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On 4/6/2021 at 12:30 PM, Bolt said:

Has anyone scored this set? I missed it by a few hours on Mandrake..A06200C3-C7FE-4856-99A2-1CE87E857032.thumb.png.db940e072f14b96680d78ed97c1b073c.png

I didn't score them off Mandrake but I might have them laying around. The odd thing is my notes say that is MC-10-650 for  "Wave Macross Model Support System Decals 2" yet your picture is MC-17-650. I might have a different set. I've started scanning my kits and decal sets, shoot me a message if you want me to try to dig it up a take a good scan.

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6 hours ago, Bolt said:

I believe these are stickers, yes?

Does anyone have these scanned?

It's an actual decal sheet. And yes, I have it scanned. :D Below version is reduced to 600 ppi and saved as a JPEG to keep the size down.

Bandai Hayao 1A Decal Sheet 600 ppi.jpg

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On 6/12/2020 at 1:38 PM, DYRL VF-1S said:

So, for those interested, I'll leak a bit of info here.  Long story short, I've been able to recently work with ToyHax.com/Reprolabels.  (For those that collect TFs or Joe, they're well known for their repro sticker sheets and original sheets - quality is incredible.) 

Anyway, they consulted with me on the 1/55 DYRL VF-1S Strike decals and invested in an artist and Macross fan (friend of mine with a wicked portfolio - did work for Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, Coke, etc.) and created the attached.  They are currently making some adjustments to a couple minor things and in the process of creating a guide for sticker placement, but you should see this up on their site soon (I'd guess the next month or so?). 

I'll likely start a thread for this when it's officially released because they've agreed to garner feedback from collectors so that if this sells well, they'll invest in other sticker sheets (think 1/55 TV VF-1S, 1/3000 SDF-1, etc.).  I'll post some polls at that time.


i just bought this set from Toyhax, and realised it doesn't have the factory details. 
What I need is a set to convert a junker Jetfire back into Roys VF-1S

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