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  1. Bandai announced another P-Bandai of their MG GM Dominance, This time doing the Phillip Hughes version :0 Guess it'll be same kit but with those huge honking gatlings
  2. Gonna get at least 3-4 of those because I'm a huge Quel fan and have been dying for a new Quel for over 20 years :0
  3. First time I ever bought Figmas only because Splatoon
  4. Some are glued in really tight, other's popped off without a fuss. Just use a knife to open it and then a plastic wedge like the one you use from cell phone repair to oven them up. I have the mats to recast the caps but was too lazy haha.
  5. Thanks guys. I didn't care about the wrong color on the yammies because those missiles were pack-ins, but when having to pay for a separte missile pack I was irked :0 I used Mecha-Color Red from Vallejo followed by a satin coat.
  6. *Grumbles something about Bandai using DYRL colors for a $50 missile pack released between two TV valks* Grumble * Grumble*
  7. I don't see a point in paying that much. That's like 2x their initial offering
  8. can you imagine how many less PO's there would've been had they had non refundable deposits? hehe
  9. It looks like a Tristan Gundam that somebody modded to not look like arse. The actual HGUC Tristan kit is a total POS that is comprised of mostly ancient NT1 Alex parts
  10. Jesus it doesn't come with the Iconic Funnels? That's totally lame. That would be like not including missiles with a VF-1 Val......oh wait..... nm
  11. When Ebay has the In-App ebay bux promotions I buy literally all crap I need like TP, canned foods, soap, vitamins, etc just so that I can get ebay bux off the record for Toys I don't need Sitting on about 350 myself hehe
  12. I'm happy to see random PO's pop up here or there. Sukkit NY! BTW if anyone's desperate for missiles for some reason Image Anime in Manhattan is trying to sell them for 100 a box which is pretty much what you'd pay for them online now with shipping from Japan. I passed since I paid about that much for 2 missile sets during PO :0
  13. Anime Export in in Japan. They're reliable but don't leave outstanding paid orders there too long. they get lost sometimes.
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