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  1. Schizophonic9 got his review of the MK V out. What a beautiful kit. Really looking forward to it when P-bandai USA ships in the summer
  2. inb4 they race-bend everything and there's a weird love-arc between Char and Amuro because Netlix Amirite?
  3. I ran across this Official Bandai blog from last month and it pretty much confirms that the only White Decal for the upcoming Gundam MKV is the New Decides D. Everything else is molded in separate white peices. http://bandaihobby.hatenablog.com/entry/2021/03/05/100004 it's gonna take a helluva lot of space to display an EX-s vs Mk-V scene
  4. i love the Barzam but not goin down to HG for my aoz fix hehe
  5. The Zeta was overall much more polished than the Eta. I wouldn't say any huge design changes, just tighter tolerances that made it fit together way better and also not give ppl heart problems with the shoulder swivel. I have faith the Iota will be the same level.. but then again it's all up to the factory... (flashbacks of Bandai DX VF-171 issues vs 171ex)
  6. Ah crap they got me ー_ー So sad... oh well.. my wallet needed saving anyways with them Mospeada Iotas on the way
  7. Bandai just announced MG silver bullet (standard release) aa well as MG Atlas Gundam ver Ka. RIp my Wallet
  8. @anubis20 That Hazel turned out amazing. I'm jealous I can't do any airbrushing until my new compressor comes in. AOZ is the best. I really hope we see official releases like the Woundwort or Owsla Big-Arm. With the two Owsla and Primrose kits I got I managed to make some interesting combos that'll look great once I can get them painted up :0
  9. I snapped up my 1st of 3 helldivers. This is how it looks straight out of the box. The helldiver comes with prepainted head and foot parts in that military blue-ish gray, as well as pre-painted crotch for the orange / silver. You get two heads so can switch freely between commander and trooper. It comes with 3 visors, 1 painted in blue, 1 in orange and 1 clear for customizers. The plastic is softer than typical bandai fair so nub marks are easier to get rid of, but on the flip side the plastic very easily shows stress marks. the brown parts are very poly-cap-like plastic. The F
  10. I ordered 3x Helldivers from Amazon Japan, they should arrive by Monday Really really really hope we get the Phantom , AV-98 Economy , AL-97 Atlas / AT-97B Hannibal
  11. Got my Gundam Shipment in. Been looking forward to building the Hazel Owsla as well as converting my existing Advanced Hazel + Hrudu into a "deployment color" Owsla
  12. My Gundam order from NY came in finally. It was 12/24/2020 release and went by surface. It would appear NY really has issues with Macross and other toy-related stuff but has no issues with P-Bandai Gundam crap. Still waiting for a response for all my tickets that have been open for months for my DX Supers
  13. not gonna lie then MG-eX unicorn looks amazing even before paint and decals. I snagged one for under 200 shipped from galactic toys using some coupon code honey input for me lol
  14. Galactic Toys is selling this sucker for 190 and I used a coupon code to make it 193 shipped. Was too good to pass up for my 1st and only Unicorn
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