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  1. I thought the 1st landing force Condors were non-transforming, hence why the legioss' new trick was transformation.
  2. man P-Bandai US site is so behind. They don't even have the new Stormbringer variant up yet for Preorder so might be a while before the new MG AOZ stuff shows up there
  3. dang it all..... now I want a mini army of these things as I was a huge battletech fan but was really turned off by the whole robotech tactics debacle with their over-engineered kits. These minitechs looks way better
  4. I used to love simple green but not after a ton of space marines still smelled minty permanently
  5. This is a great tip. I've been looking for a new cleaner as up until now I've been using 'Super Clean' (the purple jugs) from Wal-Mart. Also, hope that vintage big-foot turns out well
  6. I hope the next release is Houquet Ride Armor so that I can have the 4 hero ride-armors. After that I will have to save up a fortune to army build the Iota
  7. The Talon is gonna be pretty nasty with that small footprint. 2 S4 guns with 4 S2 missiles, or 2 S2 guns and 24 S3 missiles on a stealth ship this size is insane. Also, it'll be stealthy too O_o
  8. BBTS has one up for Preorder again (the eta) A OD 18:37 et https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/106981
  9. hot damn that's a lot of work. I think if I finish my W40K backlog I might die or something
  10. Spent a while trimming and cleaning up my new pilot figs. The mold is starting to show signs of wear after this many casts Now that I can do this I feel pretty stupid for having bought all these weapon sets for the pilots (yes I am a stickler for having pilots in planes) but then again it's nice to have every valk armed to the teeth I guess
  11. dang a destroyed enterprise never looked so cool
  12. Hasegawa: The only way to get official 1/72 TV pilots for your VF-1's is to buy more Gerwalks *Laughs in Resin* I got a small bubble issue on the hands so i'll just cut them off at the wrist and put tiny plasticard hands on en-masse when I clean up and paint all these suckers up all in one-go
  13. They could at least give us a few VF-1's here or there with some new decals and call it a new release :/ Starved of lame reboxes with new decals for our VF-1's
  14. I been away from my 1/48 brownie (thx for the feedback everyone) for about 4 days due to having to be on-site for work Finally got quiet today so started snapping up a side-project. I almost want to paint the suit up like a black adidas track-suit, paint the feet like a pair of Adidas Sambas and add a cigarette to get that 'Slav' look
  15. Man I really want to pre-order these suckers but I really want to see how the ingram pans out before taking the plunge.
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