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  1. Booooo have to wait until oct. To quell my sadness and rage I will actually follow thru on that extra max 1a i had on hlj
  2. Duymon

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Dangit. Still waiting on Anime-export to inform me of the arrival of my armored parts :0 Wasn't a fan of Mac Delta and I only have 1 VF-31 left, but dammit I have a weakness for THICC valks :0
  3. They're taking him down because 1. he is probably the most well known male voice actor for dubbed anime and has huge lines on the con circuit 2. he is an outspoken christian advocate 3. he refused to autograph fanart depicting characters he's voice in homosexual relationships All this VIC takedown stuff happened just as people actually started to know who he was because he voices Broly in Dragonball super and it was relatively successful in theatres for an Anime flick. I didn't know or care who he was either because I don't watch dubbed Anime. But this bullcrap cancel culture online outrage mob doesn't have a place in out hobby. If they don't bring hard evidence I won't bother. We' ve already had a bunch of #metoo's debunked (johnny depp, chris hardwick, andy signore) so I'm all out of taking just accusations on mere faith. Hell, ANN didn't even reach out to Mari Ijima herself. They asked another VA ? like why?
  4. It's more idiocy from Anime News Network. They've been trying to nail Vic for forever and it seems like it's all been coordinated out of professional jealousy and political beliefs. Oh look... all the "evidence" is yet again another weirdo ranting on twitter with yet another hearsay story https://archive.is/dfGly#selection-3471.0-3539.202 I've been following this for a while and as usual, all the evidence is more bullcrap twitter hearsay and Wikipedia hitjobs. The livestreams from Nick Rekieta about the lolsuit and whatnot have been very eye-opening into all of this madness. the whole legion of weirdos on twitter will keep putting out bullcrap like this to take down somebody who has yet to be charged with a crime or even outed officially by a convention for being what they claim he is. These people are trying to use Mari as a weapon against Vic. They don't give a damn about Mari they just want to use her name recognition to throw more shade at somebody. It's sickening.
  5. Duymon

    Hi-Metal R

    Even the VF-1D is so easy to pick up. Had my wife pick up the VF-1D in Yamada-Denki for 3900 yen
  6. Working on my MG FA-78-2. I gutted it and converted it to use a Gundam 2.0 frame vs the horrible perfect gundam frame. Also switched around some colors as the Cholate / red wasn't doing it for me. Just gotta gloss it before I do the panel lines and decals.
  7. "Vintage Mecha Corpses" in the top right...... O_O
  8. The RG Sinanju was based off the Gundam MK-II frame and it's just too much mobile-suit for that frame to handle. They shouldn't have cheaped out by recycling frames. Not like it matters who wants knock-off Char when you can have real Char in his sexy Sazabi imho
  9. I'm sick of the disney remakes, and also sick of the pop culture purge of gingers. So what if gingers have no souls they shouldn't be erased
  10. 1/144? Dude time for some Gundam / Patlabor mashups
  11. Bandai announced another P-Bandai of their MG GM Dominance, This time doing the Phillip Hughes version :0 Guess it'll be same kit but with those huge honking gatlings
  12. it's gundam mk2 2.0 based like all the other mg aoz stuff.
  13. Gonna get at least 3-4 of those because I'm a huge Quel fan and have been dying for a new Quel for over 20 years :0
  14. First time I ever bought Figmas only because Splatoon
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