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  1. Saw this one earlier in the year. Cute and decent for a mobile game adaptation. Speaking of which it's supposed to hit western shores soon.
  2. Just when I think I'm out, they keep pulling me back in. And using catgirls as bait is even worse (cause it's super effective).
  3. On that note.... Still doesn't have the same feel of watching it with others in the room. To be honest I've done a few online viewings, heck I host an anime watch party twice a week, and it feels like I am on my own. I might as well be watching it on my own as I'm the only one in the room. For me the experience isn't the movie itself, but the gathering of friends and having that physical connection. Just old fashioned I guess.
  4. I'm in the same boat, also before the plague several of my friend's circles would meet up for movies. Now I can fit like six max in my home theater (living room), but when all of us are together we start filling a row at a movie theater. I'll miss the large group viewing, but what WB is doing with HBOMax will help till the plague goes away and gives others an option in general.
  5. Moriarty is one of the series my group is watching. Only complaint so far is that the cast is too pretty for his liking. Otherwise it's another class war over-arcing story with revenge plots as the main episode focus. The series is at least nice enough to give the audience the clues needed to reach the conclusions Moriarty does so that he doesn't look like a total know-it-all. We will most likely not get a Sherlock during this though unless there is a time jump. The guy pointing a gun at Moriarty in the opener is most likely either a new rival for the series or Mycroft Holmes (Sherlock's
  6. I noticed it after the last forum update, but the spoiler BBC no longer works. Which is a shame since I tend to write long posts via notepad and just copy/paste.
  7. My anime group has started back up, moved to the weekend so we added another series to the rotation since we have the time. Going thru Ascendancy of a Bookworm (season 2), By the Grace of the Gods, Higarshi, Molarity the Patriot, and Sleepy Princess in a Demon Castle. Of which only Ascendency and now Sleepy Princess has my attention. I'll definitely go thru Molarity again once they dub it. Nothing against the current voice cast, just I like watching a series in it's native tongue. (Need a Italian dub of Gunslinger Girls, please)
  8. I actually prefer turn-based to RTS, which is why I like Deadlock more (played a far it since I made that post) then Battlefleet Gothic Armada. If I can get out of No Man Sky I should take another run at the campaign with the updates they have done in the past year.
  9. So the thought came to me. What if Harmony Gold is holding onto Robotech so hard is not to make a profit, but a lose. That way they can use it as a tax dodge, something that has been show many other big businesses have been doing for a while. Guess it depends on how Harmony Gold's businesses are connected.
  10. Honestly I hope anime never really tries for the 'wide appeal' angle, aim for the niche and strike hard and true and you'll get a decent series. Swing wide and you'll more often than not miss by a mile. Plus I like the different out-look, it's what makes foreign TV interesting.
  11. S1 is great, S2 is a kick in the balls. Don't get too attached to anyone, like anyone in IBO.
  12. Personally would love to see the VFG line added to the anime, in that same vein they could do a version of Macross the Ride. Just want something a little more mecha heavy after the music took the stick in Delta.
  13. IIRC the producer of [i]Shield Hero[/i] went on record saying he was/is trying to shift the series to a more western demographic. But yeah it's rare that an anime series will actively try to go for an international market specifically.
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