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Custom "Iconic" 1/48 VF-1D by >EXO<


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Just got a new lightbox and wanted to takes some decent photos of some new customs i got. I commissioned this from our very own >EXO< who put together Capt. America's VF-1D conversion kit, painted it, and added some VERY cool custom mods to create one of the most "Iconic" scenes from the original Macross TV series.

I present.... the "Iconic" 1/48 VF-1D

Falling VF-1D with broken arm, and custom Minmay & Hikaru figs






Battroid with broken arm





Battroid with regular arm and custom Hikaru & Minmay figs






This also won 1st prize in this year's MacrossWorld Convention 2012 Customs contest! Congrats EXO!! and congrats to me who gets to keep this awesome masterpiece in my collection. =]

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I also just want to mention that the paint job on this valk is PHENOMENAL!!! EXO used some high quality carpaint that really shows how well this is made. It's super solid, scratch resistant and i'm uber impressed with the subtle weathering job. Besides the weathering, this thing looks like i could have came right out of the factory... Just some quality work that's much appreciated.

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How is the arm swapped between the normal and battle damaged arms?

You have to unscrew the arm and replace it. You can see in the pic of the back of the battroid, I was halfway unscrewing the arm when I decided to take a pic of the backside

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Having a 1/48 scale VF-1D is about as kick-Ass as it gets, this one now holds the Title of "Holy Grail"

KiriK = Lucky SOB!! :p

EXO = Super talented painter & Sculptor!!

The Capt = Scratch build master and more VF-1D kits need to be made! (Seriously)

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Awesome 1/48 VF-1D custom, KiriK!!!

>EXO<, this custom speaks volumes about your talent. Very well done, sir. Now I'm really regretting not sending you my T-Rex Zentraedi Soldier for customization!

What I wanna know is, what happened to the 1/48 VE-1 project???

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Thanks everyone. Just to make it clear, though it's durable, there's no such thing as scratch proof paint. I still needed to sand down parts that constantly rub but there's still wear just like the paint that they use on actual toys. And there's a ton of clear coat over the paint to protect and even out decals. But if anyone has ever seen what keys can do to a car, it can still be ultimately scratched off.

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