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  1. Welp. That YF-19 is an auto-buy. Too bad it's an Expo Exclusive.
  2. Wow I never thought of swapping the parts to get that look. Looks pretty nice
  3. The last owner probably sold it when he saw the retarded sticker sheet that arcadia expects you to wrap around several curves. The 30th anni was only doable because of decals and lots of softener. Stickers look like ass
  4. Ofc they'll release the Nu, then they can release P-Bandai HWS kit for it too
  5. It would've gone for around 275 USD for the set
  6. I was literally about to pack this guy up and put him for sale but when I cleaned him up and took some sales pics I was like "Oh Hell No"
  7. I got 2 of the base units and one E/S set paid in full at Bandaionline. With that I can create the S-type which was my favorite of the F90 A/D/S set. I'm sure they'll release the Plunge and VSBR sets later on, and if the F90 is popular enough we'll get the P-Bandai of a P-Bandai F90-II , hopefully with the Long-range parts. Never really thought I'd be able to get modern version of the gundam kits I built in Jr. High ... With Bandai promising more F90 / F91 mecha from the P-Bandai Shop you can only assume they'll release a bunch of Cross-bone vanguard units or even F91 Silhoutte Formula stuff like the Vigna-Zirah or F90 Cluster
  8. Holy Crap it's HAPPENING! Could care less if it's P-Bandai I'll get multiples. They'll release the Base kit and then "mission packs" separately. First mission pack is the E and S packs
  9. I already have a buyer lined up. One who only knows robotech and was totally blown away by the arcadia. Should be getting all my money back + what I paid in shipping :0
  10. Nah. I'd rather just sell it to somebody else and then just build the cheapo 1/72 Hase version lol
  11. Thanks Noel. What a crap release then. I can never go back to crappy stickers after experiencing decals :0 This is my in-short review of the 35th anni 1J
  12. Sorry for the Necro. I picked this sucker up 2nd-hand and noticed it didn't have decals, only these horrible stickers. Did the 35th anni not have decals like the 30th did? If so, that's really an epic fail O_O
  13. Awesome. Thanks for the info Looks like I'll be ordering a VF-31 so that I can recast the pilot figures lol
  14. quick question. anyone have both a vf-31 and vf-1ex? wanna know if you can fit a vf-31 pilot fig. into the resin vf-1ex pit. if so I may have to pick up a vf-31 for some resin-casting hehe
  15. Duymon

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    I cringed looking at that break. It's a high-stress area but you'd imagine die-cast would be able to handle it unless there were imperfections during the casting process. Maybe we need to have machined or forged parts now for our DX valks O_o
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