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  1. Finally had some time to recast the gummy Yamato lowviz pilot for my 1/48 Hasegawa VF-1 build
  2. I been through enough Bandai DX order cycles to know that there's no point in paying inflated prices for a preorder of a regular release item. Whenever these are close to release there's always a glut of preorders opening up as final stock numbers are determined and then all the cancellations go thru as people don't pay. Even then, I doubt you'll see the immediate aftermarket hit $350 right away after release.
  3. I know the FOMO is strong but I won't shell out over retail until the thing is actually out
  4. Usually paypal refunds take a few days, depending on how you paid. The longest refunds in my experience are when you use a bank account to pay.
  5. AE is legit good. I've used them for many things over the years.
  6. It's really no worry. the reason we see a big amount of stock drop around release time is the orders of all the pre-order scalpers who couldn't flip their $0 Down payment preorder will just let the preorder goto cancel. It's actually easier sometimes to nab one closer to release, because you actually have to have the scratch to backup your order
  7. well...that explains why I'm still waiting on my strike packs I ordered in ....october? LUL
  8. for something I am gonna transform once or twice and entomb in a detolf nearly double price seems insane
  9. Super Set as we all thought
  10. If it was a tamashii web complete set I'd laugh at all the scalper PO's that get cancelled
  11. this unit will pop up again from time to time. Just like the TV VF-1J and many previous frontier valks did. There's no need to worry about it too much. Only pay the mark-up after release. don't encourage the scalp preorders beforehand
  12. hahaha HLJ so funny with the troll add to cart button
  13. And People wonder why I don't balk at other F5 sales for other items like in Star Citizen.... I've been well trained
  14. Dammit. I wasn't expecting to get a VF-1S because I'd assumed it'd be the DYRL version and I have a TV-only rule for the Bandai 1/48's Damn you Bandai!!!! *puts aside $300 in paypal for PO night*
  15. Yeah it's really sad. That plus Comic book industry got hit really bad and the big two have stopped most of their production ever since diamond , the sole distro to direct market, is on hiatus with little to no product expected to go out until August. At this point I'm just happy to still be employed and not sick (yet)
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