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  1. I found it funny that after the last jedi the tone was "this isn't for u old fans of the OG trilogy" and then they pump the episode 9 trailer full of references that only old OG Trilogy fans would understand (y-wings, B-wings, deathstar throne room, Palpatine...) It's almost as if the new sequel trilogy is so weak that it can't stand on its own without the crutch of OG trilogy fanservice. I feel that's really why the new Star Wars has failed to grasp the younger generation.
  2. I think it's just rando newspaper advertisements for some electronics-related stuff. NY packing is really rando. Most of my packages from NY come in nice green bubblewrap , but once in a while it gets packed with JP newspaper stuff which is always a surprise.
  3. Usagundamstore has the FAZZ on preorder for 104 . PIcked up 2 with 3-5 day shipping for 204 (After 15% discount) which is way cheaper than I could ever hope to get them from Japan. Just have to wait an extra 4-6 weeks which is no biggy considering the insane backlog I have.
  4. If you gently use a file to enlarge the openings of the yamato missiles they fit just fine. See comparison Yammy Missiles Bandai Missiles
  5. I'm very salty the space marine trilogy never happenned. While I'm not a Primaris Fan I will pick up a recolor of this fig if they do it in Dark Angels Green
  6. Welp.. time to start saving again since I'll want to get a pair of FAZZes and shipping won't be cheap.
  7. That is certainly unexpected. What makes them think we'll pick this one up vs the Hasegawas that have been around for nearly 20 years?
  8. I got my 2 F90's and the 1st mission pack in. This is a very unusual release for a P-Bandai as it looks just like a full release with full-color box and even the fluff for the F90 in the manual. Something tells me this was supposed to be a mainstream release after the F91 but since the f91 didn't sell ultra-well they relegated it to P-Bandia status.
  9. Duymon

    Macross figures

    Lol they recycled gloval's hands so both Ben and Rick get old-man wrinkly hands. You just can't tell as much with ben since his hands are white.
  10. I saw these on taghobby. I wish we had this instead of the god-awful plastics that came in the robotech tactics set. The Battroids are the only ones that really appeal to me
  11. I really hope they flush out the F90/F91 line. For sure we'll get more F90 stuff like the F90-II and various popular addons like the Plunge Type. We've already got a Silhouette Formula 91 remake suit coming out (Vigna Zirah) so there's always hope we'll see more.
  12. Duymon

    Hi-Metal R

    The old Hikaru Skull VF-1A is a different shade. It's more off-white when compared to the greyish HM-R.
  13. Honestly I don't even care when it comes out so long as it does eventually come out :0
  14. Booooo have to wait until oct. To quell my sadness and rage I will actually follow thru on that extra max 1a i had on hlj
  15. Duymon

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Dangit. Still waiting on Anime-export to inform me of the arrival of my armored parts :0 Wasn't a fan of Mac Delta and I only have 1 VF-31 left, but dammit I have a weakness for THICC valks :0
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