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1/3000 Prometheus and Daedalus custom


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So nice :wub:


Now the important question, does the front open?

Next question do you have a sticker to go in there showing a bunch of destroids ready to unleash hell?

It does.

Wow, Sean, Great minds think alike... I want to do that. I even thought about etched parts... that will come after though. I might just post the jpgs for people to download.

It looks like it's hinged to me.

Good eye. Let's just say I did't go thru all this trouble for it to be hidden.


Hi,Will these fit on a matchbox SDF-1? and how will they hook up. I really love this stuff dude keep up the great work man.Jeff

Hello. I thought of that too. These are designed for the newer toy and the old Matchbox wouldn't be able to hold them up at all. I've hollowed out the parts as best I can to save on printing and making sure it's light enough. These things are almost 7 inches long! They stick way pass the boosters on the SDF-1 in cruiser mode!!!

To connect, there are magnets built into the toy. When the Prometheus comes I'll be able to test it out.

Do it Kicker! do it!!! DO IT!!! Where's my Starsky and Hutch gif?

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how's this?


Looks perfect!

What about the same base - but the Y shaped prongs to cradle it? Or make the prongs look like space clamps holding it in dock?

I assume you are referencing to GX-57 Battleship Yamato's stand but a stand not directly connected to toy looks cooler I think.

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Thanks man... that's a real great compliment coming from someone that makes amazing stuff.

I'm wondering if this would be overkill. A stand for the ship that's not currently connected to the toy.


Wow these are great stuff man keep it up. So when you expect these to come out for sale? dude you rock

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That last stand works just fine. It can be generically used for all the next projects you will do such as the ARMD's and Oberth... :rolleyes:

The Oberths won't dock with the SDF1... they're about half the size of the carrier ships and not set up to connect. I know the carriers weren't either but I guess it was easy to convert them. From the lineart though, there's no way to connect or have the Oberths look good on the arms of the SDF1. I'll probably make another stand for those. The UN Spacy made over a hundred of Oberths though and I think they actually named 5 of them.

BSG's Colony 1 actually reminds me of the Oberth. Both are nicely styled smaller fleet ships.

Wow these are great stuff man keep it up. So when you expect these to come out for sale? dude you rock

I'm glad someone's excited like I am about these. The Prometheus is coming in next week. But from building the Daedalus I've already noticed that I need to adjust some parts for it so I need to send for some small parts ASAP. I'll put them up for sale once I've tested, sanded and primed them for casting. And that should fund the Daedalus and i'll send that off as soon as I can... that's the plan so far. Hopefully they'll both be out before the end of the year.

Here's a view of the stands with smaller footprint as suggested by charger.


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Did you find out if they will be molded in at least two colors: Some red that makes sense and a blue/grey color that works? Since I have no time for painting models, I would really appreciate something that would look close to something that would come out of the box from Yamato (plus maybe some decals)............It'll be nice to compare your work to the P and D released next year as part of Yamato's TV SDF-1!!! :rolleyes:


The red on the Yamato lower hull would do nicely and maybe more of a bluish color for the top deck?

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My recaster just ran out the door as you posted. The ships will be done in three colors as previously suggested. For the top part of the Daeadalus and Prometheus, I'm thinking of a gray close to the one on the toy but with a more bluish hue to it. I thought about matching the gray but that would make the Daedalus look weird. The Prometheus was gray in the DYRL video game and you never see it intact in the movie.

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Yeah....that works...afterall this will enable us to create more of a Macross the First version....which although there has not been a color pic shown yet of the SDF-1 and P and D....I would assume their colors would be more subdued than in the TV versions....

BTW....someone mentioned making a decal for the D showing the destroids inside....I have this:


Want a good scan of that "daedelus attack" card?

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I need to get on MW more often! The Daedalus looks awesome EXO! I think you hit it dead on! I'm just catching this tremendous buildup. Any chance of making one in 1/350 scale :D I'm seriously considering doing one in that to match the rest of my ship models. The "Big Baby" needs to find a good home! I love that the hatch opens and some photo etch would definitely look awesome! Can't wait to see photos. - MT

P.S. I'd love to see an Asuka II as well. I'm SERIOSLY thinking of modifying a 1/350 Nimitz kit. Then again, there's no 1/30 mecha from that series to go on it! - MT

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I'm glad all my research helped out another crazy person wanting to build one of these ^_^ I am interested actually. I don't know how much printing would be, but my "evil scheme" was to take an exhisting hull bottom to cut time and cut out the rest of the "boxy" sides from styrene to put onto it. The bow is really weird shaped so that might have to be re-done too. I've got my CNC engraver going, but I don't have the right software to set up the machining - that would make this much cheaper to produce in styrene and yeah, a kit is possible! More like a kit conversion. Buy a 1/350 class Nimitz kit and HEAVILY modify it.

Of course I'm still wanting to PRINT a Monster and destroids in 1/350 (with or without this project). If I can yank Neptune into this, he'd be up to it too I'm sure.

I even thought of doing a Prometheus, but that would be a TON more work! It'd still be cool though! We'rte talking 3-3.5' models. I have the Valk master ready to go to molding for the Promethius (or whatever - more on that later). Back to your stuff - enough thread hijacking ;) - MT

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