Victory Point in South Side also I saw a few fighting games in Ace Breakaway and Play on Smithfield.
  11. For those wanting the 31E, might want to wait a bit cause they'll be releasing a green ala Reina version by end of year.
  12. Focslain

    Macross 30

    Outside of Uta and a crossover with another mobile game, no.
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