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  1. I got my units today and gotta say compared to the Eta this one feels a little more solid. the wing flaps aren't dropping and the landing gear didn't cause a heart-attack when taking them out of the legs. Only downer is the head-fin has almost no clearance when on the ground hehe
  2. also got my DHL notification, ETA monday wheee
  3. amazon jp just charged me for my pair.
  4. did live chat, person never answered lul 3 more days and I am filing PP claim. Chalking up the 6/2019 DYRL Supers order for 11000 yen as a total loss. Sad because I'd been a loyal customer for 9 years.
  5. I have about 2 more weeks on my TV Super order according to Paypal. Made a tkt with NY demanding update on why all my other 12/23 items have shipped but silence on my Supers for 2 weeks. Already said I will file PP claim in 7 days. Most likely I will be filing a PP claim and forever dumping NY in favor of P-Bandai for all my gundam needs while sourcing Macross from other places.
  6. of the several bandai items set to be released before xmas, only my tv packs have not shipped from NY. NY literally has shipped everything else i had ordered including several pbandai gundam thingies. I am just going to assume they will not follow thru, just like my still pending dyrl ssp order so I filed a claim already with PP
  7. Anyone had their TV super orders at NY make any progress? I had 6 other 12/23/2020 items ship already from them, but my TV order is still in payment ok status....
  8. NY shipped my gundam orders that had a 12/23 release date, but my tv ssp order remains in "preorder payment ok" stage Feels like NY is messing up again and I fully expect to file paypal dispute if i see no movement after New Years
  9. my fast pack order for DYRL SSP I am just assuming is lost for good since the order was from 6/2019. I have 3 other orders for tv SSP and some gundam stuff , and if I see no movement on these in the next two weeks I am going to file paypal claims for all 3 as 1/25 is the 180 day limit. Every other vendor has been able to ship in a timely manner for boat-mail so there's really no excuse for NY
  10. Considering my DX DYRL fastpacks still haven't shipped from a certain retailer I can't wait to never receive my TV fastpacks too lul
  11. Duymon


    price updated based on market
  12. Duymon


    3x VF-1As for sale. Opened and displayed for a few months before I had to put them in storage for a move. All accessories accounted for, no breakages or looseness observed. $80 shipped each. I am on the SSL and have a long history of successful sales / trades. *DEAL* Buy all 3, get a free loose set of the coveted original Hi-Metal Fast Packs (and no, I wil lignore PMs to sell fast packs separately) **BUNDLE DEAL ONLY**
  13. I thought the 1st landing force Condors were non-transforming, hence why the legioss' new trick was transformation.
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