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  1. That series is way funnier censored. Mostly due to how they censor it.
  2. Have had no issues with them in the years I've bought kits from them. The private warehouse is the best feature and their customer service is pretty on the ball.
  3. Agent Aika is on my radar for the same reason that Maken-ki is, Jlist flooding my twitter feed with gifs from the series. Will have to look up blitz tactics later.
  4. Reminds me of Maken-Ki, just replace cleavage with panties. Good lords those were lovingly drawn underwear.
  5. Look into VRV if it's in your area. Has Crunchyroll, HiDive and RoosterTeeth for the cost of just one of those services. Plus half a dozen more channels.
  6. That is the only reason I don't buy 99% of the stuff I see in this thread (and the forum in general) that I want. I just don't have the room.
  7. Wonder if this might be an opening for Big West to just buy out the macross rights from Tatsunoko. Though if they did how would that effect HG's contract?
  8. Well when this hits dvd/bluray I know someone that will grab it immediately. Good luck and have fun with the project.
  9. Didn't know there were others in the MuvLuv series. Only knew of the Twilight Eclipse series. Which was enjoyable for a mecha harem series. Just was a bit brutal at the beginning, but guessing that was establish why the ice queen was how she was. Mecha designs are neat and it has the best uni-sex uniform I have ever seen. Will have to look up the other one (adds to watchlist) to watch later.
  10. It was a really good show. Hopefully netflix will stream the whole series.
  11. It was an event a while back. The head liners were the VAs for Isamu, Barsara, Freya and Sharon Apple with Fukuyama making a 'surprise' appearance. Speakerpodcast discussed it I think two or three episodes ago. Story was from a fan I believe too.
  12. Got an order recently from CDJapan, at the time EMS was not an option, so went with DHL and got it in a week. Was also cheaper then EMS for once.
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